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syria-map-300x272.jpg?width=210Stephen Cook; We’ve been discussing the Syrian situation at length today among members of the blog and InLight Radio team. While any form of chemical attack is an appalling breach of the Geneva Convention, there are still many question marks about the actual ‘attack’.

And remember, chemical weapons were the reason given by the cabal to begin the illegal invasion of Iraq. So far this year, they’ve tried to demonise Iran, North Korea, the Turkish, Brazilian and Egyptian people, and Syria, so I post this story now to show another side to the mainstream ‘fear porn’ we may be seeing.

My advice is that no matter what is happening – or happens – with regards to Syria, stay in your own balance. We’ve been told we’re in a ‘choatic node’ and that the dark will try and instil fear – which is exactly what warmongering like this is – in this critical period, in an attempt to retain control. So whatever eventuates, know that it will take its rightful course in the long term. Stay centered and out of the drama and send your prayers and light to the Syrian people.

From – August 26, 2013

Following last week’s chemical attack, the West has engineered a media campaign to facilitate a military incursion, says Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The minister also cast doubts on the veracity of US and European claims about the incident.

“Official Washington, London and Paris say they have incontrovertible evidence that the Syrian government is behind the chemical attack in Damascus, but they have not yet presented this evidence. Yet, they keep saying that the ‘red line’ has been crossed,” Lavrov said during an emergency press conference in Moscow.

“Now, we are hearing calls for a military campaign against Bashar Assad.”

Lavrov said that the US, Britain and other countries have assembled a “powerful force” and are “readying their ships and planes” for a possible invasion.

The minister said that the development set the world on a “perilous path” and warned that “repeating the Iraqi and Libyan scenario” and bringing in outside forces, would be a “terrible mistake that will lead to more blood being spilt”.

The minister reserved particular outrage for the newly-mooted possibility of NATO staging a strike on chemical storage facilities without a United Nations mandate.

Asked if Russia was going to join in the potential conflict on either side, Lavrov said “We have no plans to go to war, but we hope that others think of long-term interests.”

Last Wednesday, footage began to emerge of civilians in a Damascus suburb suffering from what appeared to be the effects of a neurotoxic gas.

Previously, Barack Obama stated that use of chemical weapons would be a ‘red line’ in the conflict, which would have “enormous consequences” for the Syrian regime, though the US president appeared more cautious about possible intervention in interviews over the past few days.

Medical aid group, Doctors without Borders, have reported that at least 355 people have died as a result of the incident.

The Syrian opposition, which has been involved in the 30-month conflict with the government of Bashar Assad, said state forces had been behind the attack. The Syrian government has denied the claims, saying that the use of chemical weapons after repeated warnings from the international community would be “illogical”.

In his conference, Lavrov questioned the rebel version of events.

“There is information that videos were posted on the internet hours before the purported attack, and other reasons to doubt the rebel narrative.”

“Those involved with the incident wanted to sabotage the upcoming Geneva peace talks. Maybe that was the motivation of those who created this story. The opposition obviously does not want to negotiate peacefully.”

Lavrov also said that the UN expert team that is currently in Damascus, investigating the attack, “does not have the mandate” to produce an official ruling on who was responsible for the chemical release.

“The experts in Syria have the mandate to determine if chemical weapons were used, and if so, which ones, but not who unleashed this attack” Lavrov told the gathered media.

“The UN security council will make the final decision about the perpetrator based on this evidence and all the analytical and factual materials available on the internet and in other media.”

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  • It is obvious that the western powers are itching for an excuse, any excuse to attack Syria, with or without a UN mandate...


    With some sadness I watched the predictable "hip-hip-hoorah," imperial jingoism, promulgated by both the British government and their mainstream media whores, such as Sky and the BBC...

    There was much talk of Britain's RAF base in Cyprus and how the military may use it as a base from which to strike Syria, in revenge for "use of chemical weapons by Assad." Or so they tell us...LOL

    Apart from the modern weaponry covered in the news brief; the sea-launched tomahawk cruise missiles, the fighter jets and naval vessels, etc, it seemed as if the country was back in 1885 and preparing for the tumultuous war in Sudan....


    The only difference between 1885 and 2013, as far as British foreign policy is concerned, is that instead of "gunboats up the Nile," it's cruise missiles across the Med....The same British Empire, but with modern weapons, it seems...


    Does the Cabal ever grow bored with the same old war movie scripts....?? LOL




    • I've already seen on CNN that they seem to be promoting the fact that the United States has already begun talking about missile strikes on Syria. They're not even stopping to nap after the chemical attack, they're already swift at work playing out the same old tired agendas.


      Another difference between now and 1885, Drekx, is that you, I and everyone else are far too aware not to make our voices heard on this issue.


      It's clear that western powers are promoting a full-scale intervention in Syria for the same reasons they've given us countless times that have proven to be false. Who knows, we may even hear soon that the United States had more to do with the attack than Assad's regime...


      Just another false flag designed to justify military intervention. We've seen it before, but it's time for us to stop allowing it.


      Much Love to you,


      Wes :)

      • Thanks Wes, you too...

        And of course the world has indeed moved on, but anachronistic British foreign policy has not, it seems...

        And of course, America is repeating the 2003 pretext for war with Iraq...the mythical weapons of mass destruction..

        Yes, it needs to be proven, but it looks like the west is sending chemical agents to the rebels and engineering false flag black ops...

        Yet, in their arrogance, they have not noticed that we notice their tomfoolery....

        Cheers, Drekx

        • The way I see it is that if the rebels are genuine in their intent to oust Assad's regime, they can do so without US or British intervention. My hope is that the rebel groups were started with genuine intent and not by the cabals, because we know how they make money off of arms manufacturing and sales in situations like this....


          Much Love to you!


          Wes :)

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