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The recent attack by Blackops "HAARP" with that Hurricane that was placed in our gulf failed to stop Houston from further development. Life Extension Organics survived the storm, and business is back to to full levels.  With Indoor farming, and alternative technology, we were able to prevent a loss. 

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i thought haarp was decomissioned. are irma and jose also created by haarp?

Seriously Future Of Mankind , if you're going to troll this site, could you at least make an intellectual EFFORT?

The Entertainment Value of your current post is so low that any siteop with an ounce of biz-sense regarding his ratings on overall search-engines, would Boot you Immediately. ;)

Its obvious that you are a troll. This is the second time that you have attacked me on this site. I know you type. You and your globalist will not be stopping our city from transition to a Type One Civilization, for the people, of the people and by us the people. I have insider contact and that hurricane was 100% Haarp. 10,000 marines and UN is no in Houston, i guess you know that but trying to quell me down on this site. And many reports from ligitimate people have surfaced, and they witness the military taking away people against their will was in safe areas. So f*** off and don't come on here lecturing me about intellect. I own two business in my city and am successfull. 

All is inperfect Divine Order...What shall be, shall be...No one can go against the development of humankind...They will try, but we KEEP GOING...UNITED, WE ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE...KEEP SMILING AND BEING HAPPY, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DARK ONES DON'T LIKE...BLESSINGS TO ALL...

People are still going on with this haarp/weather control nonsense? No wonder Trump won.


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