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I'm seeking a bit of advice on how to channel. I used to meditate a lot more than I do now and had a 100 percent raw food diet but now things are little different. At this time I had so much light in my body one of the masters had to stop me from hurting myself because of the psychic attack and energy I had in my body. The person attacking me knew what he was doing and was using my energy to create my reality. At one point he was trying to program my subconscious mind and also make me angry so he could have me sent to prison. I even had the masters confirm this is what he was trying to do and it almost worked for a while.

At that time I'd walked out on my job (a bit off subject but relevant) because of that person. I'd meditate for hours a day and ate very little. I can't really explain it but at the beginning of the confrontation and when I'd left there was some really high energy going on. Not only could I hear and channel this negative person's voice but I was channeling one ascended master who I won't mention and he was giving me advice. He was helping me to alleviate the argument and psychic attack by sending messages back through me and to this person. It was almost like this was the only advice and help I was getting.. the help to get myself through this. I'm not sure but maybe I was boosting off of this person's light and that was giving me more power to channel with our combined energies. 

The attacks occurred on and off for about a year and I can still channel this person when I think about him. What messages I get are mostly negative but better than before since the person had thought I was using him. The masters were also telling me this which was why he was so angry. He was a highly successful person but one who I think knew a little more than the average. Maybe about the subconscious, reality creation and psychism perhaps. Now when I do accidentally channel this person and I'm clear enough I can still hear a voice but very faintly now telling me what's wrong and going on in the channeling. For instance if he still thinks I was using him or trying to boost off him still, etc. I can't figure out if it's from my higher self or masters working with it but now I can't seem to channel and hear the masters voice directly as before. There is some ringing in my ears and this goes on through most of the day. I can also seem to meditate in a different way and colors appear brighter and I can almost see the aura of objects but not quite.

Lately I've been fasting more, eating less and doing more spiritual practices again. I have no idea what level of initiation I'm at but there were some times when I'd thought some sort of materialization with certain objects or my computer, for instance, was going on. Like when I was channeling this person and working with the masters they were teaching me through my computer and causing things to happen on it. I also think the negative person was somehow interfering and causing things to happen on it as well.

Two of the three times I had to go to the mental hospital it was because of heavy psychic attack from this person and I'm basically having to almost start over in life because of it. So now I'm trying to use my free time to do spiritual practices and work on my ability to channel better. I almost forgot to mention that at one point I think I was channeling my dead best friend for a while. I'm not sure but I think he may have helped me with some of the psychic attack for a while. I think he is on the astral plane and obviously nothing close to an ascended master. Him and I got into it a few times from all the negativity I had going on from the other person and he was also doing things against me.

At the mental hospital I was channeling the dead friend and I was very angry in some instances. I had masters telling me that he was my best friend and that I should be nice and I was trying but certain things would make me angry. He was causing TVs to turn off and on, change channels, and even could talk with some of the other patients that were at the hospital. At one point it was almost like he was being their friend would change radio stations to the music he used to listen to. I've never experienced anything like that and nevertheless it was very strange to me.

Anyhow, I guess I'm just seeking advice or maybe if anyone knows of a good channeling book. Like if someone could tell me what makes a person able to channel or how to practice it that would be great. Do I need to be at a higher vibration / energy / light level or how exactly does it work? Thanks in advance.

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  • Thanks, this is great advice. Very cool about the Saint Germain experience.

  • I just added this to my to do list, Thanks!!!

  • Hey, thanks for the advice. I agree that I need to practice the shielding and full owning of my power better. I only plan to work with and channel the ascended masters.

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