News update: The soul collective who facilitated the US constitution
- now considered 'enemy of the state' - by 'some'..
( 2nd news update : "Jonathan just lost his mansion back then,
and hence 'was too bummed out to do - anything about it'?.." )

They killed indiscriminately.. for hours on end.. -even a Sirius-Pleiadies ( friend of Jonathan's ) :-|
"Az he zomehow 'means more'? than the rest? huh?.. :-o"

( ..always seems so serene and focused ( ..not always is.. ;-| ) )


- -

One does not have to have known Bryson long, to imagine my Sirius-Aldebaran friends calm matter-of-factly but loving voice and his hand on my shoulder, as he said: "You once said to me.. :
'Do not mirror emotions - not of their soul - nor ours..' These words seem appropriate at present ;´- )"


Jonathan LivingSun Seagull : Good day? to be a fucking buddhist?!? :-()


( Now.. observe.. as David's reply? is almost that of Jesus'? ) Whom incidentally said(?).. :


Jonathan LivingSun Seagull : 'Frodo'.. later asked: "He said.. ( ~ in 'elven' ( Persian ) tongue ~ ) ..
'We cannot all not die like you ' .. What did he mean by that?.."

( Ignoring the multi-layers in that question )
"Guess he thought it was his time to go..
- regardless of the circumstances -
Why don't you ask him your self? when he 'comes back'?..
( Or where he is - now. )"


David Bryson I need to let this all sit a while to digest it~ but nevertheless, thank you so much for sharing ever so deeply, as always~ love and namaste' : D


Jonathan LivingSun Seagull : (.. and Jesus said 'on to' him :
" I did not tell you to kill in my name -nor- did I say you 'cannot'.." ; )

~Sounds almost like me? ;,-) 'when he says 'fatherly non?bullshit like that'?
( MOST LIKELY referring to: 'There is a better way - you know' : )


David Bryson "I look upon all creatures equally; none are less dear to me and none more dear. But those who worship me with love live in me, and I come to life in them."



Jonathan LivingSun Seagull : Reminds me of a regression.. to some 16.000 years ago.. Where I loved an entire continent. As only GOD can? ( Or as One only can - as GOD? ) Before that? the world. And before that? the universe..


Jonathan LivingSun Seagull : ..and of a statement by (the) Mohammad :
"Don't worship the person - love the soul - that you might ( inadvertently? ) - love your ( true ) self." ( But then again? he DID spend a LONG time - in a cave. Talking to both the wrong and the right Gabri'el. Possibly even Jesus? So - 'some good must have come of that'. . 'Maybe'? they just think alike - on a higher level of soul consciousness.. : )


Jonathan LivingSun Seagull :
Lion.jpg just dawned on me?..

...That I haven't indulged my 'narcissistic power hungry ? _what was the rest?_' nature
- for FAR TOO many years....?

( He said to a pissy! littl angel, who thinks she jewish!! ;-P!
"What?! I'm talking to the 'eni( He can't even SPELL enemy?!? :-() -just LIKE HIM!
Granted..  .. he does it a bit better.. ;o| ( ..and, 'they' are better at 'not mocking' him.. than me..
BUT! He won't accept my apology! ;,-p! )"

- 'at least? David might appreciate the Aldebaran vibration inherit within the response, from?'?


(..and a not-so-little captain given the '' task of self ironically making fun of both me and him self: )

Awaiting her next response - being?..
"..WELL! What good is it to talk to the LOVING part of the 'other side'?!? ;,-P"

ROARING ( still sad lion ) to an angel with her hair 'blowing in the wind' : GUESS!!!.. :-()

('s ok  he likes me..  ( I eah.. think.. ;o| ) )


- - - -


Note: Above post stems from ( part of ) a Facebook conversation. Hence the formatting..

Discussion topics :

  • How to 'deal' with international conflict? As a soul and as a 'person'?
  • In our daily lives? when do we ACT?! on situations?
  • What energies and forms of consciousness should be accepted
    as part of a soul-to-soul & person-to-person interaction?
    - And what 'carmic' entanglements?
  • Who will back theOne.. soul.. as theOne soul.


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  • Kindly state your question.. in the form.. -of a question.
    Or your comment in a form that shows the relevance to above topics. ( if any )
    Thank you.

    • ( Oh?.. :-o "He is referring to 'the seize fire'  that was broken 'not only once, but twice'?.."
       - through the means of a silly picture?.." ) Prefer communicating with people who knows what they say, and why they say it - themselves. Gives the wonderful impression 'that they are not 'channeling' anything other than their own highest self'..
      Have a nice day

  • On a personal note.. slightly off topic.. ;-)
    Who says we can't stay adorable - after we grow up? :-) Hopefully? we just get smarter..

    ..not less loving.

  • ( First 'comment' : 'Great.. ;o| they've sucked him in too?' :-o )

This reply was deleted.

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