How long have you been here?

I'm curious to know if any of you all have felt that you have been here since the Fall of Atlantis.  Most beings at that time of the Fall made it out or perished.  What I'm getting at is are they any starseeds who feel like they have been here through since that time and have reincarnated throughout the period from around 13,000 years ago until this time.  I know a lot of starseeds here today are somewhat fresh on the scene incarnationally speaking, to assist in the transition and they carry more Light and have a harder time in this density in general.  Are there many old school seeds out there?

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  • I am here longer than I can remember so I don' t remember my first life on Earth.
    I remember destruction of planet Maldek (or Faethon) and also fall of Atlantis some time later. But I have no idea how old I am seriously. :)
    I was here in the past. I am here in present time. And I believe in a chance for me to being here in the future. So I don't care. Life is eternal. ♥

  • As we are energy there is no time...

    Only changing form

    I even believe we can be born in Atlantis after this live...

    Time is an Earthy thing, up there all is different

    •  Our concept of time does seem rather limiting. I guess the question should be- How many times have we been here? The truth does seem to be somewhat subjective and that is why I choose to keep an open mind above all other things.

  • We stood on the shore and waited as the great wave washed over us. We could have left, but we knew that we had to join our souls with humanity, to be born, to live, and to die across the ages to help change this world. To drive the evil away and bring in the light and the new age.

    I have lived many many lives. I remember some, not much. The human mind cannot hold all these lives, only the soul can hold the memories.

    I have been here over twelve thousand years.

    and I am tired...

    • That was more in line with what I was asking in regards to this thread.  Thank you for sharing and being a living witness and participant to humanity as well.  It's not an easy place to be especially with such a long mission such as yours.  Thank you for grounding the Light and transmuting the darkness. 

    • Being tired is just an idea..

      (but I know what you mean <3 )

  • I've been in the universe since the dawn of time. I've even been different kinds of animals on both earth as well as other planets.
    The history of our existenece is far older than the age of the earth.
    Humanity as a collective have even had other planets before this one.

    Humanity were once a spacefaring civilisation. Millions upon millions of years ago though but since age doesn't negate history or capability I believe the age of our accomplishments is irrelevant.  :)

  • I've been here too damn long!  I swear this is gonna be my last incarnation on this planet.  Most of you people are freakin insane or just don't give a damn.  Beautiful planet, but I just can't deal with most of the people anymore.  I'm out.

  • I suppose the reason I ask is that my stay here has been more of a sentence to atone for things I had let my guard down on.  I've also had my memories pulled at the end of each lifetime which has further added to my amnesia. It's often been a dark challenge for me but I choose the Light and integration. 

    In regards to your statement Lacuna, I know that we are no were near the potential of polarities and conflict that were in play around that time.  The quarantine has seen to that.  There are still risks but new possibilities are in play, very subtle to most.  I see many positive changes underway.

    •  I agree. But there a still quite a few obstacles that we need to overcome in the present day and age.

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