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Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
submitted by Shazi
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Hello Son,
How does the DNA activate?
The secrets of God’s creation and attributes of God are stored in the DNA in every living soul, if they only knew. This knowledge can be only accessed through the consciousness of the higher self. In this consciousness, the lights are more refined and we are not polluted by the realms of this third dimension. In this present dimension, it is polluted with so many distractions; we only have to look at our thoughts and realise how scattered they really are. Not only this but silencing the chatter in the mind is so difficult. A person has enormous difficulty in silencing his mind and even concentrating, because of the pollution that surrounds the world.  

You must practice regularly linking to your higher self by meditation and channelling. This is the only way when your body functions will start working.  
The higher self is a wavelength that can read the knowledge hidden away in the strands of the DNA. It acts like reading glasses to interpret the knowledge. If we get the wrong reading glasses then we cannot see very well and everything will look like a blur.

The more you link to me the more you are giving the chance to read the records inside each DNA. I will guide you to that path, but you must be patient. You have done extremely well in the last ten weeks, look how far you have travelled in searching for the truth.
This desire to learn must not diminish, keep the interest going. The Creator is pleased with you and is keen that you succeed. The routine that you have created for yourself is going to work so keep going.
The higher self accessed through meditation will lead you to paths that you could not dream about.  
Your mother that will show you in person the wisdom of the Creator.

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great picture..thank you


great picture..thank you


Many thanks, as always. :) :)


Much Love,


Wes :)

thanks for sharing Shazi.

i.m.h.o. i feel it is painfull to see life on earth in all its survival tactics of all living atoms, and what it must do to eat or die, and try not to be eaten.

i feel that the e.s.p. as it gets online, reveals our intents, of ourslefs and the others mind chatter,and emotions of THAT MOMENT AS IT HAPPENS. one second i have love for others, the next moment i have comtempt. i can see what others are thinking and feeling for i am just like them in many ways. compassion has to be learned, so as to forgive others and oursleves. these are VERY HARD LESSIONS if we can call them that, i also see that energy is never lost only transformed into another atom configuration or frequency vibrations of the magnetic pulse of creation.

blessings to all of us for we are all one

You motivated me to do my motivation today and wish to give thanks as it was exactly what I needed to do. Namaste.



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