As yet, there have been so many prophecies written
So many just and unjust sects be known
Saints also teaches us more
Evil spirits will visit us someday
Prophecies, foretelling, telepathy being notorious to us, teach us about the First New Age
When will the Divine Festival start?
Apocalypse doesn’s come, when does this troubled time end ?
Wars make this world chaotic
The end of world is at the Dragon Flower Period
Maitreya replaces Buddha Sakyamuni
Is 2500 years end up for the new time ?
Dragon Flower Festival replaces churches, temples and pagodas
Why can’t we see the gathering of gods day ?
3 religions’ messages make us confused
2010, 2011, 2012 are supposed to be the apocalypse
Only choose the sages
With 8 billion people, how can we make own choice ?
How does the mankind evolve ?
Where does The Messiah incarnate down to the Earth ?

Now, I wrote this poem
To teach all of you the miracles of God
It supposed to be the apocalypse to turn all things to dust and ashes
The Messiah is born with peace

By 2 hands, He saves the Earth’s core, edge
To bring the Earth to new dimension (5D)
He gently makes this process happen in harmony
2012 was peaceful, then 2017 will also be quite
No war happenning continously
The next 100 years forgiveness scenario is round the corner
First New Age is modern more and more
Coming to the light in the near future

Dragon Flower Festival is above your realm
After the day Dec 21st (2012) global way initiation is really true

Dragon Flower doesn’t exist in this earthly realm
It does the Way initiation on the high frequency

Astral and High World that are immaterial in both physical and spiritual, welcome you to the new age

The Messiah is born, billion of stars’ spirits descend into this world to bow

The life connect with the universe
The Spirits incarnate, Celestial Spirits do Way initiation to be holy spirits
Activating billions of third eyes constantly to know your incarnations
Mankind suddenly has the psychic abilities

Those who have the clairvoyance
Can you see that God is real in this life
By your clairvoyance, astral projection
Then you will know, where Dragon Flower is…
Recognising the dedication, give the good ones awards
Activating the Spirit - Ears – Eyes, high spirits have soul projection.

Heads of state, ministers
Monks, talented people will be canonize
Good people will be Way initiated
To connect 3 worlds to the advanced Original Souls Society

Hades, the soul of soil and trees
Together with Mother Earth, we bring the Earth coming to the New Age
Higher world is in the center, then we establish the Great Unity
Replacing Cabal by Great Holiness Council

The Seven Norther Star Spirits descend on the Earth’s central arc
Earth’s gate welcomes the Stars of God

Huge UFOs flies to our Earth so often
Black is removed
Milky Way Council is down to attend this process
The low spirits will be taken to other Galaxies for studying Celestial Way

The souls’ star will be separated
And reincarnated onto the Dragon form

All of you will certainly know
About seeing through their origins...
And then the Preach Festival
Continue choosing the right one from the Heaven

Don’t hope and waiting for The Messiah
To appear in this world
He teaches that guys who is arrogant
Bringing those out-of-date scriptures to temples, pagodas

Fortune – tellers divine the future
Shamans, witches fool to get money
Science is presumptuous
How can they know the will of Heaven
How does the quantum comprise ?
What does the Great Master Soul of this universe make up ?
Imperiousness is backward
Dear, remember that billion years have gone by
Dragon Flower Festival is not a fool
It is the best examination from Celestial Hierarchy and Gods

Morality is the first as screening
Then the heart of gold that are good-natured to love people sincerely.

Not choose the corruptly mundane guys
Shaving their head but still remaining the evil soul
Not choose the ones who preaching in the luxurious palaces
Be famed everywhere by money

Not choose the kind of people placing a high value on status
Be talented but unmoral is also nothing

Not choose the greedy high souls that forget Celestial path

Haughty make fairy to ghost
Witches, Magicians from everywhere fall out of heaven
Shamans fool everyone
Magic- stick doesn’t take effect
How can you know my place ?
Dragon Flower Festival above is waiting for you

Dear, billion years have passed
All of you incarnate down to the Earth
Now Heaven turns out to be Earth
Advanced Original souls swear under their breath

Who is the director for your film?
Talented one will know the God’s existence immediately
Celestial Spirits incarnate down to the Earth, where will you run away/ hide ?
So many souls die on the Earth
Dear, I created this Earth from the beginning

Dragon Flower Festival has happened
Why do you still wait for this event ?
Let’s welcome this event, advanced original souls !

If you are Advanced Original Souls you will meet the Preach Festival
Giving a bow to learn Celestial Discipline
Make the soul projection to the Celestial Hierarchy to meet me
To cite and give you the way initiation for your dedication at the Celestial Hierarchy
I mark you to be a high Spirit
High soul to make your astral older
Your rank will be given as a reward
There are 3 Celestial Way Palaces
Your soul will be incarnated to high realm

If you are still haughty
You will be dropped out of the Preach Festival, dear you!
Study and cultivate Celestial Discipline you will be peaceful
Remember the Parent’s kindness and merit
I will beside you to teach you
High, Astral and Physical Planes are my world

I am sanctified vastly everywhere
Darling, mark the Father’s kindness forever
Born and be older together with the God
Your soul will come back to home with me

Buddhas and Saints are born by God
Nobody is better than your father, dear
Which religion is higher than Celestial Way ?

This universe was created billion years ago
Which structure is higher than Celestial Hierarchy
Teaching souls to come back with Father
Dear, Dragon Flower Festival is also me
Whether Buddhas or Holy spirits achieve, all belong to me

The spirits belong to the Earth
That Milky Way and Solar system were created
Countless holy spirits
And celestial bodies from higher realm

People live at stars everywhere
People come anywhere
Celestial Hierarchy is the high place
God is your home!

Heaven gate is in your heart
Opening the universe and activate angels in you

There are enough levels in your body
Coming to the 9 gates in Celestial and Physical Realms

Don’t find the religion anywhere
Celestial Way is not far from you, it is right in your heart

If not cultivate, your astral and physical bodies will be buried in oblivion
If not practice your soul is very small, your karma is agglomerate and you will turn to be evil

As cultivate Way you should not take the form for granted
Cultivate from your compassion to 9th divine realm
Science, society lead you
Then Gods and Saints help you to be enlightened
As witches will make you trapped in evil
Dark mind, ignorance won’t lead nowhere
My Way is really magical
Until completing universal study you will meet me

Though I have to spread the Way
Try coming to the Earth to save mankind from the sufferings

Opening your mind and heart will make you sagacious

Getting out-of-body, you will come to Celestial Realm

Practice can lead you to be hero
Studying Celestial Way hard, you can meet God and Celestial Hierarchy someday
Dragon Flower Festival is flagrant
In more than 100 years, I will cite you for your dedication

(Celestial Head)


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