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This is truely amazing and remarkable....this will surely change your whole OUTLOOK to the same time it is the TRUTH but hard to believe as you were never enlightened by this INNER KNOWLEDGE before.

Now i need to do some experiments on my INNER SELF...INNER BRAIN to see if i can change my life.

I also found out that whatever BEN-ARION puts on this Website is WORTH SEEING as the choices he makes are for the good of all that see his contributions.

Must leave you now as i have a lot of thinking to do


The Vedas declare that wherever your consciousness is situated at the time of leaving your body that is where you will if you are thinking of a place billions of miles away that is where you will go...without the aid of any Spacecrafts or anything else and you having left your physical body behind will take on a new body suitable to the place your consciousness was situated at the time of leaving your body. Amazing but TRUE


I can't stop thinking on what i have just learnt from this Videos...means another night no sleep

THERE IS MORE IN THE MIND THAT MEETS THE EYES......the intelligent ones will know what i mean

The PINEAL GLAND was know in the Eastern World for a very long time. One of the reason you see some Indians with a mark of Saffron or Red colour in between their Eyes on their forehead was to signify the presence of the 3rd Eye also called the Spiritual Eye which needs awakening to know thy true self. This 3rd Eye once activated can see beyond Dimensions what your true normal eyes can not see.

If this Universe is Holographic..... then all the other Universes must be also Holographic...then if all the Universes are Holographic then everything is Holographic and is within you


Katt you are very intelligent and i totally agree with you so that makes me intelligent as well...but what a shame on those who do not realise this FACT.

Now i understand more on what that means when they say.... YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE


Well said Ravinder! I agree completely!   By the way, our daughter's name is "Saffron"!   ;-)


And today, i just finally bought the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot as yet another friend recommended it. Here is a short summary of it:

Despite its apparent materiality, the universe is actually a kind of 3-D
projection and is ultimately no more real than a hologram, a 3-D image
projected in space and made with the aid of a laser. Using this model, a
world-renowned physicist and a Nobel prize winning neurophysiologist
has developed a new description of reality. It encompasses not only
reality as we know it, including hitherto unexplained phenomena of
physics, but is capable of explaining such occurrences as telepathy,
paranormal and out-of-the-body experiences, "lucid" dreaming and even
mystical and religious traditions such as cosmic unity and miraculous
healings. In part one, the author explains in simple prose the theory
behind a holograph and its traditional applications to science. In part
two, he shows the panoramic way in which the holographic model makes
sense of the entire range of mystical, spiritual and psychic experience.
Finally, in part three, he explores the implications for other
universes beyond our own.

Excellent & very enlightening set of video's. Ben-Arion keep on keeping on with your marvelous propagation of your light to all. NAMASTE!!

Very awesome Ben,

The way we perceive our outside world is amazing, and the way we feel within ourself, predicts how we will view the reality outside of us.... 

I'll definitely check these out, I am sure they will be eye opening :)

I know all is good, it ain't hard.   It seems to be the only kind of peace I can find.  I wake up with birds in my trees~~

Hi Ben-Arion,

Gonne try to contact you via this way, because you don't seem to have time to respond to an email. 

Can you make a system that someone can go to 'browse crew' and type in a country name, and CAN MAIL all people once from that country?

There is 'trouble in the ground of California' (predicted and expected earthquake), and I just tried to send an invitation letter (energy earth healing work ) to all people from California on this forum, but I gonne give it up....  It are just too many people to reach one by one, and actually, we can use them all for sending energy during 5-15 minutes.

So, just a question from my side: Is it possible to adapt the website in the future so that you (or me or someone else) can send an energy sender request to all people from 'this or that' country when it is necessary?

Please, do let me know if this can be adapted on your website...  Hoping to hear you soon! Thanks in front!


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