History has not written it yet!!!!!

Hi i thought i would write about my personal take on the changes i have been feeling and logging over the last couple of years to do with the enrgy.,I pick up changes being a sensitive. I am aware the many discussions on 2012 etc and respect everyones personal view point of wisdom and own truth...This is my truth..... I feel we are in an energy change and have had physical symptoms at first...please excuse any spelling mistakes as not my strong point... With the messages i have been given and the energy vibration i have seen is like a language a voice to me... I have heard view points of total disaster that will wipe out the world in 2012...Well i am not a scientist or a researcher or anything i just speak and share from my heart...I feel we are entering in which i will describe at a simple basic level as to me life is simple...Up til these changes we all lived as humans on earth having a physical experience shared by our physical body forgetting we are not just our physical body but have our real body too...This body we associate with when people die, pass on..or as i say continue life...letting go of the vehicle they no longer need to use,..these changes of energy are a higher frequency which is closing the gap,the pause or delay with which we have known...which is why cause and effect are more instant we cant hide behind this delay so much now...so 2012 to me is this....well for me now ...is we are becoming more atuned like our real body in the physical body too...it is about remembering we all have our own frequency personal to ourselves in the collective consciousness of all frequencies etc...Like our thumb print physically speaking we know is unique to us...our own personal energy frequency vibration of our real body is the same thing...Looking back in history physically speaking from my view point will not give us the answers...as histroy has not written it yet...its new....an awakening where the porthole of time in the delay is closing up so we are more attuned to use our real body in the way is natural to us...like telepathy, instant travel through realms and dimensions...more freedom to explore and experience more of who we are...this is why it is so important to remember who we are, why we are here...and remember our own personal energy and frequency amongst everyone elses...Like a trillion trillion voices heard would you be able to pick out your voice in energy and recognise it....to me this is the change on a energy and vibrational personal universal level...like an upgrade if you like...a clean sweep of starting a new chapter in a new way which has not been written yet we are writing it...much love to you (x)

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  • Hi james........have a lovely weekend and anjoy the lovely sunshine.......going to the beach tom with my daughters etc....be fun building sand castles and jumping the waves.........cant beat the waves and the sounds....much love to you my special friend speak soon.........xxxxx
  • ps who is ben....is it the same ben on tpuc? xx I am no good with labels and names lol so please be patient with me lol xx
  • Hi my love.....well how did you manage to find me? I feel i have replied to people who have talked to me but feel stuck in a box lol or a goldfish bowl lol....Yes it feels good.....what did you mean in your pm message on other one...i am sense-ing not happy feelings with people at mo on there....I know what i talk about is not the main thread on there which i respect cos me personally speaking dont see the point in fighting anything....live and let be is my motto and live in a way best to your ability from your heart....why fight something which is man made...when man made things will always find a new man made thing so the fight will never end...so fighting to me holds the systems up....so to me walk away and use energy for benefit as the fight is to do with the past...im wasffling just some things dont make much sense to me in the adult world and you was right when you said i am a child i am and kept me young in spirit in looking at the world with child eyes which i would not give up to be a grown up....to me its my magic lol....even my kids say this and always have been they have been more the parent in mind and i have always been responsible for them as parents friend do...Well i will see if i can find some help on here....and thank you for inviting me on her to share with you and kel and others...home sweet home....welcome always....my pitch is your pitch lol....i didnt know how to fill form in so sign up and so ended up putting my wedding pic up as only got married last year and only pic i have of me on computer lol...as dont like my pic taken...any way i thought it be nice so you could see who you been talking to as well as see me soul energy wise...much love and hugs to you its nice to remember our home..xxps have you found kel on here?
  • Thank you for explaining that to me...yet you know me as quite basic i dont have such knowledge as i just about remember all my kids names and run through all of them to get the right one...Very lovely meaning thank you...My love my words like you come from my heart and please when i reply with my words i am not disagreeing with you...far from it...I am would never say i am right or wrong i am just sharing you could say my language like we have english, french,spanish etc...we speak the same langauge amongst our words spoken in love.....How do i find you? to add you or dont you do that on here?..lost on here still as cant find my way out of a paper bag lol....Big hugs all around you my very special friend.....(x) Got 2 dogs it was soo funny took them for a walk an hour ago ish...they are so small and bark at other small dogs yet as we past 3 big dogs not a peep came from them...ya gotta laugh aint ya....thats the old cockney in me lol....Keep in touch in the light of day and the light of night when we go out to play with everyone universal no matter if we remember or not on one level in our dreams we do and all play out in the sunshine of the light....not a dream but home from home...so i am sure we have met the star past the star....hence wish upon a star...make a wish and blow with you heart for dreams and love grow with the seeds of a beating star....
  • AWWWW how lovely to see you so glad you have found me...as you knew you would...my love i do understand what you say about one universal energy scource....when i share about personal energy i meant on a frequency level facet that is...energy particle experiences like we have the oceans of all the water flowing around the earth some of this water will spread out in it own frequency ripple that is experiencing at a different feeling of expression for example the sea may be feeling strong current and quiet fierce flow while the river that spread from the same ocean is flowing calm....not seperated as came from the same scource is just expressing in its own expression and frequency simultaniously as the ocean,....so the fierce ocean flow feels the calm rivers flow and visa versa yet both sharing the same....so while we experience many things while on earth such as pain physically due to nerve endings, or feelings from happy,smile,sad,scared,vunerable etc....if we do not feel the hot we would not know what cold felt like...yet they are all the same....like for example there is no such thing as pitch dark...try to find darkness in its completeness....we would not find it as what we refere to as darkness is a darker shade of light...which is why we see light particles in anything even blind people see light shades...yet if we did not experience the many facets of feelings expressed we would not remember we where everything....eternal feeling expression never ends it is eternal like the sea flow....we all feel in love in its many ways expressed as i have written before from my childhood experiences love can be found in everything no matter what we experience it is only if we do not understand how love works then do we not see love in its totality in all lifes expressions and feelings and experiences....this is what i meant my love by what i shared...our words we use as language i find limits me any way as i feel words are not needed it is a feeling of knowing...yet we share with a language to try to share and remember something so simple a baby understands...It is soooo great to see you here and i am very happy you found me,,,,yet i still dont know how to work my round here to find you lol....yet im sure this will not get in the way....much love to you my dear friend you made me laugh my young friend and wise in scource....from your waffle ramini (x) ps what is namaste?
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