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Hi my name is Edgar, I am here to try to get like minded people  help me awaken this part of The hemisphere and get things in motion, I would greatly  appreciate if you could take five minutes of your time to meditate and focus in this part of the world and see it change it in positive aspects. Remember we are getting back to  how nature intended to be fully intellectual awaken beings of light.  I need your LOVE< good energy taughts Those are the most powerful. when you are working in your mind see it as a healthy,loving and nurturing place of light.  We have the mission to change the earth and the universe starseeds, Light workers lets unite to bring purity and Great knowlege back to our brothers and siters, For we all connected and it affects one another. 


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I agree!! That is what I try to do in my life work. To help people to awaken and have an open heart with positive thoughts. I am sure that your petition will work and will have an effect on people. I am sending positives thoughts and emotions to our state Texas so we can raise our vibration on all of us and to the whole planet. Thank you
Namaste, Brother Guzman, i can sense the great presence of light within you. I can see You doing great things with this cosmic awakening. Keep working with your love and vast Knowledge of the cosmos for Humanity needs it more then ever.!

Thank You for the planetary support,
i send you sacred vibrations of light for your journey...
Namaste, Brother of light. I can sense great Ascension of light in you, A leader for sure, it is important To Meditate in light brother for great things come your way. Leaders Across this planet are being Trained and being Awaken to start a Revolutionary movement, The history of Humanity has not seen in Thousands of Years. For i assure you, You are not alone for we are one. Remember brother we are not from this earth thats why, we always feel like theres alot missing., But our mission is here, so great rewards come in later.

i send you Cosmic Vibrations of healing and wisdom, take a moment to receive this in the sacred Light of purple
bringing that DNA together and activating it to its potential frequency and resonance. working up to the pineal gland to awaken extrasensory systems of multi dimensional travel and ascension.




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