Hi, I just recently joined this site. I will try to tell you a bit about myself.

I joined this site, simply because I wasbrought up in a boot camp, my father ran. (sarcasm) I wasn’t given the choice to take the red pill or the blue pill, which leads to ignorance. A conscious
lifestyle was there, everyday, he wouldn’t allow us to be stupid, turn the
other cheek. He made us use our brains. Yes, he was called a lunatic, crazy,
whatever else society calls people who think for themselves.

He taught me and my brother about the Universe, and the
constellation names, instead of Santa clause. if we asked a question, we were
never given a lie, or an answer appropriate for a child. We were told the

He also did not shove religion down our throats; he let us grow
up and choose what we wanted to believe for ourselves, but encourages much
investigation, before committing to one set of rules.

He told us when I was 5 years old, that one day we would be
looking for a way to colonize life on mars. and I thought he was a lunatic.
There was no “internet reading, or online research” at that time, where did he
get his information from? Books? He spent hours reading books about Hitler….and
most certainly…did a lot of drugs during the 70’s.

He never let us sit idly in front of the TV all weekend, he got
us up out of bed, and took us all over, hiking, on scientific adventures, into
nature, taught us about animals, and preservation of the only earth we have as
of right now. If we littered, he would yell, and reverse the car, for you to
get out and pick up the trash, you so carelessly threw out the window……

He taught me that your own personal happiness is your
responsibility, and SOLELY yours. Not your parents, for one day they will be
gone, not your friends, they come and go, not your spouse, he or she can leave
at a moments notice. He told me never to give the power, to one person, to
control your life and your minds ecstasy, to bring you up or down, that you
could turn inside your own mind, and be happy with yourself and your mind, as
it wheels around and around, never ceasing.  

I am able to astrally travel, at will in lucid like dreams, but have no idea how this began....I usually have amazing dreams at night, of flying around the earth looking at the blue water below, and swimming with tropical fish.  Going places humanoids can breath under water.


Anything else you want to know just ask ;)


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  • Hello,     Your Dad is very right!  Lucky you.  Mine was sorta like that too, very open and independent-minded.  Told us we could do anything and don't let anyone tell us otherwise.  This place can be fun. A lot of good people here.  Some idiots too, but all in all, its a pretty nice bunch of freaks.  Enjoy
  • 8113812666?profile=original

    Hello & Welcome :)
  • So cool to be brought up so free !!!


    love & light to you

  • Welcome, sister.  I feel as though I know you too :)  You have a shining spirit...
  • Hello to you too ;) You seem like fun...familiar somehow(?) Anyhow...am curious about the Hitler connection, did you ask your Dad why he read up on him so much?



    • what seems fmiliar about me...my dad disliked what hitler did to the jews, masacre, he tried to understnd the wrs and how we got to the messed up state humanity is in, he wanted to understand how those things were okay, how so mny europeans bowed down to wht hitler wanted and took his word for gold, plus he liked history
      • Familiar - something in the eyes/behind the eyes. Intensity, recognise the fight in you I think (does that make sense?). Have always been kinda fascinated with ww2, many dreams from childhood, this is where my curiousity stems from. Feel connected to this timeframe, much to learn about people and humanity from here. Like the sound of you dad tho, seems like a cool dude! :)


  • Your Dad was a very wonderful parent, you were indeed lucky.  Welcome here. We look forward to getting to know you better. Just curious, how do you say your name?
    • i understood it to be nahuatl, native language to the mayans, and it seemed to me like it was zoch-i-que-zal
  • WELCOME!!! ^_^
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