• ...Wings Stop Flirting...:)......I Know What Your Like For The Bearded Man.....Lol......xx.....

  • ...Hiya...:)..<3....

  • You have made me feel much better.  Now I think I'm overwhelmed.  I too am an empath and have always given away more than I have.  Now that I'm getting older I have to save a little for old age.

    Over and out,

    Love and Light,

    Gary Michael

  • Feather Winger,

    You truly have a sense of the beautiful being you are.  I have saved two of your posted pictures.  Hope that's alright.

    I notice there are those who address everyone, and those who address a specific person.

    Love and Light,

    Gary Michael

  • HI Sapphire, welcome back :)

  • Good to have you back in the mix, Sapphire ;-) ...


    ( ( ( Love, Light & Respect ) ) ) 

    • Where did you get this picture?

      Love, Gary, oh yes,

      Love and Light, Gary Michael Graves

  • Hello! <3

    • Yes, Hello!

      Be Well,

      Love and Light,

      Gary Michael

  • Hi, I don't know you, but welcome back. We're pretty lively.

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Disclosure is Inevitable: Light Wins in Spiritual War by Teresa Yanaros, January 3, 2021   The truth will out, so we can stop, take a deep breath, and have faith in the divine order that will ultimately bring out all truth and destroy all lies and…
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Smile, and Say, Thank YouHeavenletter #3495 Published on: June 20, 2010God said:As a matter of fact, there are matters in life you do not have to concern yourself with and fuss about. Where do you put your attention? Irritations in life are not to…
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 6/19/2021 Channeled MessageHow often have I spoken in the last several years that now is different, not only do you have eons of consciousness coming together at the same time over the last 15 to 20 years, but the world itself has ascended not just…
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Trying to figure out how to get me ego to pack up and go! (it's worse than getting adult child out!). Any advice from anyone? #LoveandLight
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  Growth and Renewal6/20/2021 The upward spiral you are in, because there is no longer a downward, is one of constant growth and renewal.  If you feel you are stuttering or stopped, take heart; this is only a momentary pause.  There is nothing to…
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About two million years ago us letacian indigo/starseeds and starseed/indigo's had a feud with our younger son/daugthers and daughter/sons who decided that it was okay to eat and drink the flesh and blood of sentient life something that is highly…
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Valana replied to Valana's discussion IS VAL THOR REAL? Part IV Final in Cmdr. Val Thor: LIVE
"This series was writen as proof that Aliens worked with the U.S. as well as Germany as far back as 1950.
I have not finished bringing the story together to show that the Agent and the Alien were the same man.  I hope this came over to the reader.
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"Thank you for posting this.
You are welcome to post more and also some of your own very good writings for Cmdr Ashtar.
Love and blesssings, Valana"
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