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I've been a member for a few days now, figured I'd introduce myself.
I think it's awesome to be part of this community of like-minded individuals, a place where I can really talk the way I want to talk and not be labeled a qwack!
From what I have seen so far, I really like this place and hope to get to know all of you :)

I still consider myself a new mother, even though my daughter is 13 months old now. My god what a wonderful experience!
I love to laugh and have a good time, as well as have insightful, thought-provoking conversations on any and all topics within spirituality, metaphysics, higher consciousness, spirit communication, you name it!
Some of my favorites are
-Astral travel

...The list goes on and on, but I'm sure this place will never end with topics :)

As a side note, I only have time to be on the computer during the weekends (with the exception of being home today), so I usually use my phone. With that said, some of my posts may be short because it's a pain to type a lot using a phone.

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And Aidan, how are you the black sheep?
...And I am doing alright, except for my random back pain today, but it gave me a day away from work and an empty house to do whatever I want!
welcome! I've been a part of this online community for just a little while too. It's amazingly open to just about anything. As i'm sure you know this community exists far beyond its electronic version. I must say it is an awesomely helpful extension. Infinite blessings:)
I agree, I am so happy to be here!
FEE, FIE, FO, FIRKLE----------Welcome to the inner circle!:)
Welcome to the community, Jacqueline. You will like this place. A lot of positive vibrations going around here.
hello! and welcome! much love!

once this happens

this will happen

welcome,share,its all good



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