Hi there,


Just wondering if anyone has ever asked for physical and other healing, from God, angels, ETs or whatever.


If so, what was your experience? Did you feel that your requests were granted? Could you feel anything happening? Did you notice any difference?


I have been asking for healing, but not really feeling like it's happening. I suspect this may be because there is a part of me that likes to do things myself, rather than receive help. Maybe it is part of my journey that I need to figure out how to make MYSELF better.


I'm tired of being sick and sick of being tired though, and I know those ETs have advanced healing technologies. It would be much easier for them to heal me lol!


I would be interested to hear of others' experiences of healing intervention.


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  • Thanks Kelly, sounds like a good approach, I'll give it a go : )
  • Very cool! I wonder what was different about that time? As you suggest, I suspect there can be parts of ourselves that block us from receiving assistance. Not quite sure what to do about this though. Maybe ask for help to overcome our blocks first lol! Thanks for sharing your experience : )
  • Good point, go direct to the manager so to speak lol! Thanks for that thought James : )
  • Hi Merryn,


    What are you suffering from?  As Shelly said, illness or pain is a sign from the body that something needs to be adjusted or changed in ones life. Its natures wake up call so to speak.  The cause of just about every disease or illness out there has emotional roots and dietary roots.  You fix one or both and the problem resolves itself naturally a lot of the time. If you stop eating and fast, the body actually repairs itself.  Think about that one....we stop eating food and rather than starving to death we get better!  Hmmm....... how deep the deception goes....


    As per your original question, I have received healing intervention from all three you mentioned above and than some.

    I have received healing from my higher self, from the Beloved, from angels (and Archangels) and from ET's (the Arcturians amongst others).


    In fact, I actively work with all of them in the higher realms when doing healing work on others from time to time when I am guided to (God is always a major part of the equation).


    I have seen healings happen over time and I have seen them happen instantly.  In my own personal case, I have had vast emotional clearings that have taken place at the hands of Archangel Rafael and Michael before I even knew the names of the Archangels or even believed them to be real. I have seen instances at the hands of higher dimensional ET's and the like working with the angelic realm whereby a woman's back fixed itself a few days before she was supposed to go in for major surgery which would have left her with rods in her back and likely pain killers the rest of her life.  I have watched 30 years of chronic back pain disappear in 30 seconds never to return.  Gall stones and kidney stones disappear in people with x rays.  I've personally had lower back pain healed, had a portion of the hearing in my right ear returned to me (too many loud concerts without ear protection), had financial and relationship issues resolved and cleared up, watched cancer disappear in people without any other outside influencers (no change in diet, no chemo, no modern medicine) and a whole host of other things.


    In all these instances relationships were already developed to some degree with the facilitators of the healing whether that be angelic, God, ET's or someones higher self and the like.  What I mean by this is that the initiator of the healing already had some familiarity with the person channeling the healing.  With ET's, they didnt show up when I called out and asked in a state of fear, but they showed up when I asked from a place of love and non attachment really.  In fact, my original request never made it to them according to them because the state from which I was asking 'was not vibrationally compatible with the realms they reside in'.  I've even called up one group of beings for assistance, they showed up, and told me they didnt do that particular type of work and to go ask another group they informed me about who were experts with a particular issue (etheric implants).  Also after being in the presence of healers who worked with particular groups, I found that I could than ask for those beings to come and assist me if need be and they would or that I could work with them with others if I was guided to.  I am clairvoyant, energetically sensitive, vegan and I've done a lot of work on myself to make myself more pure and have  locked myself into the endless embrace of God's love.     


    The healings them self differ greatly in their experiences while they were going on for myself and others.  Some of them have been incredibly dramatic whereby orgasmic waves of bliss and light were blasting through my body while the beings that showed up even made comments like 'oh, I think he likes that one', some have been very subtle in the case of working with Arcturians whereby they showed up overhead, the temperature in the car went up 2 degrees or so and clairvoyantly a subtle blue light began to surround everything while my skin tingled slightly and the hair on the other persons body stood up but it wasnt freaky or anything.  I've seen other instances whereby people experienced nothing in the moment but after the fact everything they asked for came about in a very easy and non intrusive manner with all the blocks seemingly removed that were there before.  I can get out of my body pretty easily and have even gone and checked out the planes and dimensions where some of these beings operate from just to make sure that what I am working with is benevolent and genuine.  Familiarity and genuine gratitude seem to play big parts. 

    I have also seen cases whereby people opened themselves up to a healing at the hands of others and during that moment of openness, something malevolent took the opportunity to come in and attach itself to that person wreaking havoc in its aftermath.  Just because something poses as light doesnt make it so.  In fact, thats the oldest trick in the book.  I've even had healings done on me by others whereby after the healing was done and after the person left, I had to go in and undo whatever they had done to me because it linked me to particular consciousnesses out there I dont really care to have energetic linkages to.  I've even been told by the Akashic Records to be extremely diligent and aware in the healing arts because there are modalities out there that are not what they appear to be.


    Steve is 100% right with one addition, ask in full faith with love, and it shall be given (so long as it doesnt circumvent some lesson you still need to learn).


    Hope this answered your ?  : )



    • Awsome reply Drew!

      Yup, I sure did forget the most important part, Didn't I,

      Good catch!

      Blessings bro,


    • Yes, that's a very thorough answer thank you Drew, and it's good to hear from someone with experience of these things.


      In my case the problems have dietary origins I believe, but also maybe inherent weaknesses in my body, as these patterns go back a long way, even as far back as childhood. I am making many changes to my diet and have spent many, many hours doing research to try and understand what is going on with me. Primarily it is about nutritional deficiency I believe, and I am doing my best to correct that, easier said that done though, when most of the food available to us is minerally deficient. Even if you grow your own fruit and veg, this is no guarantee that the food is nutritious, as it depends on the soil, and many soils are deficient. And even if you take supplements, this is no guarantee that your body will absorb and utilise them.  It just seems such a struggle to get well. I am doing my best though.


      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I was especially interested to hear about how one of your requests was not received. I usually ask my higher self out loud, and I figure that should be enough to get the message through. I have also asked my higher self to faciliate healings by others, to ensure that whatever happens is for my highest good.


      Well I guess I can keep asking, but maybe this is just part of my journey, for whatever reason - as you say, some lesson I need to learn. It just seems like a really hard one sometimes! ; )







      • Merryn,


        Ocean water is the best way you will come across to grow nutrient super powered food.  Using the principle of homeopathy, you dilute ocean water or ocean solids in a 20 parts water to one part ocean water and you get a solution that contains EVERY single vitamin and mineral on the planet in a usable format for plants to work with.  A normal tomato from the grocery store might have up to 8 vitamins and minerals in it, an organic tomato typically has up to 16 vitamins and minerals, an organic tomato grown with ocean water solutions has over 50+ vitamins and minerals in it!!!!  That is the maximum load a tomato plant can assimilate.  Wheat grass grown with ocean water has over 90 vitamins and minerals in it!!!!!!!!  The plants grow faster, last longer after picked, seem to be naturally insect resistant and you never deplete the soil because you keep replenishing it with diluted ocean water. You can order ocean solids online if you arent near a body of water.  Diluted ocean water wont kill plants because you eliminate the high sodium/salt content.


        Simple rules for health:

        *Eliminate animal proteins: they wreck your body and you dont actually need very much protein.  Those starving kids in Somalia aren't protein deficient so how in the world is anyone else?  All the protein you need can be gained naturally from fruit and vegetable sources without you having to even think about what you are eating.

        *Fast a few times a year: digestion uses more energy in the body than any other activity.  When you stop eating for 72 hours, your body goes into deep cleaning mode.  Humans are the only animals on the planet that eat when they are sick....hmmmmm...... reduction of caloric intake is also the only scientifically proven method that slows down and reverses aging.  You eat less and you become younger.

        *Drink neutral to alkaline water from a pure source such as an artesian spring and eliminate all the artificial garbage.  Fiji water seems to be the best for this of the waters you can easily get.

        *Stop drinking carbonated beverages and everything and anything that has high fructose corn syrup, aspartame (originally developed as a super insecticide), and all the other diet crap out there.  It's all poison and your body cant do anything with it except freak out.

        *Eliminate dairy.  Again humans are the only creatures on the planet that drink milk past birth.  The health consequences of dairy are outrageous. 

        *Pay more money for better (organic) food whenever possible.

        *Stop using Fluoride toothpaste- its a neurotoxin more poisonous than rat poison and has a cumulative effect on the body.

        *Stop eating large amounts of pasta and pastries.  The fact that they contain the word paste in them tells you everything you need to know.  Thats what your body does with them.  It becomes glue in your body.

        *Eat raw food whenever possible

        *Eliminate caffeine, processed sugars and foods that have high sodium contents. 

        *Get some sunlight every day.  The Sun is our direct source for Vitamin D.  The Sun doesnt give us skin cancer.  The shit they put in sunblock does.  The first two hours and last two hours of sunlight have the lowest UV factors and are safe for you to bathe in without fear of burning.

        *Do physical activity, move, do cardio, just dont sit around and watch TV and the like.  Sweat, its our primary method of elimination that few people use.

        *Heal all your emotional wounds.  Hold up a mirror to yourself and make yourself personally accountable.

        *Smile, laugh, have fun, and get good sleep.  If you did everything above, your need for sleep decreases tremendously.


        If you did these things, I bet within a week you'd find yourself with more energy than youve ever had in your life, weight would slide right off you, the parasites in your body will begin starving off and dieing, you'd go through a major detox and people would actually start commenting that it looks like light is literally being emitted from your body (because it is).


        Health is really easy when you realize how badly we've been lied to by the powers that be and by marketing companies.  Less is more.  The healthiest things are often the most inexpensive.  Just do the research on anything I posted above and you'll see its all true.  If anyone else tries to convince you that any of the above are bad for you, just look at them and see how unhealthy they are in various aspects of their life. 


        : )


        Life is beautiful when you get out of the way of what our bodies want to do naturally.  Our bodies want to move and create, not sit around and figure out how to eliminate all the poisons we dump it in most days.


        God Bless!





        • Hi there Drew, thank you for all those suggestions, I agree with many of them and I am living by many already, although I am not a picture of health.


          I am particularly interested in the seawater suggestion. Do you just use 1 part seawater to 20 parts plain water or do you dilute it homeopathically?


          thanks again


          from Merryn
          • The 20 to 1 dilution method is the very definition of homeopathy.  Homeopathy = dilution.


            You're very welcome : )

            • I thought that in homeopathy you diluted the solution, then diluted it again, and then again, and then again etc, ie not just a single dilution of 1:20...?
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