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Hey  guys j wanted to ask you a big favor, here is my problem I have been getting sick lately alot I have lost  track and fuzzy thinking. Five months ago I got sick from my throat and the doctors said it was a fungi infection. I couldn't eat anything and when I was hungry I would try to eat and use to choke on my food all the time gradually growing fear of eating cause of being scared to choke and die. Io been battling this for a while now it's more metallly but suffering from gastritis and anxiety and depression.  Before my ascension I have healthy as a baby.  I just need you guys to send me light I need to sent good vibrations of love please please  help thanks       Namaste 

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Thank you so much this makes a lot of sense. It encourages me even more.
Thank you so much, it means alot , I will keep up with the doctors but I know it has to do more in another physical plane then this. I can feel it but I had an awesome realization today that I believe is the cure. For fear and for everything in the psysical plane :)
hi Edgar,,,,good thoughts are always helpful...
... gastritis can be healed in the physical level...but anxiety and depression needs to be dealt in the mental state... if u are in this mindset, it dosent help much...
try to get the proper nutrition for gastritis, and dont allow anxiety and depression to get over you... personally, i believe that our mind-state plays a major role, on how quick, and good will be our physical healing... Sending u positive thoughts always... :)
Edgar, Sending you healing vibrations, but I would also recommend using something in your throat that will also kill the fingi infection....

Try Grapefruit Seed Extract also in very small amounts you can rinse your throat with Colloidal Silver you can find it at any health food store, I would only use Silver that is 10PPM or less to be on the safe side, but honestly I think these two things would help you alot.

I hope your throat feels better soon! <3 :-)

Blessings to you!
There's times when I am so frustrated that I feel that I am done with my life ugh



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