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Around 12:21 Max Keiser interviews a fired HBOS whistleblower, who as former head of regulatory risk, exposed debt accounting fraud...He now names names and describes the fraud mechanisms, for all to learn about...


This is one example of resistance to UK systemic corruption, often unrealised...


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If there's one thing you should have learned by now, it would be that I am loyal to NOONE. Not even God. Fortunely, God puts effort into earning my trust and love all the time, so ... He can probably count me in as a "more than temporary hangaround" at least. :)

I do not support corruption. For you to even imply that makes you reek of "paid shill"-stench. Especially since a man of your advanced mental and spiritual skills should have read my base-mind long ago to check/verify/scan "the man behind the cat" so to speak :)

I have done that to You. It'd be only fair for you to respond with an equal act of integrity violation of telepathic kind on Me there. You have full karmic rights to do it. :)

I won't tell anyone what I found in You though. It's for each human to find that out for themselves. If I rob them of that fun, it'd be just like telling people the meaning of life, hence detroying their sense of spiritual purpose and replace it with the sense of spiritual duty instead (the word duty can suck the life out of any party anywhere). ;)


I can also inform you that this thread is now number 6 on the list of hot topics. We're getting there, and I AM HELPING you with that, consciously and willingly.

I couldn't help to notice that number 7 was a post from You where you spread gossip about Michelle Obama and some of her to me, completely uninteresting foolishness.

For being  a person who would prefer to have people focus on matters that matter, you're not setting a very good example there. Michelle does not matter to anyone but Barack and the kids, and to my verified knowledge of You, you're none of those people.

OK AO.....I'll initiate you into some sound techniques and facts.....

My two recent discussions stand at number 6 and 7, upon the ACC hit parade....If I truly sought to place them at 1 and 2, I could achieve it swiftly, by sending an email out to 200 of my loyal ACC friends, inviting them to participate in the discussions on both forums....

I note that your ACC friends stand at a paltry figure, in contrast to my own, which I know of, but will not repeat here, in case I embarrass you...You know the number of friends you possess here.... LOL

I in contrast, may call upon 267 loyal and valid supporters, to add their hits, comments, supports and likes, upon either of the two latest forums, at any time that I choose for them to do so....As yet I have not sent out the invites, by ACC email, as I seek to study the intrinsic spontaneous interest in the topics, if present....

I'm content to observe, as yet..... But thankyou for your interest... ;-)


"If I truly sought to place them at 1 and 2, I could achieve it swiftly"

Teach me how, Teach me How, TEACH ME HOOOOOOOOW!!! :)
(I think you just attracted me into your world)

"I note that your ACC friends stand at a paltry figure"

It's not the number that counts. It's the quality therein that is of any meaning. Each and everyone of my friends are people who greatly contribute to my spiritual development. I wouln't mind hanging out with all of them IRL.

"but will not repeat here, in case it embarrases you."

If it did embarrass me, it'd be quite foolish of me to have an open profile now wouldn't it? ;)

"I, in contrast may call pon 267 loyal supporters"

True friends (or simply followers) usually read, comment and like what you post before you are forced to call upon them. :)

I have a method of inviting more than a hundered thousand people to this discussion and have them all like or dislike it. Only about a thousand of them are probably die-hard supporters of me though but it'd still produce a hitrate on Ashtar that haven't been seen anywhere online since Napster.

I won't though since such an action would be considered to be "SPAM", and... I am one of the people who helped make internet more or less free from email spam, so if I were to spam anyone for any other cause than to save the world or spread the blueprints for free energy, I'd probably go straight to hell without passing death first. :)

cry baby..............

Me, me, me....always about me and my popularity!! Oh you poor baby, grow up why don't you just??

People don't always flock to all of your posts, anyone with half a brain knows you're full of*p that is and if anyone bad mouths or contradicts any of the nonsense you post then you immediately go into 'character assassination' mode, very typical of the cabals modus operandi, then you go on and brag/boast about your achievements, as miniscule as they may be...humanity's none the better for all the cr*p you post and boast utterly pathetic!

Go ahead and attack me now cry baby, or get your 200 odd 'loyal' friends to do it along with you!

A pig with make-up on is still a pig, as BS know matter how it's dressed will always be BS!! ...Now go cry to Ben like you always do!

Yep, it looks that way, my friend......No matter, I suppose it goes with the territory of what we do here....Exposing the slugs and creepy crawlies, under the rock.... Sometimes, the scuttling scorpions use their stingers...



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