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Around 12:21 Max Keiser interviews a fired HBOS whistleblower, who as former head of regulatory risk, exposed debt accounting fraud...He now names names and describes the fraud mechanisms, for all to learn about...


This is one example of resistance to UK systemic corruption, often unrealised...


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The tireless efforts of whistleblowers will always take second place to other topics on ACC.....It seems that for a "spiritual" website, members are more interested in what 73% of "cheating" women think about men, on an extra-marital affairs website...currently at number 4 on the ACC hit parade....LOL

And the degenerate human race wonder why they still can't get off this planet and beyond.....??

People here also like to put on a mask of enlightenment then immediately turning around and slinging passive aggressive insults towards members they feel have been antagonizing them instead of practicing the love and acceptance they preach. Is it so bad for people to have a different point of view? Well! This is the internet after all so I guess we can't expect too much. Most of the time I can hardly tell the difference between here and 4chan

I don't wonder why we're stuck in this rut but I do wonder why we allow ourselves to be stuck. I suppose our race is trained that way.

We need new, fresh "trainings" to take the places of the old, defunct, "deficit-minded mentality"... we need an abundantly-minded mentality to take its place... filled with joy and compassion... then we will see more major strides taking place across the globe.


It always begin locally. I make sure to put a smile on the face of every neighbor I meet when I'm out walking. If everyone did that it would spread faster than light across the globe. :)

So, you post something and 2 minutes after you begin to complain about that it isn't being read more than threads that have been here for days?

Someone should give you a lesson on the subject "Visibility". I won't though, because I don't want you to be visible, but I'm sure you can find another teacher somewhere that can teach you the basics on how to "storm" the internet properly. Being denied mentorship from me is not the end of the world. ;)

Well, I certainly don't require your mentoring, AO.......An old fart you may be, but certainly being old does not necessarily imply you have proven to us, many times, here on ACC...LOL

As for my visibility.....simply search my name on Google on you'll see it's as ample as required and as salient as I allow it to be....

And you are correct, what a contrast between my virtually immediate posts and those covering the most banal of human ceasepool topics....taking longer to build up steam, yet remaining in the air, like a foul odour, distracting the uninitiated from a better focus...

"As for my visibility.....simply search my name on Google on you'll see it's as ample as required and as salient as I allow it to be...."

But you weren't complaining about You not being visible.
You complained about the visibility of THIS thread.

Googling You will not send me to THIS thread.
In fact, I couldn't find this thread anywhere amongst the 2 pages long result your name generated on Google.

This topic will gain in momentum.....and I was attempting to bring awareness in it, from the outstart, by reminding members that we have important matters to discuss, rather than the tittle tattle found upon parallel forums, which only serve to distract.....

Yes, I did not place my name on this, but I'm sure it will become well covered by interest, as it should, anyway...

Max Keiser is a very popular financial commentator and I seek to promote his expose and interview with Moore....

As for my name search on's 10 plus pages...currently 13,700 results...

"This topic will gain in momentum"

Indeed. Every time I reload this page it climbs upwards in the hit-statistics. For every reply I write, several different counters on many sites register activity on this subject as well.
I'm quite certain that this thread will hit the upper top 10 and if not this minute, then most definitely in the minute that comes after it. :)

"and I was attempting to bring awareness in it, from the outstart"

That you certainly did. You started off by basically and personally insulting the entire community.
Of course "hot heads" like the likes of me would bite on such an offensive entrance. ;)
(hmm, perhaps you know more about Visibility than I gave you credit for? :) )

To start off a debate by infecting it with rage from the start, is a rather hardcore method to use, but it also works, for a while (until you get ignored). ;)

"As for my name search on's 10 plus pages...currently 13,700 results..."

I think you need to read a little more than just the "title" of the search when you talk about delivered results.

Here are your TRUE results.

As you can see, you fill no more than 2 pages and most of it are comments you've made here and there, spanning from 2009 and up until now.

Actually, my intent was simply to remind the community that it is spiritual and so not to focus our efforts upon the limited consciousness hot gossip topics, surrounding societal mulfunctioning, and cavalier moralities...Which is not really what we are all about....

Yes I was instructed to commence my web awareness input, in July of 2009, by my GFL liason...Vashtar. I remain a reluctant worldwide web participant..


Note that my entries have varied, as some sites remove them and others add them....

"Actually, my intent was simply to remind the community that it is spiritual"

You kind of failed miserably there.
The very title of this thread is anti-spiritual and have more to do with a witch-hunt (belief and control) than spirituality (growth and forgiveness). ;)

I promoted the views of  valid whistleblower........That is spiritual, if it exposes your control apparatus....

I have placed a platform here for Paul Moore, in support of his valid efforts to expose corruption among the elites.....Your defense of them, displays where your odious loyalties lay....



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