having a children creates more karma?...

Hi there, I know is a tough question, I hope someone can help me to understand a little bit more about this....the other day I heard someone saying that some new wave generation, (if you born around 1975 and 80´s or 90´s) some people are felling not to have a children because unconsciously they want to finish their spiritual path in earth and to evolve to the next step or dimmension.....so they unconsciously feel that to having children creates and leaves more karma here for them..some people say is a blessing to have a children and gives you more light in to your life......mmm...any thoughts ?...thanks!


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  • oh, i´m sorry about that, is good to know that you already found peace inside of you and you keep the best things of that experience.... and yes, the dream state has been very significant for me, I feel that I travel a lot in my dreams..etc
  • Majority of people have kids for selfish reasons... To be honest with you, i dont know what the motivation for kids is.

    You are a slave without having any and you will be a slave having them, so it doesn't really matter.. But any person in their right state of mind who sees the world for what it is/was will refuse to procreate and bring offspring into this Hellish reality

  • Life is too individual to make any blanket statements one way or another.  Karma comes and goes according to your actions and children can add or subtract from it according to your own spiritual development. 
    • I agree, ....I think maybe i have been influenced by people with bad children or sons experiences (i mean, a difficult path with them)....and when you see the same cases a lot of times sometimes with people around you, you start to believe that....now i see that we have what we need to have in this life with or without children....thanks to all the answers in this post...
  • I'm so sorry you experienced that, Anthony.  My deepest condolences, thank you for sharing yourself with us.  Much respect.
  • METATRON  have said that KARMA IS DELETED.. I have heard that karma kan bee distribute to your different other aspekts of your self, because many had heavy karma. By distribute it your other self in other dimensions/planet take your karma so you can ascend easily..


  • I see, I agree with "The idea of people not having kids because of creating additional karma is a little bit off track, as karma will still be created, both good or supposed bad just by being alive and interacting"....I think you are right, ...no matter if we have children or not...Karma is there....and maybe for some people, to have a children or to have a family can help in a lot of ways....
  • ..im on the "No Children Wagon"  too... for various reasons... im 41 now, and i intent to continue like this.... im not doing it for karma... but mostly for obligation and energy reasons...  and on top of that, i dont want to bring another human being in this world as it is now... in all this mess...
    • I feel same right now, .. I think that if I´m going to a have children, ....they deserve love, time, attention and in these days...a lot of money Lol...so....I´m just in stand by right now...

      I know there is a mess for a children on these days out there, mostly on media, internet and tv....I don´t remember to grow with that uncontrolled information on my 70`s or 80`s....but well....we are on 2011...

  • yeah i understand, it´s possible, by the way the video that i saw was a  Dolores Cannon video on youtube, when i saw it ..i was like....mmm  interesting way of thinking...i`m 36 right now, maybe i will have children, i don´t know yet ..i was just trying to understand a little bit more about the connection between parents-childrens-karma

    thanks for reply and seems like no too many people wants to talk about that....lol ...have a nice day

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