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I wanted to make a post where we can share some of the things that we have notice that have changed in us, our environment and surroundings. There are some obvious changes that have taken place since we started receiving these extra energies. Most changes have happened slowly and many people may not have even noticed. I figured this is an easy way of proving that things are indeed changing. Everyone can post things that they have noticed in their areas, things that may help to give another and themselves validation as to what is taking place across Gaia.

A few things that I have noticed are:

1) You can now hear birds chirping and singing during the night hours,  when they have normally been quiet in times past.

2) The sun has went from a yellowish color to its current white color over the past few years. As the frequency rises the color has gotten lighter. Finally others have taken notice of this fact.

3) Our Pear Trees grew fruit twice during one season last year, this has never happened before. They did not grow to maturity the second time, as the frost finally got them. The pears did grow to the size of golf balls though. Every year we cut our Rose bushes back in January here in SC. When they grew back this year they grew back differently. Instead of a branch here and there as they grew back, they popped out all over the place. They are just more vibrant now.

4) I don't know what to make of our Persimmon Trees. They are so many Persimmons growing that the tree can't support all of them and tons have fallen off? There are still more Persimmons left on it than in any other year in the past.

5) I have never seen our garden and grass so green either.

6) My diet has changed dramatically! I no longer want to eat as much meat. I am 6'4" tall and went from 270 lbs to my current 217 lbs. I just had my yearly physical at the VA Hospital and am general great health (except for previous injuries).

7) My sleep patterns are crazy! Sometimes I sleep only 3 or 4 hours and once in awhile I can sleep for 12 hours straight? Don't know what is going on here.

8) Mood swings, my wife says that I have (at times) been worse than a woman with PMS....lol. Not a good thing and am not sure if this is connected with these energies or not

I would love to hear what changes you have noticed within yourself and your environment. Maybe in sharing we can learn a little, or open or eyes and start to notice the changes that are taking place.

Much Love & Light

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  • Yes, I have noticed all of these, plus the birds are singing like crazy and I love it. I also feel like I must be outside in nature and don't want to be indoors very much any more. It's all very beautiful.

  • I have what I believe is a wart on my lower leg. It's been there for atleast 5 years and is below the skin. I've tried those freeze treatments to get rid of it but it just would not go away. It's about the the size of a pea. Over time skin builts up on top of it and the itching just begs for it to be scratched off. Well it bothered me the other day so I did my customary fingernail scrape to remove the dried/dead skin and was just a bit shocked. It's almost gone! I would say 80% gone, there is no longer a big bump under my skin just a small hard bump at the surface and only 20% of its previous size. Everyone check to see if things are being healed!!!! Thanks a bunch Audie, I might have not made the possible connection if it wasn't for your post.

    P.S. You have got to watch these two vids I just found on the Avalon Forum about the new Prometheus movie.




    The Project Avalon Community Forum
    Project Avalon Community Forum
  • mmm yes honey is very healing for the bodily system, aim to have a spoonful of honey, aha!

    i forgot to mention the animals have changed too; they seem a little more colourful and vitality full ;)

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  • all sorts, 2012 210.mp4

    all sorts, 2012 210.mp4

    • a baby chick, not strong enough to fly off yet, but it did eventually ....................

  • Hey Audie, It is good to see another Army veteran on here. I live in Olympia, WA and I too hear birds chirping happily at night. The trees and flowers in this area have always been beautiful, but recently I have noticed the colors being more vibrant. As far as mood swings go; I have a hard time differentiating between Ascension symptoms and PTSD from the Iraq war. I have noticed that my PTSD is slowing becoming less of an issue with the increase in energies but every time there is a CME or energy upgrade I feel it big time. 

    I also get the ringing in the ears and attribute it to energy upgrades and communications from friends. One time when I was meditating I focused on the ringing in my ears and suddenly I heard a voice say, "We are here".

    My diet has changed to more of a vegetarian diet. I rarely eat beef anymore, even though I grew up in Montana working on a cattle ranch. I still hunt and eat venison and salmon.

    The shift is becoming more apparent every day and I can't wait for the rest of the people on this beautiful earth to start experiencing it.

  • Best remedy for acne that is not usual is natural yogurt with acidophilis... clears up the spots in 2 days or less :D lol 

  • Hi folks, not to be a party pooper, though I do see the white sun, the birds chirping earlier, some and I say some people are getting kinder, while others appear to be going backwards, bummer.

    One notable thing for me, I can seem to sense peoples emotional energies and I need to figure out a reliable method to block it somehow or transform it, the negative type energies that is.

    peace love light

  • Really good post

    It´s interesting what you say about the sun, and the explanation is the photonbelt, that we have entered since some years.

    The thugs brainwash people that it´s the greenhouse effect , but every planet in our solarsystem has increasing temps.


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