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Well what an eventful day the 21st was!

There were some awesome spectacles above us

& a ufo even appeared above Mt.Bugarach!!! 

Anything could happen at New Years,

so keep your eyes to the sky : )




Bugarach UFO Frankreich 21.12.2012


21.12.2012 USA UFO Sichtungen, UFO sights USA


UFO Appears to Shoot Down Incoming Asteroids over Mexico 21.12.2012



SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Absolutely Stunning and Phenomenal Ray of Light



21.12.2012 Meteorite crash Mexico 9:00am



Wormhole UFO!!! Christmas Eve over Russia!



Meteors Dec 20 2012 100 % REAL


Incredible Helix Spiral Appears Over Moscow Dec 24 2012 HD


The flickering 'fire rainbows' spotted in the sky over Arizona




Read more:






Happy 12/21/12! : )

It's now 1:12am here in NZ & the vibes are so high!

I've seen 2 UFO's in the past hour, it's such a calm clear night I can see every star

& at exactly 12:12am I felt an incredible surge of bliss entering my crown chakra! : )

The dogs in my neighborhood keep barking as if they're excited aswell,

& a morepork has been calling out it's eerie song for ages,

which doesn't happen very often round here.

Who knows what could happen next...

Have an awesome day everyone,

I know I will! : )
























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Happy 21 st, the start of will b.... will b interesting once this treaty stops!

t minus 15 hours and 2 mins till 12 21 12 here in my area have a great 12 21 12 everybody and god bless all of us

you peope need to realize the universe doesnt care what your clock says

nor do we care what you say either.


The universe doesn't care about clocks...

Brilliant :)

1hr 45mins to go before Dec 21, 2012 here in Manila. I will go out at the lobby at 12am and look at the stars.

You bring me down Kelly.....

Many comments you say around here is negative and condescending.

Do you aim to help people and make them feel better?

I feel anger and hostility..when I read your comment...

Please don't reply to this comment.. the questions are rhetorical..

I dont really care what your answers are or your opinions are....

You have a personal problem...

Feather does not post silly videos....

if you read your tos-- terms of service ..

it gives you certain rights....

Feather has a right to post videos even if you think they're silly...

You take responsibility of your own words...


If you listen to the silly videos..

and try to understand whats going on here....

you might just wake up from your dream of your own illusion..

" iam quite spiritual enough' .... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  .... keep telling it to yourself Kelly, maybe one day you will become IT .... lol ....

such a typical answer from quite a spiritual individual ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... LOL ... Kelly ....

talk to the wall Kelly, I’ve heard it’s very therapeutical, you may get a better results than talking to me …. lol … as I would never hold your word, opinion for anything, it’s similar as a piss in the wind … never sticks around … lol … if I wouldn’t know any better it’s seems like you own this site, telling people what and how to believe, how to speak, and what to say or what to post … smells like inquisition to me … and it looks like your list of unwanted people just getting longer …and longer ....  lol ….

it doesn't show with your critical comments about others your have a long way to go on your spiritual journey if all you do is criticize others beliefs and what they find uplifting so stop replying to Eddie and hounding Feather and others on here unless you have something nice to say say nothing at all.  No one said you have to agree with all that is posted here nor read it either but you seem to and then comment nastily about the poster and what they posted. Learn the art of Allowing and you will let go of this habit you have developed.

 I never read your reply so I don't care what you say about this.



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