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People can be so many to each other, I don’t understand it. My mom always taught me to “kill others with kindness”. It doesn’t help yourself or other people to be nasty and rude. Try to step in that person’s shoes. For instance, I saw a mini van stop in the middle of a cross walk at school today, the person driving it was clearly lost. A girl in a svu was driving into the parking lot and she could definitely fit around the other car safetly but instead she decides to beep her horn and make and nasty face at the other driver. Then she parks, storms out of her car, and scowls at me for no reason. I don’t understand it, I don’t understand how people can be filled with so much hate. I’ve had awful things happen to me, I was brutually bullied at school for years and had little support from the staff, but I never felt bitter towards my bullies. They were below me, they had no control of their lives, and thought it would feel good to hit or push or call me names. No, it doesn’t do anything for you, don’t be mean over the internet, don’t fight back with cruelty. It’s just going to leave you more and more unhappy and succumbing to a culture of hate.

My parents believe we live in a culture of death, which I can see sometimes, but it’s more so hate. I’m going on a rant, but the only thing I truly hate is hate. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I’m a flower peace child at heart. I’ve also been told I’m an indigo child, which I’m continuing to explore and I believe I am one. Indigo children can range from having high confidience and sensitivity to those with supernatural powers. I have been able to see the future in my dreams and I have felt a stronger connection with people’s souls than most. I have always been friends with people based on their personality and soul and heart, not their looks. Sometimes I feel, when I am with a truly genuine, kind person, that I am just with their soul, I forget that their shell is even there. I love that and I hope to meet more indigo children on earth with a special purpose. Indigo children often feel an entitlement or “deserving to be here.” I have always felt I am going to make a difference and do something big with my life. That’s why I get so frustrated with my current job at the daycare. I would like to work with rape survivors, lgbt youth, and autistic children specifically. I want to spread all the love and hope inside of me to others. I want to let everyone know that happiness comes from yourself, you cannot find it within relationships with others solely. When they leave you will just be unhappy and not know how to thrive. If anyone ever needs to talk, I am here. 

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yes unfortunately many in the world are following the culture of drama and b/s...

ive faced many oppositions in my life, but the only thing they taught me about myself, is to not follow the b/s they keep promoting and keep faith in myself.

Its a shame society has turned into some kind of freak show of crazy behaviour,

and i agree everyone should treat themselves and others with respect!

You almost sound like me in a nutshell. Same to me, when I was growing up, I heard I had to be hard and be angry and hit again if necessary if threatened, when all I really did was loving others. I heard I should show anger and hate. I couldnt,and I couldnt understand why it was necessary. No matter how I turned it I couldnt even muster those feelings in myself. They were simply not there, I wasnt born with them by nature. I can play a game with it for a show but I really dont feel it. Never have. Also the want to make others happy and give away all I had have always been there. My mother was furious when I did that. I was just like what? its only material,no big deal. I felt with their pain and I was 5 years old. I was bullied like you and I never did or said anything back,just like you I was like in the other world of higher density. It never either crossed my mind to bother. (of course the evil tries even harder then) I can say the same over and over to your post. Its just yawn boring to live 3D.
Im a fellow pleiadean.



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