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Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command

From: "Michael Ellegion" <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 9:55:04 PM
Subject: New Ashtar Channeling, Michael Ellegion, 10-19-11

“Galactic Federation or Federation of Light ?, Cosmic Solidarity for the Re-Occupation of Planet Earth, Underground Bases Gone, and Related Important Topics”


“Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command. And Greetings to all peoples of planet Earth, to all of our fellow “Ground Crew” or “Cosmic Clean up Crew” the Volunteers presently in Earth embodiment. I speak specifically to you all, in your courage and dedication, and we of the Universal Fleets of Light, from all over this Universe and many other Universes, that surround this planet in Guardian Action, want to Officially express our Cosmic—Intergalactic—Universal Solidarity for the powerful “Occupy “ movement of change and Transformation of Consciousness of the people’s of Earth, that is very quickly spreading around the planet.


As this channel is aware of, of many other fellow channels & contactees who have been receiving many other very clear channeling-transmissions-communications from various fellow Beings of Light from various Commands and fleets scattered around Earth, and there is, as of recent months, so many ships of Light surrounding this planet—it is like “Cosmic Rock Star Parking”, with almost hardly anymore “parking spaces “ available up here, as we’re getting Ready for the even more exciting Events soon to occur!



We wish to share with everyone more of our insights regarding this historical moment when the people of Earth have officially on a mass level Awakened in a planetary Apetheni of Empowered Self Realization, of Self Determination, to take back, to Reclaim or Re-Occupy Mother Earth, out of the hands of the cabal.  This vast planetary movement has been building up for quite some time, and it was the combination of each soul’s individual & collective mission to ultimately do this, in this New Time Line, along with those of us of the Higher Realms of Light who powerfully Overshadowed, Inspired and helped Activate this entire movement with our recently updated and more powerful “Elohim Consciousness Technologies”.

This also helped to intensify the entire planetary Awakening and a powerful but peaceful “Call to Action”.  As this channel tuned into, it is also true that for so many of the ones who first received this simultaneous “Cosmic 100th Monkey Affect” planetary wide “Self Realization” Signal from us to help initially organize and instigate this movement, that it has been their mission, as Volunteers in Earth embodiment from our Command and all Commands of the Federation, to do this very thing, at this time.


I also wish to comment and confirm what this channel telepathically tuned into a few nights ago, while speaking to another of our fellow Volunteers on the phone, about our plans regarding the “Occupy the planet” movement.


[Ashtar is referring to Lance Campbell, who I was speaking to on the phone and I did receive a strong telepathic message from Ashtar about something that will be occurring soon in the near future.  For those who have not read the e-mail that I have sent to others on my e-mail list describing this awesome sighting on the night of Jan. 19, 2011, Lance had observed a huge Light Ship hover overhead while he was driving his truck along the highway, while I was being interviewed by George Noory on the “Coast to Coast AM” show. 


 I have shared in detail about this event in the e-mail I have sent to many people, titled, “Recent UFO Sighting Confirms Authenticity of Book, “Prepare For The Landings!” ( Briefly, as Lance shared with me after I had a chance to speak with him over the phone for the first time, about the particular group of Light Beings that he was in telepathic communication with, who had been for well over a year, since 2010, when they first began physically coming down to hover overhead in their 1000 ft. and larger sized space ships. While he was in telepathic communication with them, they began to confirm to him many things by maneuvering their craft in such a way to specifically answer his questions that he had telepathically would ask them, to Verify the Authenticity of various individuals within the UFO community who were often guests on the Coast to Coast show (Ashtar had also already confirmed to me of this fact as well, of the different guests on the show, of who within the UFO community were “sincerely telling the truth” or who were “not being sincere and straight forward”.  Unfortunately most so-called “UFO investigators” appear to always have some kind of “hidden agenda” of not telling all that they know, while those very few “contactees”, that Noory has even allowed on his show, like James Gililland, are very sincere and authentic).  Whenever Lance would specifically ask his space contacts if he should even believe what so many of these so-called “UFO experts” or researchers were saying and if they were really being sincere and should he even listen to their information that they were sharing on the show, usually he would get a “NO” answer, with the ship making a specific maneuver as verification of this fact, and only rarely, once in awhile, would they move their ship in a “Yes” maneuver.  According to Lance, on the night of Jan. 19th, while listening to me on the show as I was also speaking about my book, “Prepare For The Landings!…Are YOU Ready?”, when he telepathically asked specifically about whether I was authentic and should my book be believed, he stated that they made a very strong “Yes” maneuver, and he got very excited about this, since as stated, only a few times had he ever gotten this strong “Yes” Confirmation about any of the other guests that  Noory had been interviewing regarding “UFO’s & ET’s”. Nothing like “getting it from the Cosmic Horses Mouth”! (Fellow contactee & channel James Gililland was also one of the very few other guests who  had also received this  “Cosmic Kosher Stamp of Approval”!)]


We want to confirm about this earlier brief telepathic message that was received about us ultimately very soon indeed putting on some shows of “Cosmic Solidarity’ of appearing and/or hovering overhead with our Light ships, to give support and inspiration to the entire “Occupy movement” that is continuing to build up with more and people quickly Awakening and joining this movement.  And just as was observed by Lance, when moments later, some of the Federation fleet did, in fact, fly overhead, in a maneuver to Verify the telepathic message, just as was also done on that earlier evening months ago, to also Confirm  the contents of this channel’s book.  Yes, and as we have stated many times to this channel and to many others, that as we have stated many times how we “mean business”, and how this channel also experienced one of many times, those numerous “syncronisities” and “sypendipities” while riding along in the earth vehicle of his friend, and he happened to  mention to his friend who was driving, as he had referred to how we had many times channeled and communicated this fact to him and other fellow channelers and contactees, that quote, “We Mean Business” about us truly much more openly will be making our mass appearances and open contact with everyone on planet Earth.  And this particular time, as this channel happened to mention this fact again, of repeating this specific phrase to his friend, that “we mean business’, a split second later as he glanced up at the local city bus that was just passing the car he was in, and he saw the sign on it. That, while it was about something else being advertised, it was still no “accident’ that at that very moment he would see this sign that read, “We Mean Business”, in another of many “syncranicities of Confirmation’ that truly “WE MEAN BUSINESS” and will fulfill our “Sacred Promise” and it is, indeed, a “Cosmic Done Deal”!


But to return back to the subject that was being discussed, of giving “Cosmic Solidarity’ to the “planetary Occupy movement” and the fact that the entity incarnated on Earth  in one of his past lifetimes, who was known as Guy Fawks, and of the holiday that is named after him.  While it is true that he did initially experience some negative karma, for instigating an attempted violent overthrow of the British government on the date of Nov. 5th, it could be argued that he was, never-the-less, “philosophically” speaking, justified, at believing any form of tyranny or too much power should be “overthrown” or rather stopped, and that there are ways to much more peacefully cause a “overthrow” of  those in positions of power.  Instead of a violent overthow or ending of such corruption and lack of Accountability, it is possible to cause, incite and inspire a powerful but peaceful uprising, a “Revolution of Consciousness” or “Spiritual Revelation of Change”.  Yes, in which the people of the entire planet, simultaneously, all rise up in mass, and cause an overthrow of those who have been in positions of corrupt power by forcing Accountability through peaceful but powerful “Acts of Peaceful Protest & Civil Disobedients.”


In fact, it was this same being, who along with the rest of those of us in the Federation who first inspired & Overshadowed those who originally created the script for the movie “V for Vendeta”, and which also inspired the “Anonymous” organization, which is rapidly and “anonymously” growing in membership numbers now in  the millions.  This, in turn, also then helped inspire the entire “Occupy Wallstreet” movement, which has now Transformed into the “Occupy” or rather Re-Occupy the Planet” movement.  We are definitely giving much support and guidance “behind the scenes” to this entire planetary movement—as we gear up for much more open appearences of our craft and then very soon open mass landings upon Earth.  And this includes the major “Waves of Evacuations” of “Cosmic R. & R.” that are described in detail in this channel’s book, of lifting up, over a period of several years or sooner, larger and larger groups of Earth’s humanity who are Graduating off the “Wheel of karma” as Mother Earth completes her planetary Ascension into the Higher Dimensions.  So these “Evacuations” as they are referred to, are not “Emergency” procedures, as they were referred to in the old Time Line, but in this New Time Line, merely “Cosmic Rest & Relaxation” for everyone experiencing personal Ascension, of their personal frequencies being in-tune to the Frequencies aboard our Merkabah Light Ships.


Now I would turn our attention to more Confirmation regarding the destruction of many of the D.U.M.B. or deep underground military basses of the cabal (as well as the last few negative renegade ET groups that were working with the power elite).  Much has been revealed in recent weeks and days by a number of different sources regarding this major historical planetary event that occurred at the end of Aug., and which this channel also had immediately received telepathically from us about this fact, which had been falsely reported through corporate controlled mainstream media as merely a mundane earthquakes. It was, of course, later verified as not being either just a “natural” earthquake, nor even caused by a nuclear destruction, as was misinterpreted by one or more of the sources.  It is true, though, none-the-less, that as this channel had also picked up on, that there were one or more  types of nuclear devices that were being stored (and was being planned to be used and was about to be transported to be used in an attempted “false flag” and to be blamed on “middle eastern terrorists”), as was other types of negative weapon systems, and many forms of  psychotronic, global mind control technology that was being used against the masses & interphased with the outer earth HAARP system.


It is also true, as other very clear channels have received from each of their own specific space contacts, that a type of very advanced “sonic” energy beam was projected from our Federation ships into these underground bases, as we were finally given the order to do so, which effectively and “Officially behind-the-scenes” Ended the Reign of the “powers that were” once and for all.  It is also true, that all those who were able to be “recruited to the Light”, we did beam up out of the bases, while others were, as was reported, “sucked up out of the bases through powerful portals that suddenly appeared inside these locations”; some we will attempt to “rehabilitate” to the Light, while others because of how evil they had become, were “Cosmically Recycled back through the GodHead to be as if they had never existed”


We are , in fact, quickly “dismantling” or de-activating all of the other many dozens of bases that were in the hands of the cabal and very soon, they will all be totally empty and

ultimately will be dissolved back into Mother Earth for her total healing.  Every time before we have caused each of these bases to be totally emptied of all “covert black op” personnel, we powerfully warn, individually and collectively, every single person inside, that they must either “repent” with a desire to turn to the Light—in which case they are immediately removed and can now become “white ops” working for us—or as was described in Bible prophecy of the so-called “Judgement Day” that is now forcing the 1% of humanity, the power elite, that they all are right now starting to have to face all of their “crimes against humanity.”


We have always warned the cabal each time before we take actions such as what we have done with these underground bases, and always attempt to powerfully Recruit any of those who have been forced to be part of the cabal, through blackmail and threats from their cabal masters, so that these ones are discovering a way out that will allow them to balance out any negative karma that they may have accumulated while there. 


I would also mention, as this channel had also recently received in his communication with me, and which I want to again verify to him and everyone else who will read this Channeling-Transmission, that this “final taking out” of these underground bases of the cabal, was the last of Three Specific Events of Cosmic Confirmation” that had been destined to occur for many millions of years, that had to occur, in fact, right before open mass planetary Divine Intervention would even be allowed to occur on Earth by our Divine Creator.


These three specific events were; One: that a new and powerful form of Cosmic Energy and Consciousness—which even we Elohim had never experienced before in the Universe--would manifest and would sweep over the Earth, Which would then result with the 2nd major event occurring, of a new “Elohim Consciousness Technology’ manifesting or being created (which is like the analogy of when “fire was first discovered on earth”—and then a second later, one suddenly jumps to the “Industrial Revolution’ with that level of technology, with this being on the Elohim level, of course. 


But even for the Elohim , this is so incredible or unbelievable for us—and then finally the Third or final Event would occur—that these first two events would allow and/or cause we of the Higher Cosmic Forces of Light, to now be able to eliminate the last few renegade imbalanced forces and their bases, both here in the earth as well as those few bases on the back side of the moon and on Mars,  (the greys and negative reptilians) to be all “transmuted through the GodHead of Divine Creation to be as if they had never existed”.  And all three of these significant Events occurred over the last seven to eight months of Earth time.


And now only a small “mopping up operation’ by the Federation is taking place to get rid of any last, little interference that would still attempt to stop all of the awesome and wonderful changes that are imminent for this planet, such as the new global economic system which is what is to now replace the old corrupt federal Reserve system, Discloser and mass planetary Divine Intervention.


I would comment, too, regarding the upcoming dates of significance that many of our Volunteers are very aware of, both for spiritual and political reasons.  As many are tuned into, the date of Oct. 28th, which is known as the Ending of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar, and the 11-11-11 date, which will greatly accelerate all people’s of the Light and Excellerate this ongoing planetary process.  Even the date of Nov. 5th also known as Guy Fawkes Day, which is almost equal-distance between these two dates, it, too, has significance in a vibrational way, to help enhance the excelleration of the entire planetary frequency shift that Mother Earth is going through.  This will help usher in the changes that you all have been expecting and which will help to totally transform planet Earth by helping to speed up the process of exposing all of the agendas of the cabal for all of the rest of the 99% of humanity.  This, in turn,  will help to force all Truth to be revealed, as the “wounds of Mother Earth” are given the chance to quickly heal in preparation for bringing in the Golden Age.


And finally, “last but not least” I wish to comment about what this channel just read a couple days ago, which I want to help Officially “Set the Record Straight”—REALLY STRAIGHT as verses what was stated in that article that this channel read, which had the section that was titled with this same phrase: “Setting the Record Straight”.


I will let this channel share of this fact, that there is very little significant difference in the use of the many various words, phrases or titles, that have been used through the years since our early contacts in the ‘50’s and those terms that have been used by our contactees & channels in more recent years to refer to and identify us.


[Here, Ashtar is referring to an article that I read in the e-mail that I had received from Alfred Weber, of the organization Exopolitcs ( Mr. Weber always makes it very clear in his articles, of the interviews he has done with many different individuals, that “the opinions expressed in the articles are solely those of the interviewees, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of him or”.


In this particular article, (which is the 4th article about the Andromeda Council, and was sent out to everyone on Oct. 15th) he interviewed an individual named “Tolec” who claims to be representing the Andromeda Council, and for the most part I would agree with the majority of what he was sharing during this interview, until I got to the section of the article titled: “Setting the Record Straight”.  It was here, in my opinion,  that he made some very inaccurate statements about the Federation. This, I feel, is disinformation, or at least misinformation, and I telepathically felt Ashtar also wanted to clarify or correct the parts of the article that were inaccurate. 


Tolec makes a number of statements that according to him, the “Galactic Federation” is totally different than the “Galactic Federation of Light”; that they are supposedly two entirely different organizations, and attempted to make someone who is not very familiar with the Higher Realites, (unlike those of us, like myself, who have for many years been channeling & been in contact with the Federation), that what he was stating was totally true. And I sensed on some level, some kind of agenda was being played out, that this could cause a lot of confusion among those who are more recently “awakening” and just starting to learn how to channel and communicate with the Higher Forces. That this information that Tolec was stating—at least to me and many other clear channels & contactees, who have had many communications with our “Friends Upstairs” have always known and have used both of these same words for the exact same group of Light Beings, that it does not matter, too much which exact phrasing that we use, that both of these “titles” or “words”, of the “Galactic Federation” or “Federation of Light’ or just “Federation” all refer to the exact same Cosmic organization.  But for this person named Tolec to have made such a strong or dogmatic statement after having shared, for the most part, fairly accurate info., I felt that it was in some way, for what ever the reason, an attempt to put out “disinformation”.  To, in fact, attempt to “confuse” others who are just becoming aware of these Higher realities and are sincerely attempting to Awaken and get “hip” to the real facts about the Federation. And of the fact that they are getting Ready to openly come down in mass all over the planet.


Tolec states:  that he supposedly has “the full weight of the Andromeda Councel behind him”, and he states, “…the Galactic Federation of Light, we know of them.  They have been around for about 1,000 years.  Yes, they are based in Sirius.  They started small and still only have a very limited number of planets involved in their group.  They are not a member of the Andromeda Council.   We have nothing to do with them.’

‘And, no, the Galactic Federation of Light   is not   the Galactic Federation.   Absolutely not.’

“further, I asked the Commander about any possible collaboration with members of the Galactic Federation of Light, in space, or here on planet Earth, and here is what he said:

“’…no, no.  We are not collaborating with the Galactic Federation of Light.  Nor are we collaborating with any star system or planet, part of, or affiliated with, the Galactic Federation of Light.  No.’”


These obviously untrue and false statements could definitely confuse others who are not very aware of just exactly what the real facts are.   The very clear channel named Tuella, who I knew from the ‘80’s had spent a little time explaining the so-called “hierarchiel structure” of the “Federation” in her books; two of them were titled, “Ashtar, A Tribute” and “On Earth Assignment”, in which she devoted a section in them to describe the various different names and divisions of this entire Universal organization, and there are various references to the exact same—or a part of--the greater whole organization: Galactic Federation, Confederation of Planets, Federation, Intergalactic Confederation, United Galaxy Alliance, All Worlds Federation, Galactic Union, local Planetary Confederation for Interplanetary Peace, Interdimensional Federation, Federation of Free Worlds, Galactic Confederation, Intergalactic Federation of Free Worlds, etc. In truth, the term “Galactic Federation of light” or “Federation of Light” was a term of respect that many of us who are Volunteers in Earth embodiment—as well as our “Friends Upstairs” started to use sometimes in more recent years, in referring to them, as a more modern way of reference, when it was obvious to us and to them that we were all referring to the same group of Light Beings that we of the Light were Channeling and Communciating with.  And the very famous Contactees from the ‘50’s & early ‘60’s,. Like George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Howard Menger, Oleo Angelucci and many other contactees & channels of that early “saucer era” all understood this fact as well.  And the terms of respect that they referred to these same benevolent human appearing Beings, were phrases such  as “Space Brothers”, “Space People”, “Boys Topside” among others also referred to them as well, and this situation with Tolec would be like him attempting to state that there was a difference in the type of beings that these three terms referred to, but there is not, of course, any difference what so ever, because of simply using various different words or phrases to refer to them.


Also, as Tuella pointed out in her books, and as I have known and remembered prior to taking Earth embodiment, there are literally many thousands and millions of worlds, planets and systems that are key members of this greater organization which has been referred to by many different, but still somewhat similar titles—not just a few or “small or very limited number of planets involved in their group” as Tolec attempts to make us believe. And also the number of years, of earth time, that the Federation has been a member of the Andromeda Council does not tally with the much longer period of time that I am aware of, since the Federtion was first formed many millions of years before.]


I would also comment on last major important subject, which about some of the true facts, now in this New Time Line, regarding Niburu or Wormwood, and about the so-called “comet” known as Elenin.  This celestial object is really a gigantic planetoid Federation mother ship, which was lately positioned near Earth to make sure that there will be no major affects from Wormwood’s passage.  Also, a couple of other equally huge Federation mother ships, which are invisible to those on the third dimension have also positioned themselves at other equal distance from the Earth to help it stay very balanced during this Ascension process.


Also in regards to the fear of the huge solar flares that are being given off by the sun—these are only “destructive” to those of darkness, such as the 1% of humanity, the power elite.  But for those of you who are of the Light (which is really about the entire 99% of humanity) these solar flairs actually enhance your genetic DNA changes in your bodies and help you accelerate the Ascension process into your new, higher vibrational bodies, and should be welcomed.


Also many so-called “hyper-dimensional” laws of the universe have now appeared to have totally changed.  For example, when earth astronomers state that it takes Light a certain amount of years and centuries for the image of many astronomical events to finally reach Earth many centuries or decades after the event, well now almost within days and weeks and months, these same events can now be seen, and of course, the affects felt as well.


I will end this Channeling-transmission by saluting each and everyone of our Volunteers in Earth embodiment, of all of your many lifetimes of service to this planet, not only the original core group of the 144,000, who first took Earth embodiment, and those who have been incarnating here for millions of years, but also all those who are now peacefully rising up now all over the planet to Re-Occupy Mother Earth for the Light. 


We cannot thank you enough for your service, but just to say that in a very short time, we will be coming down quite openly to hover and appear over the huge crowds that will continue to grow in number.  We will also be eventually openly landing and inviting many more to be taken off the planet for the long overdue “Cosmic R. & R”.  We have continued to watch over you and to guide you to this moment, and know that all your dreams and visions that so many of you have seen are barely the tip of the iceberg at how wonderful and gloriously beautiful it will be for all of you of the Light, as the long awaited Cosmic Family Reunion does indeed take place at long last! This has been Lord/Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, signing out.  Blessings to you all!  Much Love and Light to each and every one of  you!!  Adonai Vassu Berogus!!!

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PLZ HELP ME every day seems like a year

just like yourself we are DESPERATELY waiting for your ARRIVAL

THERE is so MUCH LOVE within US to offer YOU ALL and YOU KNOW that, don't YOU COMMANDER

And blessings to you Lord Astar.

Safe journey.

I'm not somebody's doll or puppet on the string; I want to have my own integrity and to be one complete being; White Wizzard IX. iitsch, magician, shaman and Jagurar: born with a deep love of Mother Earth, the Jaguar is directly tied to the source of all Earth Energy. My dream is to be a great healer, I got strong Aquarius and Pisces in my natal hor., and a Water Triangle on the 11 degree each (4, 8. and 12. house): 33: Neptun, Jupiter and Venus); my mother prayes for a girl to Mother Mary before I was born, and Mother Mary standing on the Earth on the pictures (or sometimes on the Crescent Moon, and I was born with Crescent Moon too, on my leg and red dot on my forehead! I'm very concern what will happend to my dearest and all the others ... ? Regards from Croatia to all of you

This is a very interesting message. I have meet another walk-in from Andromeda and experienced not a very nice communication with her, different consciousness for sure................

I like to share a picture my G-son 7 year old drew on the eraseable chalkboard:   He drew a triple heart interconnected beside a spaceship on top of the chalkboard and to the left bottom corner he drew a single heart. When I asked him to explain his picture, he clearly said: "The above hearts are the aliens loving the humans on our planet, which is the single heart." And I concurred with him and explained futher information about Ashtar Command to him and their mission and he was just so open to this information, but also explained to him that not all aliens are good and loving.......................

I have read all of Tuella's Books a long time ago and am aware of many things........


Ananta Anandini  



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