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I have noticed the past couple of days when my eyes are closed I have been seeing a lot of green. Last night I concentrated on this and saw it aura like it was mostly green with a smaller bright yellow surrounding the green. I tried googling the meaning of aura colors but can't really get a good description. Any input would be appreciated, thank you:)

Much love,

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Thanks so much for this, Meg. While I've known for quite some time that I had a very dominant 3rd chakra, this link had the very best description of the chakras that I have seen. The description of the abilities and challenges associated with the chakra fit me to a "tee". My husband's was also right on.

You're such a blessing, Meg, and I so appreciate your contributions to all of us.

And, thanks to you, Peggy, for opening up this discussion.
When I look in the sun in the morning (around 6am to 8am) and then close my eyes, I see green colors. I'm thinking that everyone will see green color. Maybe I'm wrong here and some of you will see a different color.
It's nice that you opened this topic. I was actually planning to make a thread to know if anyone is noticing some color appearing in their life now.

I also noticed that green (blue green to light green) is becoming dominant in my dreams. A few months ago, I suddenly dreamed of a blue green rotating wheel (it looks like a Ferris wheel) that is so vivid that I woke up. That is the time that I started noticing mundane things around our house of that color.

When I dreamed that Obama announced the presence of our galactic brothers, they suddenly showed their ships in the sky and the first ships to appear are colored lime green (thanks to Turquoise for mentioning that color. A simple Google showed that that is the nearest color to what I saw in my dream.). There are a lot more dreams where the green color is very noticeable.

Thank you also Meg for giving that link about our personality archetype. It might be possible that my dream is showing me my personality archetype.
I was told by the "psychic" (and he's very, very good) who did an analysis of my dominant chakra, that it doesn't change, or there's nothing we can do to change it, but, I really question that. For a long while my favorite color was yellow, but, then I started favoring green, then blue, and now I am really into violet.

So, my question is: Can and does our dominant chakra change as we evolve? To me, the answer would be yes.

I once had my aura photo (kirlian photography) taken.. (I had jut come straight from work) and most around me was green and pink in the heart chakra and the other chakras were faint...(obviously unbalanced...) and the woman interpreting took one look and said that this colour is predominant of people in the caring professions...
I am a social worker..:)...:)..

Balance seems to be the point here.
I, for a long time really only liked blue and it is still my favourite colour.Then I began to like green and it seemed to reflect who I was becoming...
One day I wondered why I disliked orange so much as a colour and I did not like red either..or yellow... and it came to me that I ought to look into these areas of my life and consider the meaning of these chakras. and what was lacking..
I realised that I must endeavour to balance all these rays within myself and I feel more balanced the more I can integrate what it is they are teaching and what it all means..:).. you are right Meg, we just keep on keeping on..
But interestingly, I love ALLl colours in nature and the same does not apply..:)..:)...

What a privilege to be even sitting here and discussing these deep and life changing topics..:).. I feel privileged to have found this site!
I feel privileged that I have found this amazing,loving, straight talking and often funny family..
Hi Marion, that makes a lot of sense, I don't work in a caring profession, however, would like to change that one day but doing so many career test they usually point to professions such as that. I am very caring for animals especially, they are a passion of mine. My mom would always call me love bug when I was little because Id hug anyone and always latched on to an adult lol.

Id like to get a photo like that but don't believe there is any place around where I live that offers something like that.

And I agree, I am quite fond of the people that I have talked to on here...every one is so great:)
Thank you everyone for your replying...and Meg that is an awesome website, exactly what I was looking for:)

I don't believe it had anything to do with the sun or any kind of exposure to any lights for it was completely dark when I was seeing it, I actually only see it when i am in a dark room, and it got more dominant when I was meditating. Makes a lot of since that it is related to my heart chakra for I was feeling well loved at the times.

Thank you and im sending love to you all:)

Oh and Turquoise I have been working especially hard on meditations with my third may have opened the door way for that, Il let you know if I see any other colors:)
Have you been eating too many green beans lately?
I love reading things like this. It lets me know, Hmm, maybe i'm not going crazy. You described EXACTLY what i experienced too. And the MOST EXCITING thing about all of this, is that as time goes on, more crazy awesome things happen, i see more things, and our abilities develop more and more everyday. Life in marvelous times.


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