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GREAT UFO CATCH...Three Spaceships In Egypt, 2015...Looks like Sirius or Zeta types of spacecraft...

This is worth watching; any input on origin is welcomed. I say Sirius or Zeta based space craft.. Click

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dear friend ivy, you are totally correct and the samanet sirians are pleased that you identified their [above cloud level] 100 ft [diameter] spherical scouts, vectoring over america, in triad formation. ionised plasma fields, glowing bright, white......;-] one of the best triad formation vids on www. drekx

Well, someone else identified these craft for me, I guess you know him :)

I also like this particular video, although the sharpness could have been better. For me, the difference between fake and real lies between neurotic vs elegant and swift movements.

There might be differences between different types of extraterrestrial spacecraft, their technology and movements. Sirians and Arcturians dance, Pleiadians hoover and then *poof* disappear.

I believe these are Arcturian scout ships?

;-0 yes indeed, i had originally underscored this salient vid, as truthful. importantly, you grasped that [awareness] baton and ran with it. and the london vid does show real 'ufo' shots of arcturian service work to humanity. makes us happy when our teachings are retained with inner knowing by initiates of light, for forwarding to others... thankyou

Here's a UFO I caught on video in Austin in 2013 while watering my get to hear me curse as my water sprinkler hits

That's cool. If you have more sightings like this, try to pay attention to the energy you feel and the movements of these craft. This makes it easier to filter out genuine sightings on YouTube videos.

I recognize particular styles in movement and energy, but in some videos it's hard to tell if it's real or a masterpiece of video editing.

dear friends i would like emphasise the character of aetheric energy implosion motors and signs to look for [feel, hear.] when near one, or more, but only outside the craft.

1] static electricity in the air, clothing and hair.

2] humming sound, which can be almost too quiet, one moment, then crackling with electrons, the next.

3] time seems to slow and this perception is not illusory, but a real effect.

4] plasma field hull light, can sometimes be overwhelming....i wear sunglasses, when necessary.

5] gravity can be altered, causing small stones, plants, to displace short distances, sometimes more.

6] walking on air, even floating into a landed craft, is commonplace.


Awesome Drexk-closest I've been to a craft was about 300 feet-it was above me and it was a rectangle-about 100 feet by 30 feet-I think it was beige and had lights at the bottom edge that that blinked in a sequence going round it.-no sound from that distance-I walked out of a building in the evening and saw it just as it came to a stop then hovered above a cell tower-then it traveled on in a straight line as if monitoring-but the next day I was back at the same building and there was no cell tower

What do you think about the Zenneck Wave (what frequency of microwave is not dangerous to humans and animals?)to distribute energy -the goal is to distribute from power plant to sub stations without traditional power lines to avoid emp's -this popped up about a week ago including the experimental tower ( that was built a year and a half ago off an Interstate in Texas and just noticed a month ago?) and there' s a web site;

Massive Tesla Tower Suddenly Appears in Field Outside Waco, TX

What an AWESOME TIME LINE EDIT!!  Hopefully it's safe

an improvement only if the energy is initially extracted from higher levels of the aetheric plane, above plasma level....then stepped-down for relay...fossil fuel combustion needs to cease and tesla's full achievements, declassified. power plants and reactors need revision, as initial energy sources......good question, my friend

yep-the current energy lobby is allowing this-one of the execs is from Chevron


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