Good God, I think I just got it....!

I have always had a rough time meditating, (the Manhattan traffic outside my office windows doesn't help my already chatty mind).

But as I sit making jewelry as I have for over 43 years now, I realize that the state I enter when I am in the "making" process, is that of being in FLOW, a mindless state of bliss that we all recognize as those zones of time when there is no time, hours fly by, as our automatic hands are following the Divine Instructions that are pulsing from our HEARTS to our hands as they weave the Song of our higher selves...

No longer worried that I am not putting enough time in to proper meditation, I suddenly feel, that  Good God, peeling a pile of carrots, whittling a stick, or baking a pie from scratch, or weeding ones, flower garden, are all states of meditation...

So I would just like to share this insight. Making, working with your hands, being in a creative state, is really what is going to take you to that quiet, restful place where your babbling mind can just SHUT THE FUCK UP....

and let you merge with all that is there, the abyss of particles of light, a vast ocean of pure unadulterated LOVE. Your blood pressure drops, your adrenaline stops pumping, your breath becomes deeper and you begin to remember who you that state of loving what you are doing.

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    • oooo you know i love being in the state of flow... like these guys , LOL


  • Wisdom indeed ;) yes creativity is the ultimate expression of the divine flow & love...  by being in the *flow* and offering less resistance we achieve peace ;) creativity is the aid of expression ;)

    keep having fun with it! ;)

    • Hi beautiful star,

      I find all of these things that the people are talking of, in fact, my business is creating natural habitats in peoples gardens, landscaping and creating garden features with artificial rockwork and so on, so these things are very theropeutic for me and i find myself going into casual meditation while doing it, and i am a phenatic bird and wildlife enthusiast, which gives me much quiet time, but at the end of a hard day i still enjoy a glass of wine or a couple of beers and a couple of cigarettes to wind down ,and this gives me great pleasure and quiet time. My question is , cosidering that Basher says that we should do the things that excite us most in every moment. How would this effect my ascention, and i'm sure a lot of people would likem to ask this question. I am sorry that i am asking you thi question but i was unable to get to make a comment . But this is directed to anyone who could make a useful comment, although i do love your take on things .

      love and light to the entire ashtar group , i am really enjoying my membership.

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