Good God, I think I just got it....!

I have always had a rough time meditating, (the Manhattan traffic outside my office windows doesn't help my already chatty mind).

But as I sit making jewelry as I have for over 43 years now, I realize that the state I enter when I am in the "making" process, is that of being in FLOW, a mindless state of bliss that we all recognize as those zones of time when there is no time, hours fly by, as our automatic hands are following the Divine Instructions that are pulsing from our HEARTS to our hands as they weave the Song of our higher selves...

No longer worried that I am not putting enough time in to proper meditation, I suddenly feel, that  Good God, peeling a pile of carrots, whittling a stick, or baking a pie from scratch, or weeding ones, flower garden, are all states of meditation...

So I would just like to share this insight. Making, working with your hands, being in a creative state, is really what is going to take you to that quiet, restful place where your babbling mind can just SHUT THE FUCK UP....

and let you merge with all that is there, the abyss of particles of light, a vast ocean of pure unadulterated LOVE. Your blood pressure drops, your adrenaline stops pumping, your breath becomes deeper and you begin to remember who you that state of loving what you are doing.

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  • Isn't in-sight wonderful!! 

  • Commmon Sing Along wih Boy George

    • Wow, I never knew Boy George was so darn handsome underneath all the hair and make-up! I'm posting this on my FB page. Ta, Eddie!

  • You ARE so right rlmstudio, we feel this wenn we work in our Studio giving Ayurvedic abyanga's (full body massage) the calm of it all, being focused and centered is what it is all about, letting the hands do the work.

    Now, if you can go to the tiny space within the heart, so lower your energy to your heart then by finding the tiny space where your Higher Self is situated than you ARE can work miracles.

    For more info about this go to the weblog of Drunvalo is so great.....unconditional love to you from us

    • Ayurvedamasseur, it fills my being with joy to read yours, and many other's verification of the state of complete connection with the higher self while performing acts of sheer focus and intent.

      It seems that the combination of love, love of ones work, love of one's hands, and how they feel, and the knowledge that what your hands are making is bringing joy and beauty to others...its sheer bliss. Meditation as a constant state of being, wow, just imagine...people in your amazing line of work must be so focused all the time, and tuned into the higher dimensions. 

      It always seems to hurt a little when one must stop the focus to answer the phone, or go to the bathroom, or react to ordinary, heavy dense 3-D activity....we are ON OUR WAY!!

      • Evrybody their own thing...whatever feels good to them, but ridiculing other people no way that does't feel good to me, so CaptinSayzarzillion or Eddy to each their own I have nothing with the Krishna group follow no one. Have no guru, I AM my own follower and my own guru, love to you all. Rlmstudio I feel what you feel, love to you too

        • You MY dear --

          have no sense of humor---

          I am nothing but humor and cappy is also.

          For years we have both been on the site and we are among the humor testers.

          We expose those with no sense of humor.

          Humor is not ridicule if done in a light hearted way.

          You are projecting your own ridicule outward.

          Lets be serious-----

          Your comment was much ruder than either cappy or eddies

          And self contradictory------

          First you say you follow no one

          have no guru

          then proudly proclaim I am my own follower and my own guru.

          Then you throw the word LOVE on top like its a cherry on your cake of wisdom.



          • 24939995.jpg

  • This photo of my Talons by Matthew Rolyston, major photographer !! Model is Ally Dunne 1986
  • Douglas S. Jones wrote this poem after zenning with a spider.

    Jones lives in Michigan and spiders live just about everywhere. 


    The spider living in the bike seat has finally spun
    its own spokes through the wheels.
    I have seen it crawl upside down, armored
    black and jigging back to the hollow frame,
    have felt the stickiness break
    as the tire pulls free the stitches of last night’s sewing.
    We’ve ridden this bike together for a week now,
    two legs in gyre by daylight, and at night,
    the eight converting gears into looms, handle bars
    into sails. This is how it is to be part of a cycle—
    to be always in motion, and to be always
    woven to something else.
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