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This topic is for everyone who is on a journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle and tries to find out what type of food or diet works for them. 

Feel free to share your own experiences. Feel free to share food and health tips, interesting articles, educational videos and awesome recipes. 

But please no shaming of people who are too thin/fat/vegan/non-vegan etc. 

🧚 May the Good Food Fairies be with us! 🧚‍♀️


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      • Olive oil for cooking, okay. Not sure about eating it directly. Maybe mixed with vegs or some kind of food dip.

        The salt can be mixed in meals, soups and nuts can be salted too. I have sea salt, the pink Himalyan was out of stock.

        What is the reason for low protein in the Keto diet? I really like 🍳 I don’t eat them daily, but they fill me up. I don’t have to lose weight, I actually should gain about 5+ kg.

        More fats, less carbs, I go for that. I’m not planning to panic about carbs, but I will add more fats and fresh food 😇
        • That's the way, take it in stages and branch out, as and when....One correction though, is that the protein should be moderate, rather than low......This relates to the possibility of overloading the kidneys and liver, processing excess amounts, if you ate a large amount....The way to tell, if too much protein, is if your urine (yuck, I know) becomes frothy, then you may be eating to much...

          So eat well, even on the OMAD I do, I get a good amount each day......But moderate.....Not low protein....The ideal amino acids can be gleaned from free-range, pasture raised chickens...I have a local farm who supplies really good quality eggs....Always better than supermarket eggs...Try the small outlets for quality eggs, at green groucers, small shops....
          Berg has them every day, but I alternate my proteins, so a couple of eggs, one day, oily fish, such as salmon, or sardines, the next, ham, bacon, beef, etc, etc....And of course, all the veg, as well..
          • So adagio moderato on the proteins 🎶

            I don’t eat much meat, I find it heavy to digest. But softer meats in a stew or chicken (soup) sounds good to me. Or thinly sliced on a carby sandwich 😉

            Dr. Berg eats hamburgers, not the Mac version. I may actually like that occasionally, even without a sandwich.

            My local bakery sells low carb bread. I may try that next time.
      • I have a small jar of organic coconut oil which I have been using for dry hands and skin in the winter. I tried all sorts of organic herbs, teas and oils to deal with dry skin and unruly hair 😄

        Last week I bought a larger jar of organic cold-pressed coconut oil for my let’s-eat-more-healthy experiment.

        Now comes the magic. This weekend I ate two teaspoons of coconut oil daily. And my skin starts to feel smoother. Also, I have more energy and less achy muscles in the morning.

        I’m used to pick the raw/organic/virgin version when available and affordable. Most stores nearby don’t sell organic food, so I occasionally order it online. I really prefer organic fruits and vegs, but I need to walk a couple of extra miles to get it.
        • Ah, Movella can fill you in on such topical applications...She has a degree in beauty therapy....As well as accountancy....
          Hehe...What a combination...😄

          But, if you would like a tip on dry skin and hair, from the keto perspective I would recommend any food with zinc in it, as especially good for skin...Also, in the winter eat more eggs, maybe a couple per day...You will notice that your hair and skin gets really nice and supple....
          But indeed, coconut oil has made a difference, so highly recommended...
          Another thing to remember about achy muscles and joints, is that they can be prevented by regular cod liver oil and butter, in the diet...Or good D3 and K2 rich food sources...Calcium gets mobilised from soft tissues, like joints, into the blood and from there, into bones and teeth...where needed....Salmon and sardines are great for the diet, certainly every week...
          • Thanks! 😊

            I take notes and I’m learning. I’m not a fanatic and go slowly 🚶🏻‍♀️🌲🌲🌲
  • - Keto friendly vegetables, low in carbs:

    - Keto friendly fruit, low in carbs:
    Keto Vegetables – The Visual Guide to the Best and Worst – Diet Doctor
    What vegetables should you eat on a keto diet? Above ground vegetables are lower in carbs and a great option. Below ground vegetables (root vegetable…
  • When it comes to carbs and sugar, which is a more healthy option: bread/cereal or fruit that contains too much sugar?

    I’d say that fruit is the healthy option because it isn’t processed. I apparently love the sugary stuff ☺️😁
    • I know you love the sugary stuff, it's 'cause you're so sweet......😊 Hehe...!!
      And I know what you mean about sweet flavours in general, they are very popular..Maybe more than most flavours....But, notice that we all have senses on the tongue for several tastes...Sweet, yes, but also, bitter, sour, salt....Nature's way of giving us the clue that we are supposed to experience all flavours, even the bitter herbs and the sour lemons, or pickles...
      If you like sweet fruits, go for it.....You are slim and so have a fast metabolism....Just eat in moderation.....Actually, even on keto I break the rules when I have a bowl of cherries, infrequently.....But that's OK....😋
      • The banana fairies did it 😇

        I rather go for more fresh food than processed food.

        I’m not anywhere near Keto yet, but I’m reading about it.
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