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This topic is for everyone who is on a journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle and tries to find out what type of food or diet works for them. 

Feel free to share your own experiences. Feel free to share food and health tips, interesting articles, educational videos and awesome recipes. 

But please no shaming of people who are too thin/fat/vegan/non-vegan etc. 

🧚 May the Good Food Fairies be with us! 🧚‍♀️


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        • Well I would recommend keto and IF, for general health and well being...It's great, but does take adaption and some discipline, to start, but once in the routine, it's a piece of cake....😋 (without the real cake, though...)

          Of course, it is also purely voluntary and is not akin to a religious doctrine, or if you stray off the "edicts" every so often, just nudge yourself back on track.....Eventually you won't feel the need for carbs.....Worth trying...😇
          • Dr. Berg explains it well. So I understand it in theory, but switching to keto takes time. And I should like what I eat, that is what I want to find out. I’m making good food lists 🙂
  • Oh absolutely...Mushrooms are fab...😇...As for choc, yes I do enjoy it and I tend to go for the organic type, such as the "intense dark" 85% cocoa....It's got sweet Madagascan vanilla, too....🍫😋...So, some cane sugar, but not enough to knock me out of ketosis...
    Yes, eat what you want, of course...Some find it easier to reduce carbs in stages....Like all these diets, it's good to know the facts and then apply them when ready...That could be in progressed steps...

    And stews are OK. Great to have vegetable soups when it's cold.......I cut out the bread....but I will have a dollop of (grass fed) butter...😇
    • Bread is the toughest to cut down. Organic food is expensive, but I prefer it as well. I have to think about healthy fats. So far I bought a large jar of organic coconut oil 🥥
      • Oh yes....and you can cook with it, as well as scoop it out and eat directly....I use coconut oil like this....But if I fry bacon and eggs, with mushrooms, tomatoes, etc, I'll use extra-virgin olive oil to cook in...
  • My name is Ivy and I’m a carb addict 😇

    I’m currently reading about Keto friendly food. And see what I like. Lowering the carb intake is what I try to aim for.

    What about mushrooms? Do you ever make stews? I like them in the autumn/winter. Also vegetable soups.
    • Bread seems the most difficult thing. I may try low carb bread and see if I like it.

      Dr. Berg takes pecan nuts when he is still a bit hungry. ❤️ Nuts! 🐿
      • I like pecans, too....I'll also eat organic pumpkin seeds, like the ones from Austria (not China.) I'll take three teaspoons of these, and follow up with a couple of teaspoons of virgin olive oil....These nutrients are great and taste great, too...
        • Any other nuts or seeds you like? I love nuts, they replaced some of my unhealthy snacks.

          I also like raisins, but I bet they contain too much sugars 🍇
          • Sure I like chia seeds and sometimes have pistachio nuts....A bit fiddly, with the shell, but really gorgeous flavour and good for health...And no to raisins, as they are a bit too sugary...Also, addictive for me...If I start I get carried away, so it's best if I avoid them, completely...and grapes...
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