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Message from Freyja: "Don't play it safe rite now. Instead, take bold action in the direction of your true heart's desire. Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream. Hold the clear intention of success and it shall come about. Enjoy the excitement of taking risks, of being bold, and of being daring. And be sure to celebrate your success with a party or by splurging on a wonderful indulgence!"

About Goddess Freyja: A Nordic earth goddess of fertility, celebration, and passion, Freyja rides in a chariot pulled by mighty cats across the rainbow bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. Unafraid of her sexual power, Freyja teaches us to appreciate our attractiveness, and to enjoy ourselves. No wonder then, that the day of the week, Friday, was named in her honor, since this day is associated with the end of the workweek and a time for celebration.

Meaning of the Freyja card: Unleash your adventurous side! Take risks and be daring.

Additional meanings of this card: Take a risk * Make a bold life change * Appreciate your body * Go have fun and celebrate.

*Info from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue*

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