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Many people have dreamed of having superpowers. Perhaps strength like that possessed by Hercules or what about X-ray vision? Well, one girl from Russia is known as the girl who has X-ray vision.

Natalya Demkina was born in 1987 in Saransk in Russia, and at the age of 10, she said that she could see into the body of a person, in the same way as an X-ray machine could. She can be able to detect along with diagnosing the health issues of people, and she said that this came about following an operation to have her appendix removed.

Girl Can Detect And Diagnose Health Issues

She said that she had been at home and then suddenly she could be able to see inside the body of her mother and began to tell her about the organs she could see. Demkina said that she can be able to move from what she calls regular vision to medical vision. She went on to say that for just a fraction of a second she could see a picture in color of the inside of the person, and then she analyses it.

Demkina Revealed Growth In Intestine Of Mothers Friend

Demkina said that when she first started to have the visions, she would just stare at people but her mother told her that staring was rude. When her mother began to question her daughter about the strange behavior she said that someone who had come to the house recently had something in their intestines. Just a few weeks later the person found out that they had a growth inside their intestines.

Since that day when friends came to the home Demkina tested out her X-ray vision and she then became fully convinced that her daughter was able to see inside people. She said that her daughter could see inside the bodies of people the same way as an X-ray but without the need for medical apparatus.

Demkina Has Detected Cysts, Ulcers And Cancer

Demkina has gone on to detect ulcers, cysts and even cancer, successfully, in many people who came to see her get a health check. She had been able to see down to the molecular level of the people she sees and has even been able to draw pictures of what she sees in bodies.

One account was very interesting as a woman had been given the diagnosis of cancer, but she had been misdiagnosed. Demkina examined the woman and corrected what was wrong with her, a small cyst. When the woman had another examination by another doctor, the doctor found that the diagnosis of Demkina was correct. Since that time the news about the X-ray vision of Demkina has spread through the region and she has been put through many tests by doctors, skeptics and reporters.

Girl Detected Injuries Of Reporter From Car Crash

The Sun newspaper in Britain invited Demkina to visit them in 2004. One of the reporters had been in a car crash some months earlier and had sustained multiple injuries. The reporter had hidden any clues about the accident and then met up with Demkina to test her.

The reporter said that the pupils of Demkina had dilated and it looked as though she had gone into a trance for just a few minutes. She then identified a site of pain at the bottom of the spine and called it a blockage. The reporter had four spinal fractures that were healing, along with nerve damage. Demkina told the reporter she had two separate breaks and that she had issues with bending her knee. The reporter said that both the fibula and tibia bones had been broken.

Diagnoses This Morning Doctor Dr. Chris Steele

Demkina also made an appearance on the This Morning TV show with Dr. Chris Steele, who is the resident medic on the show. He said that he was skeptical about the abilities of the girl. However, after being examined on the show by Demkina he went for a scan and then told viewers about the diagnosis.

Steele said that Demkina had got the hernias right but that she had been wrong about the kidney stone, enlarged liver, and pancreas. However, the gallbladder, which was where some of those glands are she had said showed irregularities or undulations that she could not describe. The specialist that looked at Dr. Steele said that perhaps that was what the girl had seen and she just did not know what lymph glands were.

What is strange about the whole thing is that Demkina was a teenager and did not possess any medical knowledge and could only describe what she had seen. Her understanding of the anatomy of a human being was limited, understandably. So her account of what she saw inside Dr. Steele was accurate, it was just that she could not describe it accurately in medical terms.

Demkina Is Also Clairvoyant

Demkina also underwent testing in Japan and it was found that she is also clairvoyant. It was said that she could use her abilities on tiny passport photographs and by looking at them she could see just what the problem was.

Throughout Chinese history, there have been accounts by doctors who have had super-normal abilities. Bian Que was one doctor who had X-ray vision along with clairvoyance to diagnose patients. Others including Sun Sumiao and Li Shizhen are said to have the same abilities. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the ancient Chinese can map out the meridians in the human body?

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