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i often wonder how many people know how closely ashtar is connected with venus, the yellow gas planet. my personal planet is jupiter, the orange giant. i often feel venus is so important to the command because of its proximity to earth and mercury, the alchemist seed also known as the solar moon... i can only draw assumptions about the nature of ashtar and venus and earth because it is not in my personal astrology. i can however relate how deeply the energies of jupiter are connected to me. to me jupiter is the guardian of mars as venus is the guardian of earth and mercury. whereas jupiter is the planet that protects the secrets of the lost civilisation of mars and venus of mercury saturn protects the energies of he outer spehers neptune uranus etc these protective energies are all manifestations of the cataclysmic events of pre mayan calendar history, to put things in a modern day perspective. the war(event?) that created the asteroid belt outside mars and around saturn greatly destablized this entire system and the protective cycles began to educate human consciousness of the preciousness of cosmic energies and the great follies of war and greed. mars to me is sacred but is connected to the energies of satan, the vampire and greece. all of which i feel some how contributed to the destablization of this system again pre mayan calendar, to use an understandable timeframe Jupiter then was tasked by cosmic order with the safeguarding of spiritual energy, saturn with aural communication and venus with the sacred integrity of the human soul. these gaseous bodies were put into these positions by dischord, not harmony. an eventuality that intelligent, organised life has caused and cosmic order has been trying for centuries to rectify. the calendar itself is important so that people can understand the actual timeframes in which change occurs on a universal a limb does not heal overnight, neither does a planet or system. Many things can be made clear but the mysteries of cosmic order as far as i understand it manifest purely through the active creative thoughts of the soul. for example if enough people came to understand this message humanity would see collectively the truth in peace and an agreement would be made on the soul level for a morally based way of living...vegetarianism etc etc. less advanced civilisations that come to understand the ceative forces of life like celtic tribes for example crack the window of creative processes of knowledge. extremely advanced civilzations like india also gain great understanding, but niether have the astrology of the mayan civilisation. i am not claiming any of these ideas are truth nor will i attempt to justify what i am saying beyond these are things ive known my entire life, without ever needing to articulate, as a person might have memories of tribal life that would manifest as a rapper etc i have memories of a system pre catacylsmic (event?) and post cataclysmic(event?) as well as a deep connection to both the mother earth(Gaia/Maya) energies and the astrological energies from the solar to the galactic planes with everything inbetween. Please do not reply with criticism only extrapolation of creative thought processes. ThankYou, a shaman. p.s I was born on the 20th of the 12th 1987 close to for thought...

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