Welcome beloveds once more we come to guide and support ALL as they move through this process termed ascension. Many are now moving closer to their personal power and we guide that this will increase as the illusion begins to loosen its grip on those who live from the heart. We wish to guide on dreaming and how important it is for a human BEing to dream the reality they wish to experience. Many human BEings place little importance on dreaming, we guide that this will pull YOU back into illusion and is something to be aware of, for how do YOU create if YOU do not dream?


Many are not aware of the levels of dreaming or how dreams create reality and we wish to guide further on this subject. There are various levels of dreaming and illusion has taught in depth around dreams and nightmares, we guide YOU to detach from the teachings of illusion which are separation and distortion. The power of dreaming is a strength dear ones, to actively dream is to be in the FLOW, to hold the dream within YOUr heart is to be connected to the LOVE that IS and to be open to holding the space to create the dream that YOU dream.


The personal power of a human BEing is contained within the heart, for it is the connection to the heart that allows the LOVE that IS to FLOW. The power of the universe flows around, through and within the human BEing who is connected via the heart. When that human BEing begins to dream the power of the universe is pulled through into the human BEing and then flows to where the dream begins to be created. For ALL is created in the etheric before being brought into the reality YOU are in. Illusion teaches that YOU must wait and follow steps to achieve dreams or teaches that dreams only come true for those who are “lucky”. We guide ALL to detach from this illusion. ALL dreams are able to be manifest, the creation of the dream depends on the level of energy used to create the dream and bring it through. It is because of the energy and the focus that is needed that illusion can persuade those who begin the dreaming process that it is not what it is.


Let us begin to help YOU work through our words and guidance. Many are expecting instant results, illusion teaches that in the present world the gratification is instant, with many human BEings becoming disillusioned by the “lack” of evidence that what they have dreamt is coming through into creation. We guide that many human BEings at this point are still using mind centred life experience. We guide YOU to be once more aware that the eyes and the ears can be fooled by illusion, it is the heart that is the guide in the dreaming process. Many are now daring to dream big yet allow the mind to try to work out how the dream will come into creation. This lowers the energy that is poured into the dreaming process, whilst YOU allow the mind to create scenarios of how the dream will be created YOU take YOUrself out of the moment of now and this scatters the energies that are available to pour through the dream. Do YOU understand the analogy dear ones? Do you understand our words? The illusion of distraction is uppermost at all times. The depth of teaching around distraction is strong dear ones. The mind will not help YOU create the dream for YOU not only have to imagine but to FEEL, it is the emotion behind the dream that will create the reality of the dream for YOU. Illusion will seek to teach that it is impossible, we guide ALL to detach from this. Illusion seeks to distract, to contain and to smash the creation of dreams, for a human BEing without dreams is a controlled and contained human BEing.


Dreams are part of the natural state of a human BEing, look to the young of the human race, the little ones who harbour dreams that society tries to contain and in some instances crush. These dreams are crushed in fear under the guise of love. For how many of YOU reading our guidance are now living YOUr dream? Did the family around YOU allow the expansion and support the creation of YOUr dream or did the fear of the dream contain YOU? For dreams that are created from the heart will draw the LOVE that IS to them, the dreamer can soar if the dream is nurtured. Fear will lower the vibration of the dreamer and seek to contain the dreamer and the dream. Many walk the planet with shattered dreams residing within their BEing. To those human BEings we ask that they sit in the silence and take the dream they have stored within out to look at. Does the dream still make YOUr heart sing? Why is the dream still there within YOU?


Many walk the human life journey looking externally for the definition of the human life experience, we note the use of the “why am I here?” phrase and the frustration that arises within human BEings who are not connected via the heart. Illusion will seek to teach that the human life experience is already defined and we guide ALL to detach from this illusion, it is defined by YOU and no one else dear ones, ALL else is illusion. The boundaries that are put in are to contain YOU and to lower the vibration that YOU hold. Where YOU dare to dream, dare to pour the LOVE that IS through the life experience YOU have magic will happen. Many who are asleep will seek to pull YOU back down into illusion as they sense the change in vibration that is YOU.


KNOW that this is part of the illusions teaching. For those asleep if the creation of a dream happens to someone they know then that shakes the foundation of THEIR life experience, it is the FEAR of this that will have those around YOU trying to persuade YOU that the dream YOU hold is not viable. Do not judge them for their words, be aware of the illusion that teaches them and pour love and compassion through all of it. It is often the very experience of those around YOU trying to dampen the dream that alerts YOU to the worth of the dream.


Dreams are what create the world around YOU. KNOW THIS. It is no co-incidence that the media across the planet seeks to plant the seeds of fear within the human BEings across the planet, for to plant fear is to lessen the dream. Where YOU create the dream with the fear of success that dream is not as strong as the dream that is created through the knowledge of the LOVE that IS. The FEELing of being connected to ALL around YOU. For the universe supports the creations of dreams as it supports the creation of nightmares. It is does not take sides for that is duality and that is what human BEings are here to move through. The energy that exists around YOU, within YOU, that IS YOU is just that energy. It is how YOU perceive the energy that will create the life experience that YOU dream. For ALL dream the human life experience. Illusion will seek to teach that this is not so, it will seek to teach that human BEings are at the mercy of the world around them, we guide ALL to detach from this teaching, if YOU can dream it then YOU can create it, please accept this TRUTH dear ones, go within and listen within the silence.


Many human BEings are so drawn into the dramas that illusion creates for distraction that little notice is paid to that which is around them. Whilst YOU interact with media that portrays lower vibrations YOU absorb those lower vibrations. This will affect the dreaming that YOU do, many human BEings across the planet are so deeply entrenched in fear that they no longer dream, so worn out are they that they fall into a sleep that is deep and soaked in the vibration of fear. Many spend their dreamtime wading through the worries and fear created by illusion, for them the nightmare does not end on opening their eyes. Be aware of this dear ones and detach. For the dreams that YOU can dream are incredible. YOU are the dreamer and the dreamer is the one who is in control, if this guidance triggers YOU take this into the silence inside dear ones and ask to be shown TRUTH.


We seek to guide and support ALL at this time of change and of shifting energies and vibrations. We guide ALL to process ALL that is experienced through the heart, if something no longer serves then let it go. Once more we guide that the role of a human BEing is not to be a container for emotions, YOU are a human BEing. Many are now realising that they are in control in ways they could not imagine before. So deep was the level of teaching of illusion that frustration was their only experience, if frustration is the emotion that seeks refuge within YOU then please take this into the silence within. Look at it and see it for what it is, illusion. Illusion seeks to keep YOU from realising the strength of the dreaming.


We are the high council of orion and we are here for ALL at this time, we guide ALL to connect to us at will, for we are YOU and YOU are we. ALL ARE ONE. Dream big dear ones, for the dreams that YOU have within YOU were seeded on incarnation. Remember the dreams, FEEL the dreams, then step into the dreams. For the dreams can be created at will dear ones, such is the strength of a human BEing. It is this strength that illusion seeks to distract YOU from, for it is the dreaming that will see YOU step out of illusion and into YOUr power.




Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.
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  • Interesting.  This brings me back to Seth from Jane Roberts... gods that was some deep stuff. 
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