Love surrounds you, it is all around you, permeating everything in the Universe. You are love, it is you and you are always in love. This is not the emotional love your ego seeks, which it needs as a constant reminder that it is worthy of love. This is love's highest octave, the love that is and can only be felt in the highest heart chakra, the love that heals and does not need healing, the love that loves and does not need loving, the love that is joyful but does not need joy. It is the love you are always in, no matter what your situation or circumstance, it surrounds you at all times because it is the fiber of the Universe.


This love does not involve partners, relationships or the emotions surrounding them. What you experience as love in those situations is a reflection of your need for validation of spiritual love on the material plane. You seek love from the ego and ignore the love that is around you because you do not have another person in your life who reflects love to you. In the human journey for love, you know you have love and are loved when another loves you. In the spiritual journey of love, you know you are loved because you are love, love is all around you and you are always in the energy of love.


Being loved and being in love are different aspects of this principle. The state of being in love is how you acknowledge that you are always in the energy of love. There are two aspects to being in love, one is spiritual and energy based, the other is material and emotional. Being in love from your spirit simply requires that you acknowledge the love that is around you, this is the love that you are from and that is within you as your divine light. Being in love from the ego means that the world must prove that you are loved, whether that means having a loving relationship, being loved by friends and family, or being valued and appreciated for who you are and what you do. All of these share one characteristic, they are part of your outer world and all it can do is mirror your inner state of being in love back to you.


When you look to the outer world to validate your inner needs, you are often dissatisfied with the results because the outer reality cannot be more than the inner being. Whatever you are on the inside is always reflected in your reality, in the people and situations that are part of your inner journey. Facing the world each day, knowing that you are love and are always in love creates the resonance that will allow love to unfold for you, in every relationship, with each step of your journey. To be love is to know love; to be in love is to have love and to be living within the presence and comfort of unconditional love is to know heaven on earth.




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  • I already DID succumb to a big conflict, an irrelevant pain that even today gave me no idea, whatsoever that I could 'still' testify to being happy to exist on This 'Relevant' Planet, greetings, 'J.A.,' Ifoundittout@yahoo.com, any labor suggestions, please?
    • What an amazing point of view, Ivy Ivy, I'm delighted this resonates with you as it did with me. Namaste!!
    • Quite interesting Sphynx, thanks for an enlighten input. Namaste!!
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