September 2011

We approach the crossroads of September 2011. The years from now to 2024 determine how this millennium will be. We have many incompletes left in our mind as well as many dark lessons. How we approach this month is basically the attitude with which we will embrace the coming time. Will it be birth or disaster? If we approach this time as a birth during which we, through remembrance, remain connected with Heaven and grace then the biggest of breakthroughs will occur for humanity but if we again use issues or problems to judge and separate we will pay dearly for it. In the past we used the traumas and major problems of our lives to frame and blame those around us when we could have stepped up and saved the very ones who needed us. We ran from ourselves our greatness and purpose. We spilt our mind and hid in denial. This could change easily now with willingness.

We are called to let the light of transcendence shine out of us and bless the world. We are called to open the gifts waiting in potential inside us. We are called to receive Heaven’s gifts given for the asking for any challenge we face. This could prove miraculous as the celestial speedup really moves into high gear.

There are big challenges left to face. We could respond with love or with fear. The first response brings miracles while the second brings disaster. Ask for and receive peace for yourself and those around you.

September is a time to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually so we are neither shocked nor surprised when issues begin erupting. Commit to healing. Choose the path of healing so that whenever you feel less than whole, you are ready to respond with acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, integration, commitment, helping others and calling on Heaven for everything. If you remember God, you remember love and your lovableness.

Be aware if you start becoming compulsive or controlling. These are signs of fear and anxiety. Compulsive eating, shopping, gambling, working, playing on video games may be a sign that you have invested in an ego mistake and are now trying to bury the stress and fear. Reconnect with yourself, others and Heaven. Every positive choice you make now helps everyone. Extend your mind in love at every moment and it will help keep you on the right path.

This is what we came for. To be here at this time making the choice for life rather than for the ego. This is the birthing time. It can be an easy birth for the planet if we are dedicated to birthing ourselves and helping others do the same in their healing process. Monitor yourself your thoughts and feelings often so you maintain inner peace. Know that anytime you feel less than whole, you are making a mistake emotionally and spiritually. You could have peace instead of using defenses to try to protect yourself when you know they won't work. In every case, ask your higher mind rather than your ego to direct you. Your ego is only interested in you staying small while attempting to control life and those around you. This won't work. It never really did and it will work even less now. This is the time for our true masculine – stepping up, giving, being courageous, initiating, protecting and choosing strength over weakness as well as for the true feminine with being receptive, welcoming, hospitable and nurturing. Together with grace, we have all we need.

Practice is over. We are approaching the first big game of a long season ahead. Keep your awareness. Stay the course. It could be an easy birth. Keep choosing love in every circumstance because if you choose fear (and yes, it is a choice, not something that just happens to you) it will not go well for you. Use everything that occurs for healing. Forgiveness heals fear. Let the peace of God be your goal. The Crossroads occurs in the last week of September but every moment till than can be a choice that is already leading you in the right direction.

The outer is a reflection of your inner mind. Accept it all. Forgive it all. Bless it all. Give it all and the help you need will be there as you need it. It is not outside factors that determine what happens to you.

October is the birth month. If we do really well, even when ‘the chips are down’ and we are feeling low, we can transform ourselves. September at its best is a month of transformation and transcendence. Be witness to your process and what is occurring. Step back and let Heaven lead the way asking for whatever you need.

The first week of September is about using our time wisely. Wasting Time could be the trap that holds us back. We could fritter away valuable time that would make a difference in this crossroads month.

In the second week, there is Heaven’s Invitation to join in experiences of timelessness. We will either give ourselves permission or attempt to control ourselves.

The third week, the theme is healing through Self-Love. This is the chance to heal all of our problems through reconnecting to ourselves and our value.

The fourth week, we will be shown where we are wasting our time, Collecting things when we could be making a real difference.

The last four days of the month is a time of real crux. Let us choose wisely. Let us allow Heave to lead the way, Let us emberce our purpose and destiny. Now is the time, may love and meracles bless you.

Chuck Spezzano
Dongguan, China
September 2011

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