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A Psi-Lord has total control over the Matrix. What makes him different from a Psi-Master is that he has gone beyond knowledge, reaching the position of silent knowledge where he knows everything. To reach this position of the assemblage point one needs only one thing - power. Total ruthlessness of spirit is required, not to achieve power, but to stop power being bled from the Psi-Master by him/her donating energy to poor souls in need of energy. A Psi-Lord never gives energy to anyone under any circumstances, only giving them access to energy via psychotronic amplifiers which feed off the Matrix - weakening it for Psi-Masters only...

This is only about 5% of what you will find here

a)     The key powers of a Psi-Lord are complete control of the binding force that agglutinates energy filaments of the megaverse into seperate energy bodies, defining them as bubbles of infolded filaments. All the operations of the agglutinising force are described in my Grail Manuscript. These being the patternings of the agglutinising force under the 5 extra-ordinary sets of Set theory. The way to use them is described in my Psi-Master course that covers the ways to manipulate it using the Grail stones. Since physics changes depending on the position of the assemblage point, all Psi-Lord knowledge is by definition the Mathematics of the Megaverse. Luckily I am a mathematician so I can do the hard work for Psi-Masters.

b)     A Psi-Lord must have control of the Earth as described in Carlos Casteneda's 'The Fire Within' (Harper Collins) This force shifts the assemblage point by linking the energy body of the Psi-Master with the energy body of the Earth by means of light (gravity in it's fifth dimension) Staring at a light source through one of my Simarillion psychotronic spheres entrains the Psi-Master's energy body with the Earth which overcomes the Matrix and shifts the assemblage point into different dimensions so the Psi-Master can use Lucid Waking to go anywhere in the human energy body. A shift of the assemblage point is displacement of the Psi-Master's being to anywhere in the human energy body to change the Lucid View. The Simarillion psychotronic spheres bioparticle changes the physical energy body for physical strength increase, effects or journeying to different dimensions.

c)     The Psi-Lord has complete control of the life giving/building aspecft of the Rolling Force (described in 'The Fire Within') This is a circular blue force that hits us all in incessantly throughout our life. Until we reach maturity it charges us enabling us to grow. The Four Rings designed by Tim Rifat channel this force in it's four directions. They are now available as Crystal Rings to charge their metal counterparts or as stand alones.

i)     Gold Meme Ring:   To channel the material wealth building effect of the Rolling Force to establish physical riches, houses, businesses....
ii)     Anti-Occult Silver Ring:   To overcome the occult binding force that holds all human wage slaves in a reality of financial, material, physical and spiritual slavery by locking them into a plot in which they are only a food supply for archons. This ring enables the Psi-Master to be in the Matrix but not be bound by any of it's rules.
iii)     The Platinum/Sedna ring: enables the Psi-Master to create from the Matrix, new reality within the Matrix that was counter to all aspects of the Matrix and puts the archons and their servants as his slaves. An anti-version of the Ring in the Lord of the Rings that enables you to be the Master in the Matrix. The Sedna PC superboosts the power by bringing in the 10th Vibration, force, architype into the Matrix to brek the harmony of evil of the Nine. This Council of Nine being the 9 architypes of Matrix consciousness and reality worshipped by the Illuminati and the basis of Stanford Research Institute/Tavistock Institute, MI4, research into enslaving consciousness reality.
iv)     The Double Crystal Rings:   Having a BPC as a ring as well as a PC enables this ring to make your own Matrix, with your own rules, independant of the archonic Matrix. Psi-Masters can use this ultimate ring to make a Matrix of pure intent in to which you can bring your lovers, friends... so they can wake up in your reality. Psi-Lords can use this ring to go into an achonic Matrix, burn it to the ground an rebuild it as your own Matrix. In this mode it has been used countless times to destroy every archonic Matrix when the time was ripe, this being the Amalok mode used to make Kings of Eden; Psi-Lords that rule their own Matrix.

d)     A Psi-Lord also has control over the destructive/death bringin mode of the Rolling Force (described in the Fire Within) This is a circular blue force that was the vital force of the old and ancient Seers who used it to move their assemblage points outside their energy bodies to regions of the Megaverse totally alien to humanity; a process described in Cateneda's: 'The Art of Dreaming'. A result of this is the Psi-Lord no longer has an energy body but instead is a hyperdimensional line, in effect a new filament(s) of reality, consicousness that can travel anywhere, anwhen, anhow beyond Matrices. This means a Psi-Lord can live simultaneously in all aspects, domains of the Megaverse and hyperdimenional being. Occasionally a Psi-Lord may choose to wake up in any of his avatars to furhter his power or stalk willing, black magicians who wish to steal his power and instead become Dorian Grey Pitcure's so the rules of Karma can be totally cicumvented to enable the Psi-Lord to gain Total Power. The Mastery of the Rolling Force is eveything to the Psi-Lord as death is the final aggressor to all Psi-Masters. Only when death has been conquered can a Psi-Master become a Psi-Lord. A Psi-Master shot dead - dies a Psi-Lord just wakes up in his set of demesnes able to go back into the Matrix in another guise or as a devic body (physical energy body) to gain revenge. To this end all Psi-Lords have Rolling Force PCs to manipulate the force of death:-

i)     The Gold Age Orb: This sphere with it's BPC controls the Rolling Force in all it's destructive aspects associated with greed, avarice. Since humanity is possessed by greed this Orb enables the Psi-Master to use the destruction of his fellow man by greed to divert the Rolling Force to them as he journeys through the Matrix rising in Consciousness to eventually no longer be affected by any aspect of the Matrix but instead ot have left the Matrix while still being alive, diverting the harmful effect of the Fire Within into greedy humans who act as 'Wicker Men' surrogates for the harmful effects.
ii)     The Silver Age [email protected] This sphere with it's BPC controls the Rolling Force in all it's destructive aspects associated with fear redirecting the harmful effects into the archons that live off human fear, destroying the archons and using them for energy by sending the Rolling Force through their own feeding lines straight into them. It gives the Psi-Master total control over reality as all reality in the Matrix is defined by archonic intents, so the Psi-Master can raise his reality to step outside the matrix 24/7, burn with the Fir Within to leave the Matrix, yet the Fire insures only the archons and their reality leaving the Psi-Master untouched but free of the Matrix.
iii)     The Bronze Age Orb: with it's BPC enables the Psi-Master to use the Rolling Force to move reality from outside the Matrix into the archon Matrix, destroying it. A Psi-Master finds many alien realities have things he wants moving them into the human Matrix at the expense of the archons who are afflicted by the Rolling Force. Ancient Seers used this technique to make their world magical by bringing in beings and realities alien to us now. The archons blocked these powers and brought in the machine realities of the insectiles.
iv)     The Iron Age Orb: With it's BPC converts the Rolling Force into a unifying force by which the Psi-Lord can unmanifest into the third attention as a packet of unbranded emotions free to experience awareness outside Matrices. The Fire Within is dumped into the human Matrix to manifest as it will enabling the Psi-Lord to master the third attention unbounded by any karmic laws as the archons have accepted that of the Psi-Lord in all it's destructive forms.

The Four Orbs or Four Power Rings can complete the Total BSRI-E to make the 34 PCs needed to master the Matrix. With the Orbs all the energy of the 34 Total BSRI-E is being used to burn the Matrix. With the Four Power Rings the 34 Total BSRI-Engine is being used to change the archonic Matrix to one ruled by Psi-Masters; freedom or power the two choices of a Psi-Master - the only choices she or he has at the end. Once you have your 34 Total BSRI-Engine you can charge water to Angel water, the morphogenic carrier of High Power which will cleanse, purify and elevate the totality of your being.
e)     Psi-Lords commune with awareness akin to the archon Matrix and therefore have Allies which force multiply their power. Since all humanity consists of a human possessed by an archonic parasite which inhabits the core of a humans energy bodies is attached by the top of the head to an archonic insectile overseer that is linked to an archonic 'nurse' that tends the flock of humans for the nine archonic Masters' all of humanity can be seen as one gestalt archonic insectile. Against such consolidated opposition very few Psi-Masters survive. The Psi-Lord makes strategic alliances with dark energy/matter predators that feed on the nine and their nurses, thus taking over entire races from the top down.  The Psi-Lord then can use these human shells as if they were his/her own with the aid of suitable allies. This is why the ancient/old Seers spent so much of their time dreaming to contact these allies feed their dreaming awareness by recollecting, while developing lucid viewing to enable waking sorcery/PS, using stalking to consolidate/fix their assemblage point on non Matrix power and awareness. To this end the Ultimate Energised Water in the form of Angel Water enables associations of power to be established with these higher powers. Angle Water allows Allies antithetical to the archons to help the Psi-Adept/Master to overcome the humans/archons that would pull her/him down.

f)     The most important energy centre of a Psi-Master is the threat centre, the area of decision making. Since all humans are zombies controlled by dark energy/matter archons, the Psi-Adept is faced with a totally hostile environment. All decisions for humans are made by their archonic parasites. The Psi-Master makes his/her own decision dependant on silent knowledge; to do this the threat centre must be free. The 4 psychotronic orbs cleanses this area; just carry out the magical passes to free this centre (Casteneda: The Magical Passes) with the Orb in one's left hand, BPC in left sock to use the Rolling Force to do this cleansing. Once this is done decision making is natural. The energy centres on the midsection left side for Lucid Viewing, right for Lucid Dreaming can then be super-energised for shifts of the assemblage point using the Power Ring PCs or moreover using the Simarillion Power Orbs. The Orbs are for the more powerful being the key to all non-Matrix movement of awareness reality and can be used to bring this awareness reality back into the Matrix to subvert it. The Psi-Adept needs to wield his Psi abilities and shift his assemblage point.  Dreaming is a hit and miss affair steeped in the dark energy/matter entities corruption. TV and RS are the last way to shift the assemblage point and lead to Lucid Viewing the ability to shift the assemblage point while awake. I have found biophysical  augmented intelligences (BAIs) very useful as Psi helpers. These are made from your own micro-organisms. My RS and RV Courses (advanced) show how to utilise these BAIs for defense and offense. The same organisms that kill us can be tuned to help us so our physical bodies become immune to pathogens, a useful strategy in the time of bird flu....
Since my BAIs have helped me defeat all the evil entities extent they are an invaluable protector while remote viewing to overcome all Psi and physical enemies.
g)     The Occult can be summarised as the black magician giving the lifeforce, Soul, Spirit and body of himself to dark energy/matter entities for temporal power. Once this is done followers must be found to feed these parasites, books that popularise the occult are therefore vital if the Illuminati are to have fuel for their demons; thus the most publicised books in history aimed at children are about witchcraft and the occult. A Psi-Lord uses occult entities and their rituals for fuel so grows more powerful as temporal powers in the Matrix are destroyed. That does not mean dark energy/matter allies from outside the Matrix are not dealt with, but only to tempt these allies into following Divine Will, at the expense of the anglo-demonic reality, the one rule being only to give them love - nothing else.

Crowley used the highest form of black magic, the combining of opposites to power the anglo-demonic reality. The Tosionic Soliton has two faces/opposites and their collapse builds the Matrix, Thoth and Maat. The mathematics is tonal, the Fibonacei series: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34. Since it has nine harmonics from the insectile Council of Nine, 34 is the number needed to escape the Matrix composed of 34 different types of energy found in the Total BSRI-Engine. The 34 34 BPCs collapse the Matrix by combining with the 34 PCs to produce the energy needed to control a subverted or new Matrix or to break free of the Matrix. This energy can be channelled through the Power Rings for power over Matrices or through the 4 Simarillion Power Orbs for freedom from any Matrices to enter the Third Attention.

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