Freedom in Consciousness

Commander Valiant/Val Thor


Freedom in Consciousness


CVT: Hi, child.


SF: Hello, Commander.


CVT: You want me to begin…


SF: Please.


CVT: Here is a truth you have yet to apply, Starflower. You are one with all you perceive. Your thought of who you are holds consciousness in place within the 3d translation of energy.


Perhaps one might think if they abandon this belief, they have nowhere to stand and so they disappear.


You could not disappear by will alone, child, for your point of focus is held as a witness of your whole self. So I am saying that you have a freedom in consciousness, of which you have hardly guessed.


SF: My consciousness is more than identity, then. It must be.


CVT: Quite so. If you study the nature of water, you will see it has both memory and a consciousness that translates energy. Yet, water is fluid. It moves and travels, unless it is contained.


Consciousness has the attributes observed in water, Starflower. It translates as well as remembers, yet it is not defined by its container. And so… go on, child.


SF: And so, (excited) we are like water, too. Our consciousness travels, but it is determined by our focus, and that…is determined by our passion.


I say passion, because passion for some ideal, some longing, some manner of which we feel incomplete without, enflames our focus, whether we realize this or not.


I have discovered that in observing my own witness of life, and my thoughts and feelings.


CVT: Yes, and you have been challenged to become neutral to yourself. And that is one of water’s beautiful, not understood aspects: its pure neutrality.


You see, to move in consciousness, in alignment with the harmonics of one’s soul architecture requires mastery of neutrality. Have you ever watched a snowflake grow, Starflower?

SF: Yes, when I was in grade school, I remember seeing a movie of this. It was quite beautiful, like a kaleidoscope where a change is manifested from multiple planes, multiple reflections generating many new surfaces all at once.


CVT: Yes, exactly, and that is how consciousness transforms. I know you see it from a single point of focus…


SF: …like being one of the arms of the snowflake.


CVT: Yes. (smiling) So as one develops more and more neutrality to their thoughts and feelings, they find their focus set free. This freedom is readily sensed in the witness of nature, and it is felt as a quiet, blissful reverence.


SF: (smiling at that thought) Last time, you spoke about developing an inner sanctuary and now I see you filling that sanctuary with quiet blissful reverence for beauty.


CVT: What constitutes beauty, child?


SF: Ah, that’s a very deep question. I know beauty is a quality of truth because beauty carries a vibration to me that I interpret as truth.


CVT: Yes, beauty is vibration, the dance of the divine beheld in matter. Every thing has beauty, even if it only points to the wholeness that is not evidenced.


One’s witness imbues beauty. Did you know that a witness that blesses causes matter to respond?


SF: I can believe that, because it seems to me that one’s day is completely transformed by how much blessing is pouring out one’s eyes from their heart.


CVT: One more connection, and then we will summarize. Humans are vibrationally aligned with planet Earth. When you begin to look within and see yourself in divine relationship, you will be drawn to the beauty hidden in each moment. Rather than fixating on what is incomplete, you will create connections fluidly into the depth of a moment. In that depth there is sacred beauty, and whatever you behold from that light of sacred beauty, you will bless and lift in vibration as a consequence.


SF: Oh, my! The sun just came out and it is shining brightly right on my notebook. It’s been a very cold, cloudy day, but the sun always seems to come out when I am in a certain happy state. I am making a connection here that is so big, I don’t know if I can summarize it.


CVT: Be brave, little one. You aren’t alone.


SF: (smiling) We, humankind, perceiving ourselves separated from one another and nature, become attached to creations that told us who we were. For example, I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a friend, a sister. All of these roles are how I translate my consciousness. They created a communion and relationship with core values that source from my true divine source.


It has become time for consciousness to ascend, and to do this, I become neutral to me self and thus, fluid, rather than fixed in my body.


I begin to expand who I am into nature by becoming as water. Can you take over from here, Commander? I know I haven’t woven it all together yet.


CVT: The neutral attitude opens many doorways in consciousness. These are not doorways to more manifestations; they are doorways to the love that binds the Universe together.


To bring more divine love into the world, one cultivates the witness of the sacred in every moment, in every thing, in every space you view, both within and without.


In this way you become a blessing wherever you are and wherever you go.


SF: Thank you, Commander. I really appreciate these views from your perspective, though, it always kinds of blows my old mind apart.


CVT: Being renewed each moment is the way the eternal flows. As the changes advance, you will find much fading and much growing clear. And what will be clear will be that, your communion is who you are, child.


SF: Many have been pointing this way, to the golden silence that is full of light, within. I’m running out of words, Commander. (smiling)


CVT: And so, Starflower, that is the edge of sacred silence. All readers, there is much to know of yourself in the sacred silence within your heart. Your love emerges there, the love that is your Divine spark. Listening to one’s sacred silence will help awaken the world around you, for more and more, you will become the love that is born just to live through you.


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  • Expanding one's freedom is a sacred choice, the play of light on light. Let's open the weavings of our beliefs and breathe from everywhere, the love we are.

    Lyndy Starflower

    • Well spoken, Starflower! Val's message here is profoundly practical and helpful. His words are consciousness-expanding.

         RUSSELL JOHN Mark  

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