Free Immortal Vampire Powers

How to get FREE Immortal Vampire Powers the easy way, IF you live in America. First come first serve, while supplies and/or sanity lasts.

Okay, its like this. Tim Rifat confessed on his Real Vampire Science website and in his videos that he put a "nanny" bond into place with all the people of America. So anyone who lives in America looks up to Tim Rifat as a "nanny" except that it's real easy to convert this bond into a Father/Son or Father/Daughter bond, and by doing so, it changes the effect to GIVE you his powers, by Genetic inheritance. Rifat uses another science called DNA teleportation and Vampire science, but it all gets used against him so easily.

Luke.... Just confess that I am your father and you can have all the power of the dark side.

Instructions: Go to

Leave a message about anything, but mention that he inspires you like a Father. All he has to do is read the message and the transition will be complete.

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