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Free Healing on 4/20 from Twin Ray Healing and Star Reports -- Healer JTariah En Ra El

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Register for the FREE HEALING using the fill-in form on the website


Namaste Beloved!

On Wednesday, APRIL 20TH, Twin Ray Healing and Star Reports is having a FREE HEALING EVENT for everyone, including animal companions! To register, simply go to, and fill out the form on the page. Easy!

Here is my new facebook page for sending me messages:

And here is the facebook page for Twin Ray Healing and Star Reports:

I hope you and your loved ones had a great full moon and happy Easter!

Right now, the energies are getting exponentially more intense leading through until April 25th or so. (This means they are magnifying times ten each day!) Because of this, I have included some "coping" tips for you below.


It is only from cultivating an inner calm and centeredness that we are able to transcend above any outer chaos.

So how can we do this? How can we transform any chaotic situation into one of inner and outer peace?

How do we sit calmly and not get caught up in the hype? How do we not worry? How do we stay centered and grounded? How do we remain connected and rooted?

These ideas may help:

1. Visualize.

This is the first thing I do. I try to calm my mind down, and I start envisioning the outcome I’d like to see happen. I don’t get attached to these ideas; I simply start imagining myself happy, healthy, safe, and loved, and I begin to visualize a friendlier situation and outcome.

Then I can rest in those good vibes as I remain cradled in my center. Thoughts have power.

2. Train your subconscious brain to have a different default thinking than it does now.

Wishful thinking for different circumstances isn’t enough to transcend us; we’ve got to feel it. If we wish for things to be better or different, but underneath it all we feel that we are doomed no matter what, then nothing will change.

It takes us retraining our subconscious mind to have a different belief system.

I personally like to use affirmations to help me improve my mental and emotional fitness.

Here are some grounding affirmations:

I am grounded and centered in the the Earth, and everything is ordered and calm.

I am a pure connection to Source, and only feel joyful, and purposeful.

3. Develop faith that things always turn out okay.

In order for us to transcend our situation and create more peace in our lives, we have got to feel it. The best way for us to succeed at levitating above the mosh pit is to have faith.

To have faith, we must believe with conviction that everything will be okay, even if we can’t currently see exactly how.

When we possess faith, that inner knowing is a feeling that we have. We know. And we cannot evolve fully into the know until we have un-rockable faith. Feelings have power.

4. Keep your eyes and heart focused on how you can add value to the world each day.

Focus on your unique mission in life, the reason we are each here. It is our individual gift we were born to share with others. It is what we are here to serve and dazzle the world with. It is in our DNA and a part of us. It is scripted on our souls.

In moments of mayhem, cling to your purpose in life. Stick with what is true to you. No matter what is going on in our lives right now, our only guarantee is our life purpose. It will never leave you because it is a part of you. You need your purpose, and your purpose needs you. It is the yin to our yang.

We are here on this Earth for an overarching purpose: to be and spread unconditional love. It’s how we do it that differs. And it’s these differences that paint the mosaic of life.

When all else fails, focus on how you can add value to the world. If you are wondering what your own personal life mission is, follow your dreams; they will lead you there.

When I know I have contributed value to the world each day, I feel centered, grounded, and at ease. Action is power.

Remember, the outer world is a mirror of our inner world. When we reach an inner island of calm, the dramas in our outer worlds will subside. And when events occur that are beyond our control, we can use these four tools to remain rooted in our center, and at peace.

Love and Light,
J'Tariah En Ra El
Twin Ray Healing and Star Reports
"Healing the Universe, One Being at a Time"

Thank you very much for these excellent works, and it helped me a great deal

I have one question regarding this healing session: do we have to register, or can be present without registration?

Love you! Register on the website by filling out the form for free healing --



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