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Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer: 2012 UFO Congress…UFOs, Clean Energy, Banking and More

The former Canadian Minister of Defense spells out the reasons why ET disclosure needs to happen now and how it can boost the clean energy economy .

Name: The Honorable Paul Hellyer
Title: Former Canadian Minister of Defense and International Banker
Book: Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species
Hosted by: Apollo |

Paul sits down with us at the International UFO Congress to discuss his latest book, "Light at the End of the Tunnel," and to fill us in with his perspective on some historical UFO events.


"I'd say the most urgent problem in the world is the environment. We're wrecking the planet. We're doing it at a very fast pace. We're going to have to stop wrecking it and that means huge changes."

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Thank you Ben! Very helpful, not fo rme because I am andhave beentotally on board for years, but very helpful for the skeptics1 Blessings!

Wow, Paul is saying some amazing things here Ben!!  

And it goes to show there are also good people who have been in different governments, and they can also do amazing things to change things for the better on planet Earth, to help take us to the next levels.

Taking care of our planet and the environment is very important, and will do so much to heal us!

The raging debt that has been incurred on humanity is also a huge issue and I agree, we need to break free from it and that can change everything in ways we cant imagine.

Thanks so much for sharing, I like the "Caretakers of Earth" insignia as well.

Putting our Energy into ACTION is essential ~ but doing it in constructive ways <3 

This is more of what I would expect from movers and shakers that will change things on planet Earth and beyond! 

Thanks to Paul!!! :) 

This man talks alot alot alot of sense!

vote him world president! lol

I would vote for him. Many of us are already on the same wave length as he, the difference is he is in a position to influence the governments if they don't kill him first.

although i agree that his vision is grand, would you play cards with cheaters? no point in voting in a rigged game, until things have changed staing out of the system as much as possible is better, if no one is playing their game then its game over

THEN you put people like this in charge of helping

Out with "The Old" with "The New"......."WE" see you.........Everywhere......

Thank you Ben, Apollo and Paul.

It never works this way !Recognize that our reality is not changed by changing the external things in order to get to the internal things. Our reality is changed by changing the internal things, which then affects the external things.

Good post Ben, I had no idea we have a landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta!  I am Canadian so it is of particular interest for me what Paul Hellyer has to say about what the stance and knowledge of Canadian government is regarding UFO`s and Extra Terrestrials.

gives such good feeling, listening to Mr Hellyer.....this is exactly the dream for humanity and we all know it is already made, only has to reveal in the matter...we will overcome, in fact we already did..I .love it , love it , love it !

Thank you for sharing a very informative video  here. It is comforting to see someone such as Paul Hellyer's stature speaking out on this.  Light and Love Ben.




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