I was hoping ya'll can share your experiences with forgiving self and others. On the path I would like to forgive and I need some light about this. My therapist gave me a book to work with but I would also like to hear your views on what life was like before ya'll forgave, what it's like now in your life working on forgiveness or if you have forgiven self and others.

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  • You are not your thoughts, your feelings, your words, or your actions. You are a Child of God, and your mistakes and misbehavior are not held against you. Earth is a school and we learn our lessons by making mistakes and then self-correcting along the way.


  • letting go of past is the most important

    allowing a love enter into ones heart is the only remedy on the path of forgiveness

    we must Love Unconditionally , that's all

    practice makes perfect

  • I've recently done these two meditations.

    And they work wonderfully.

    Forgiveness of self and others is the most powerful of healers.

    You are born innocent.

    We get taught that we are guilty.

    And dirty.

    Forgiveness returns us to that innocence.

    Be at peace,

  • OOOPPSSS...  Sorry, I forgot...



    With this tool you can finally let go of resentments and unresolved guilt. This pattern allows one to release bonds of the past that cause regrets and pains in the present. It reaches to a place that opens old wounds and releases them, so that true forgiveness can be realized and the soul can be free.

    Intention Meditation
    I forgive myself and all others at the deepest level of my being.

  • My friend, there are many many ways to forgive others and/or  YOU. Believe me, sometimes, the hardest part is....  forgiving YOU for your own deeds and wrong doings to others.

    But when you are REALLY ready to go ahead and do that, it means that your SOUL knows you're on the right spiritual/awakening path and/or at the LEVEL  when you're  ready for it. 

    So, listen to your heart=soul, and just start doing it....  whatever YOU feel resonates the best/highest with your BEing.

    Here are some tools to use. You may write down the names of all people  (alive or dead) on a piece of paper. Then read each name out loud and say - "I forgive you with all my heart, and I send you Love. I ask you to go to the Light and learn to Love and BE the Love".

    After going through all the names, burn the paper by saying - "This page/s  of my life does not exist anymore. I'm giving it to the Source and to the Heavenly Hosts/ Powers in charge to take care of them".

    The next day, you do the same...  but this time you write the names of those who YOU have hurt, mis-treated, and/or abused in the past.

    Believe me my friend, very soon you'll have:


    BTW, before you start writing the names - start meditating over this symbol given by the Arcturians which will help you to be re-charged, re-activated so your work will be more successfull. You can start doing this even a few days before, and as many times as you feel you need it.

  • Forgiveness is as soon as you want it ether way, filing
    it away can be an other story, so take all the time u need, once filed you can then draw from the experance without reliving it freely?
    • I NEVER heard it put like that. Makes sense. Now that I think about it it seems my thing is more about the filing process than forgiveness itself. Thanx. Peace and light
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