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For those who believe that aliens exist; What do you think? Share?

Hi all,

I've been pondering over the alien topic for a little while now, something I never seriously considered before, so, this is a first for me. Somehow I feel that the idea of aliens existing and visiting us is actually real. So, for those of you who believe this to be true, tell me, what do you think about all the races that exist out there? Alien ones I mean. And, which is what? Based on what you've researched and your own personal conclusions. Also, has any of you actually had an actual alien encounter before? Would you like to share?

Let's see what you all think on this. I am so curious.

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Errrrrrr..... anyone who join up here do believe or even acknowledge aliens do exist...

Anyway, yes I do have an encounter with them. terrible time, getting abducted, the voices saying they're in me and seeing a vast number of their ships, not to mention my scars!

I began having experiences when I was a young child. The grays would come in the night. I began remembering past lives when I was 6 years old. I knew that I had come here for a reason and that something would happen when I was much older. When I was a child in school, I used to think of myself as an alien who had come to earth to watch and learn. It just seemed right and fit with the memories I had of past lives.

I remember the grays coming one time when I was a teenager. They took me in the night to one of the cigar shaped craft that was close to my home. There was a long ramp that led into the ship, it went along the side of the ship, not projecting out from the side. I remember seeing a number of people walking up the ramp. My mother was in the line. I remember calling and waving to her, she responded, but not quieted down quickly, the small grays who had brought me to the ship said that she, and the others with her, had to be controlled, relaxed telepathically, so that they would not panic.

When I got inside the ship there were tall grays,I recognized some of them from past trips to the ship. I did not recognize their faces, I recognized their minds. With them, I was telepathic and could feel their thoughts. They sat me down in front of a monitor and had me watch pictures and symbols.

This is only a tiny part of what I have experienced. I have met the grays, the reptilians, an odd looking praying mantis type of alien, and many of the human looking ETs. I have been on their craft and traveled on their ships to the moon, mars and at stops throughout the solar system. And that was when I was a child. 

As an adult I have been in telepathic contact with the ETs for years now. They are here and they are real.

Many of you who are reading these words are from the Stars.

The only difference for me is that I chose to remember where I came from, and to have contact.

Want to hear more?

Let me know and I will post more experiences.


hey mike,

 very intriguing story, or should i say experience.  i've heard it said a thousand times in the channeled messages... "...if you are reading this now then you are one of the awakened ones to help the people cope with the news of disclosure...".  i do remember some experiences i had as a young boy but nothing too definitive.  i remember a silhouette on the shades one night and a small red light, orb perhaps, flitting around the ceiling in my room one night. but, as much as a ufo guy that i am, i am also a conspiracy guy too.  sometimes i think that barack might be for the light and sometimes i think this whole ufo landings thing is a fictionalized distraction to keep us "at bay" while the government passes its draconian(there's that ufo stuff again) laws.  also i had come to the conclusion, and have read as much as well, that this entire nwo cabal reptilian thing is just an experience that humanity is too grow from and in fact is unintentionally helping us to evolve faster.     i don't know mike, i guess i'm just bouncing some ideas off of you to hear any opinions you have.


Hey, Mike, I actually am curious about your experiences and would like to talk to you more about this, if you don't mind?

Mike, I had very similar experiences. I was shown all the multi-verses and how we each choose the reality we desire to experience.  A praying mantis being took me when I was emotionally distraught one time and calmed me, loved me till my desire to live returned.  I've been on many craft. The cigar shaped ship would see me get home safely when I was out too late for my own good.

I am one of them. I'm not a hybrid, but full on alien seed as are many who now awaken and remember who they are. But we are they. We are all one anyway. Race, religion, species, alien, human, black, white, male, female, all are artificial separations from our oneness for the sake of experience and creating diversity universally. Soon we'll all remember, like waking from a dream.  

Can you tell me more about this us being one of them? Perhaps over private message?

I have been abducted many times too.

I having many experiences too.

I walking in ship and i saw stranges stuff, food, animals...

And extraterrestrials... 

    "Belief in Aliens/ETs"?  Do you see the stars out there?  Trillions of them.  Only a totally brainwashed, Cabal laden zombie would have the effrontery to consider that we are the only intelligent life in the universe.  And only a Cabal educated/programmed puppet would assume that the "old Newtonian physics" or even Einsteinean mode/limitations of travel is absolute.  Indeed modern physics has surpassed those "Model T concepts" with hyperdimensions, wormholes, etc.  And ET scientists have gone far beyond that.  We are but savages gazing out at a universe that we are clueless about (the true aboriginals like the Dogon tribe are already clued in) because of our blindered left brain reductionist "logic".  No, I don't believe in ETs/"Aliens".  I know them and Am them. Who are You?  

Hi! I would say,"belief,"is a big word in itself.So when the question of belief in aliens comes up.Its like asking me,"Do you worship ET visitors?"My answer would be,"No!"To me aliens can be as real as we are.However you must respect and realize that.They come from a host of different realities in itself and those other realities.Should be considered as real as our so-called one here.I also feel that time travelers from our future of the positive timeline are being accompanied by ET's as well as the civiliasations from under the sea and from the inner earth itself.I respect the fact that they meaning the ET's have to maintain their high positive vibrations and stay within the confines of their respected realities.That's all I'll say on this subject for now.Namaste!

Nice picture Feather movements

looks very familiar.

Thank you for sharing all this - very interesting.  I can fully relate to what you stated, as I have been

researching for years now ever since my visitations that started back in the 70's. When it happened

to me - a whole new world started opening up - a world to explore - an opening of the consciousness.


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