Hi all,

I've been pondering over the alien topic for a little while now, something I never seriously considered before, so, this is a first for me. Somehow I feel that the idea of aliens existing and visiting us is actually real. So, for those of you who believe this to be true, tell me, what do you think about all the races that exist out there? Alien ones I mean. And, which is what? Based on what you've researched and your own personal conclusions. Also, has any of you actually had an actual alien encounter before? Would you like to share?

Let's see what you all think on this. I am so curious.

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  • I am Sleeping Beauty, kissed by Prince Charming. Awake. Now who will kiss all the people so they awaken as well? We, together, awaken. All of us, here, now.  The process has begun. The veil's falling. Blessings!

    Mahalo, Namaste,

    Kira ~

  • You know... I've been soul-swapped. Nasty and confusing being in a body that's not mine at first, but I grown to like it and hate sometimes.

  • If you read Sitchin's Anunnaki creation story of humanity, this is the same story. The first genetic hybrid was unable to speak. They had to do many trials before they could successfully produce a human being that could communicate using language. The original species was more connected to the Earth and telepathic. That gene has been suppressed and some are awakening repressed DNA by the essence and works of their own individual souls, which are external and universal, not limited to this plane or planet. The Anunnaki led by scientist Enki captured many native animals to experiment with them. They created hybrids of all kinds including cross breeding and pollination of species creating minotaurs, centaurs, pegasus, mer-people and more. But our species, Homo sapiens sapiens was easy to genetically alter to remove various features, like our natural, extremely long lifetimes and abilities like telepathy, telekinesis. We were more advanced than the Anunnaki in many ways naturally. So they were afraid of us taking over. This story's retold in the "Planet of the Apes" series. We are the apes and in the end, we wake up, become aware and "take over". But hopefully, this time, we'll do it consciously.
  • We self quarantined in order to create a "spiritual vaccine", a consciousness virus which was released 12/21/12. This virus, the sum total of all experiences by all beings on Earth, accelerates God's quest for continual self awareness and maximizes diversity of creation. What are dreams? Think about it. What answer do you get? For me, I am now aware that I am a multi-dimensional being simultaneously existing on all levels. As we all do so exist. You can quantum leap, jump to higher worlds from anywhere, actually, once you become aware that you can do so. But Earth's certainly open to higher realms and an easy place to jump from.
  • Then how come I never actually had any ET experiences? I've had spiritual experiences, but I wouldn't link them to ETs...

    • anything spiritual has everything to do with astral travels and/or planetary experiences. maybe you just didnt connect the dots where , actual "ET influence", was present.....................

      • Yeah, but it just...doesn't make any sense...to me, about my experiences. I'd like to discuss this with someone here who knows a lot about this.

        • no worries, a lot if not too many members here on this site can give a wonderful, wise inside into such experiences, however it is still up to you to connect the dots. 

          I've seen ufo's , ghosts, spirits, angels, and think that "godly spirit" spoke to me, and have strong believe about spiritual existance in our universe involving "ets" ......................however, you dont have to believe me, just because I say so. 

          Keep asking yourself for answers and they will come............................

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