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For the commanders so and so of such and such fleets/ship

I've noticed a few people around here claiming to be commanders/ admirals/ persons in charge ect of some ship or fleets. Now that's all fine and dandy, if you've assumed that all this UFO/ET/Spirituality stuff is true, then it's equallily plausible that we've got some people in charge of these many millions of ships.


The only question I have is..


 If you're down here.. .. then who's doing your job up there? o.O

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Reanne I have no ship to boast about but some where I am queen Ophelia,but I don't shout about it all the time, I find it funny
~ok, so i've always wondered about this idea!~ could it be that the ufo's (or, for some of you, your ships) are/ have potential to be, biologically controlled? or, are some so~called ufo's actually interdimentional entities? this vid. clip of anomalies/ufo's above a lightning storm is supposedly from nasa. it films a few anomalies, but fast forward & look at this fast dragon~like ufo at 1:50. it is moving rhythmically, as though it is being 'driven', or is alive! dark ages/dragons? seraphim? were they ~are they~ really just your "lightships"?

How do you know a lot about the subject?
Actually I know I am NOT a cammnder, I am not part of the Ashtar crew at all. I just am here, because I share much other with people here, and I dont judge their personal beleifs.

Sure can be tricky. For me, whenever I've had a massive realisation of one kind or another, it's caused me to shed massive layers of my "ego identity". Trouble is that those realisations can also help form an entirely new ego identity, if one allows them to lol. I think it's fun though, to play with the idea of identity, we are here after all eh ;) Just love what was said about being in more than one place at a time hehehe
"Ambassador" J~
Dear Jericha St.Germaine,
I believe your reply to be most compatible with the truth.
Thank you
Alien Drivers License Pictures, Images and Photos

(lol!) must be a hybrid ship though, or no go!
Hi everyone..... your beliefs create your reallity, so simpel is it. And your beliefs start in the mind.... and the mind manages from your ego. Ego-identifications will always try to survive and trap you to stay in 3D........ Ask your Self "Who Am I"? -mind will pop up with a lot of beliefs and you can se clear who you belief you are - but unto you got the right answer your ego will "sell" a identification to you;-) In Love and Service *<)
They have been here since time began. They are swarming here because Gaia is going through ascension. This is like watching Superbowl but even better! This time it is happening in a new way, those whose intention it is to ascend to the higher frequencies go WITH their physical bodies. Our DNA - and this has already been scientifically proven - is changing! Our "junk" or rather divine DNA is waking up. Best and easiest way to understand this is to listen to David Wilcock on You tube. Do your reasearch!
Hi Diane, well pointed out. Self appointed people are everywhere,....and does it matter what they say they are? More important is, I think, if they who claim to be commanders or what ever are working to assist all humanity or in the end only focus on them selves, to attract people to follow them......
My number one! Don't think we don't go back and forth just because we are serving Gaia and mankind by incarnating an aspect of ourselves. We also have other aspects of ourselves in other dimensions and places also. Just for your info.
Besides with over 3 million wonderful beings/souls/etc working on board. I think it would be rude of me to thiink I am the only one useful on board. Many of those under my command are just as capable and maybe more so as I am but all work as
ONE. As first contact is happening and will continue to be more open you will see for yourself as you wake up to reality.
But you are also free to live in whatever reality you wish. You may choose not to ascend and continue as you are which is just as wonderful. Commander Serena of the Starlight. Fifth Commander in the Sirian nation from Sirius A.



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