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For Online Shopping Product Check Stores Required In All Cities And Towns

The danger of shopping online is that you may not get a brand new product but used returned product repacked resealed as new so for those who purchase products online can take it to a store that checks it thoroughly to confirm that it's new and according to specifactions and if found to be second hand then customers can sue the company they bought it from for a substantial amount.

All online companies must have first grade stamped on all their new products and if found that they were actually used then the company must face heavy fine according to trading standards. 

When you buy online you are paying for a new item unless there are a few who state that it is refurbished second hand clearly that is reduced in price then it's your choice whether you want it or not.

I bought an iPhone from Apple srore sold as new but later found some strange photos in the gallery's section meaning that it had been used and more then likely returned repacked resealed and resold as new.

As online shopping is on the increase then customers need reassurance and protection so that the items they purchase are brand new ...hence stores are required in a towns and cities where they can check and certify that it's new and if found to be used then they can fine the companies heavy for cheating and breaking the trading standards law. 

As online shopping expecially Amazon is getting bigger and bigger customers need protection as some will end up being conned and cheated.

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Also there is a big danger that some mobile phone repair corner shops state no fix phone no charge but there is a high risk as some take out new parts from your phone and replace them with second hand and give the phone back to you and your new part they put in refurbished phones which they sell at their stores. 

Really their should be no corner mobile phone repair shops but you must take it to Apple or Samsung ..only the main dealers for repairs and no independent stores.

There should be no independent mobile or laptop or iPad repair stores as it's high risk that you will end up worse off. 

Some of the staff at independent stores are amateurs and they more then likely do more damage to your gadget which you will find out later.

There are some offering 1 day course on phone repairs which is about 3hour course and you get a certificate that you are a qualified technician but it's really bogus as 3 hour course is not enough to be fully trained requires a lot of onhand experience before you should really get the again only main dealers will have fully trained technicians and not side stores.

Apple have a policy that if you bring a phone for repairs to them that has been taken for repairs to other stores they will refuse to repair it ..which is good policy 

Online shopping and mobile phone repair shops...?? Wow, it's amazing what Earth people get up
You should be a lifestyles magazine contributor...Meghan Markle just loves this stuff....;-]



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