I sit tonight, relaxed upon a sofa contemplating the better parts of existance, with an idea running round and round in my head. Now I understand that this ascension process is less of a this and this will happen at such and such time, and more of an individualized experienced that is mirrored in the world around you. Bringing you ever closer to the realization of you, into, your greatest potential. All this talk of 5D and 3D and DDDD's all around, gets a bit tedious at times. But the notion that we are experience a dimensional shift is not insane.

          Now I know something magnificent is happening, as it becomes more and more everyday. It's like at times I'm seeing for the first time. I'm not talking fancy colors and little elves. I'm talking about seeing within the world around me. It's not that it is any more beautiful than it was a minute ago, it's that it now carries within it a love that I couldn't feel before. And as it grows, there are times when I feel like I'm exploding, where I feel I'm breathing for first time. And these feelings these moments are growing.

         Which leads me to the burning question within me. If the light that is bombarding the world around us, is lighting up the darkness. If it's bringing us to face our fears, and at the same time evolve us into a grander state of being, made of light at one with the light ........ Then is it far to assume that to fully awaken oneself, to step into full conciousness. One must choose to leave third density life behind.

            Is our awakening, our own death.

            Is this ascension for those willing to face the ultimate fear, now please don't take this as me talking about suicide in anyway. I know that is not the answer.

            I'm talking about the loving aceptance of the process that is death, and in this transition those that are ready, who have tended to thier vibrations, and are willing to face the ultimate fear thats deep within all of us, will transition to a broader state of being.

           Today was for the first time, the first real time I've ever truely thought about death. Yes at times we've all thought of escape, but I've always known that to be the weak way out. And as uncomfortable as this idea may be, it brought me a peace that I haven't really known in awhile.

           I sit for the first time, not longing to leave a world gone crazy lol, but able to ascept it for what it is knowing it is temporary, and knowning in my heart that we are freeing ourselves. How far we free ourselves being limited by only what we can imagine :)


Love and light everyone

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  • The Sirian Sister and Ten Turtles (both rockin' some alliteration) are right on.  Four months ago I started looking looking at ascension as death in a similar way, Foos, but I think it is more than ego death.  I think it is is more about attachment.  For me/my ascension I have had to detach from all things of this dimension.  The only 3D concept we have to this is death.  I feel like I will be leaving everyone/everything I know...  I'm prepared and even super-excited about this...  I view this current time as kind of a bonus/transitionary time as I step in an out of it and it feels more like a dreamtime that what I experience while sleeping...

    Also funny Foos is that you mention suicide - because at the same 4 months ago period I found myself really drawn to poetry, music and movies regarding suicide.  I began to view those who have commited suicide as almost heroic for stepping into the void, definitely not as weak.  This was new to me.

    Similar to questions as Lisafer - What about the body?  Isn't it only a vehicle?  Also to all three of you - do you share the feeling that your life isn't flashing before your eyes - but slowing playing out in your mind - do you think of people and experiences you hadn't thought about in YEARS every day?  Recalling the events, experiences with crystal clear and sometimes an observer omninicient egoless perspective...  

    Rambling - Love the shit outta all of you...

    All is in Perfection - 


  • I have often wondered the same about leaving third density and death. Interesting that you would think the same, wonder how many others know this but can't bring themselves to believe it? Perhaps to truly let go of this duality, we actually need to let go of all of it, body and everything? I have had near death experiences a few times over the years. something I can't bring myself to ignore is that each time, it felt closer. Knew I wasn't meant to die at that time and didn't but have also noticed that many people are basically readying themselves for death. Soul expansion and reflection is something that most people put off until just before or on their death bed. How is it that I am more spiritually advanced than my 60 year old mother? I choose to be, yet I find myself leading her through this is she appears to be readying herself for the journey as well. Given in the past when the poles have shifted, what follows was a cleansing of the Earth. Basically everything died. Perhaps to truly cleanse the Earth, we must leave??? Ascension, in and of the word, suggests leaving. Maybe we're all just creating our own heaven so that when we do die, the transition is easy, none of us will go back to be ghosts in spiritual torment??? I don't know the answers but you have most definitely opened a door in my head that I can no longer ignore. Thank you for that, I truly appreciate it. However scary that door used to be, it isn't anymore. I've stared death in the face a few times but never understood it, now I look at the door and its not scary, its just different. Much to ponder!! :D

  • Yes, I do feel like there is a "death" that occurs. The death of the ego. The surrendering completely to god letting light fill our cells. Someone said that being born feels somewhat like death. The shifting of the ego from seeing itself as seperate to seeing itself as spirit. I had a day where I got up did my meditation yoga and then went and volunteered when I got home it felt like my heart was a fire. Those feelings lets me know I am doing the right things, and then I try to get back to those feelings. It feels amazing doesn't it...
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