Vegetarian food ...Vegan food ...good point in distributing meat , egg, fish which are in the mode of ignorance plus do you more harm then good 

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  • So you support the globalist agenda to destroy humanity, through poor diet, among other strategies...??
    And even if you had a totalitarian government supporting and enforcing your clampdown on meat eaters, there would be hunters out there in English fields and hedgerows, bagging rabbit meat...Or fishermen by the riverbank, or in coastal waters, fishing....

    As much as you want food tyranny, so many oppose it....You are not spiritual, as you hate meat eaters...Fanatic...

    Personally I don't hate people who enjoy veg...I eat more fresh salads and fresh veg, than most vegetarians. BUT I would never tell anyone that they must follow my diet...That is not spiritual, it is evil and is what the WEF and other globalists, are attempting...It will not work...
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  • You So the logic is, that if you eat vegetables, you are a vegetable...?? So a cow is a blade of grass..?? Have you never heard of food chains....??

    I am all for free choice for those who seek to reduce their health, through a limiting vegan diet...It's a choice....BUT, don't try to threaten and dictate this rubbish to the rest of us..

    We omnivores enjoy a far greater and healthier mix, than you would dare to try....As the brain and body is a "temple" for the Soul to inhabit, we should each maintain optimum health....You need amino acids and fatty acids......Vegans lack so much....Vegetarians are actually grainarians, as they eat a hell of a lot of starchy foods, such as rice and carbs....I have seen many diabetic veggies, with fat bellies....All that insulin spiking...Very poor diets...Too much sweet food, also...

    So a vegetarian is a pulse...?? "Pulses are the dried edible seeds of certain plants in the legume family." High in protein, but not nearly as high as meat, eggs and fish....And fat is needed in the diet, contrary to what the experts tell you...Your brain is mostly fat...You need it in the diet..that and quality proteins..

    Your lack of logical thinking is striking....
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    • There are also vegans & vegetarians who eat plenty of fruits, vegs and nuts 🐿

      I’m not crazy about meat, especially not the big chunks. But I’m not a fanatic 🍳

      I always found vegetarians to be more food and health conscious than most people. Not all followed a hyper strict vegetarian diet, some switched to meat from free, happy and healthy animals.

      Once I saw a documentary about a woman who became a hunter for her own meat supply. She may have been a vegetarian before.

      I guess it depends on everyone’s level of consciousness on how people treat themselves, others, animals and the diet they prefer.

      But I get your point: you prefer a healthy diet based on nutritional benefits and not on ideological or religious rules 😇
      • That's it friend.....I won't allow religious dogma to define my lifestyle or diet...My choices are always based upon health....I also believe that each individual should have the freewill choice on what they eat...As for the hunter who eats rabbit, it is extremely healthy meat and always GRASS FED....You may have to shoot, skin, gut and cook it, but it's from nature's larder and not bought at a supermarket....Obviously, a trained hunter avoids eating diseased rabbit, such as prey suffering myxomatosis...

        Many air gunners hunt and eat rabbit to aid farmers in pest control and as a sport, in the English countryside....City people may not like this, but it is a fact of life...
        Cattle and horses munching grass in a field may be at risk, if a hoof is trapped in a rabbit warren hole...So the bunny populations must be controlled, responsibly....

        A hunter that eats his/her quarry is also behaving much as a tribal hunter......It is in synch with nature...Using an air rifle with telescopic site is humanely accurate....It is a quick and clean kill....These would be head shots. And the game is not wasted....Just like indigenous tribes in Africa, etc....Two ways to hunt rabbits would be stalking and ambush....In England shooting air rifles at closer ranges than in some countries, with sub-12 foot pounds, for a PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) something like 30 to 40 yards....Using .22 or .177 calibre pellets..
        Anything more powerful and a firearms license is needed...

        Another thing, is that some people cannot eat veg...They have problems with it...So have to eat meat, which contains all the vitamins and minerals, that you and I can obtain from vegetables, or fruit...Some therefore adopt a carnivore diet....I personally understand their choice, even though I have no reason to share it...
        Yes, each should be free to choose his/her diet....and lifestyle...
        • I agree. It’s interesting and educational to see how some people go back to basics. And learn how to grow rich vegetable gardens or go hunting themselves. That is the type of ‘green lifestyle’ that I admire.

          It’s not the same as the organized (!) climate activism of the Gretas in this world.
  • You are what you eat …meat eaters are related to animals …well even some animals are better then meat eaters as they are vegetarians
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