First Contact Disclosure

Many channels recently have been hinting (or flat-out saying) that Global government disclosure is not only inevitable, but WILL happen any moment.


Since, I am under the impression that time is only an illusion -- and in the simultaneous NOW, everything has already happened -- why is it so hard to pinpoint exactly when disclosure will occur?


It seems to me if the GFL wanted disclosure, wouldn't they simply cause massive sightings? Since everything has already occurred, waiting for the population to be more accepting and less hostile or for each Country to elect their benevolent New World government before disclosure seems a bit like BS.


Can we get on with it already? 3D is exhausting!




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  • The sightings are increasing... but think of all the people you know.  How do you think they would react?  I think people are going to spaz out- religion has not helped mankind prepare for this.  Can you imagine the suicides as religous people imagine that Armegeddon has taken place, or the Rapture or whatever ideas that religion allows you to use to live in illusion? 

    I'm impatient too, but I would rather wait then see thousands upon thousands suffering because the lower vibration people acted out of fear and paranoia. 

    Our frequency is raising regardless of disclosure- They are supposed to help us but we are going to grow in Light and vibration even if the GFL does not show themselves. 

    • ...personally, i dont give a sH!t about any suicides of any relious fanatics.....and their Armageddon point of view... and about any panic that it may cause to the sheeple who want to keep intact their good ol' status quo...

      ...but instead i prefer it a 100 times, than the hundreds of thousands of deaths that happen every day on stupid wars, and poverty on 3rd world countries... so i say to any benevolent ET's out there...if they exist... bring in the motherships Now...and let the party started!!!

  • my friend to show up a massive sigthings would look like and invation  to the planet and cause panic and terror and increasse fear among the ones whom are still sleeping that are still many. and create and cause confrontation that itis the lease we need at this moment.

    for your information my love is for you and the entire omniverse.

    galagtic traveler.


  • <p>Everyone can support disclousure by adding their name onto the biggest ongoing disclousure petition, it's here:</p>


    No need to wait as witness only!

  • James Ryan, +1 )
  • Like they have been saying, the first thing that must happen, is the elite controllers must be ousted from power. Apparently, this is right around the corner. Once this happens, then the changes to government, and the entire system will be announced. Then, the ET presence will be announced. Then, after a period of acclimation to these new realities, the mass decloakings and mass landings can take place. This is what they, the Federation, say is the plan, and it is a good plan, because if you really think about it, REALISTICALLY, it is the most sensible thing to do.


    I mean, these guys are not dumb. They know what they're doing. And there is a reason they are choosing to go about it this way, because it is the most wise and sensible way to go about it. It really is. I can understand how it is.


    But again, that is if you want to have all of this go as smoothly and easily as possible. And we all are frustrated, absolutely, but we will just have to be patient. We have to be smart, we can't, out of frustration, go about this the wrong way, which could potentially cause strife, and loss of life. We want this to be as smooth a transition as can possibly be, and for that, we will just have to be patient. Take it as a test for your spiritual growth, because, in all honesty, that's what it is.

  • Okay, CLEARLY, the media and the government will have to be on board before anything happens. That's just real, that is sensible. Sorry to burst your bubbles, folks, but don't expect anything to happen unless it is announced beforehand. The Federation has already made it clear that this is the plan, and moreover, it's just the sensible thing to do. That is, if you want things to go as smoothly as possible, with the least amount of fear and instability.


    And it will be incremental. No mass decloakings, out of the blue one day, sorry James Ryan and others, that just isn't going to happen. It is already being done incrementally, the amount of sightings has slowly gone up year after year. Clearly, there is an acclimation process happening, and again, it's just the sensible thing to do.


    Do we actually expect them to decloak en masse one day, without any prior announcement by government and media? And worse, do we expect them to decloak en masse one day, while the government and media is still under the boot of the dark elites, who will say how we should be afraid because this is an invasion? Then people will panic, they will declare a national emergency, and people could be rounded up. I'm sorry folks, that IS NOT the way it is going to happen!

  • Greetings! We are all live players upon the Enochian chess board of the Golden Dawn whereby our mutual enterprise is to calibrate our frequencies with the light of the numinous, sufficient enough to be able to come together on this tridimensional chess board, whereby our joint efforts meet up on the middle tier, which not only gives us a higher purview, it adds another dimension to the game, " that has hidden chess variants operative from even higher levels" enabling the GFL to better predict in time when to bring the opponents of the dark agenda to a glorious checkmate. Seeing that all players play a very significant role it's really mostly up to us to keep our focus on the end game and not get so side tracked with the unexpected moves made by the dark lords or by the GFL for that matter, because like any chess game some moves are tricky moves so as to make the opponent make a rash one that's out of timing with their plan. Here is another way you can move your game piece to help expedite our long awaited checkmate. 

    2011 JUNE 29
    by Steve Beckow


    Ann sends in this cartoon: beneath it’s humorous surface, is it too another attempt to signal that the media will not toe the line much longer?


    If you’d like to send something to a news outlet as Tyco and Maarten suggest and don’t know what to send, you may wish to consider passing along the article “End the UFO Cover-up,” to be found at


    International Efforts to Make UFO Information Viral
    JUNE 28, 2011

    by TycoMalps, 2012 Indy Info


    My friend Maarten Horst, from BBS Radio just sent me a message.

    Here is a link to his radio show, every Monday at 7pm GMT:

    He is emailing News Agencies with information regarding Disclosure of Benevolent Extraterrestrials willing to have Contact and help our civilization.

    I am going to join him with supplying all the information I have concerning UFOs, decloaking, and the Disclosure Project. All reliable, solid, trustworthy types of information concerning contact with the Galactic Federation of Light and all Human / Galactic Beings.


    I will ask them to make these public, so that the entire world can know the Truth about the fact that we are not alone in the Universe. The Universe is filled with beings full of love and light, willing to help us throughout this difficult time for Humanity as well as for the entire Planet.

    Here are a few email addresses. I invite all the readers to join Maarten and me in sending information around Disclosure to these News Agencies. I will do this everyday, untill Disclosure has taken place !!

    Love and Light





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