Finding Peace by Healing Our Egos

8110998698?profile=originalFinding Peace by Healing our Egos

When we are thinking, we are having a conversation with ourselves.

Psychologists and others have declared that we each have different personalities involved in these discussions, whether they be called Ego/Id/Super Ego (Freud), or Higher Self/Little self (Hindu religion), or Soul/Ego/Super Ego (Sahaja Yoga), or Heart (soul, spirit) /Mind (left brain, right brain). 

An example of our conversational thinking might be "Should I do this now?" "No, because that needs to be done first." "Oh yes I remember now. I should write a list." "Make sure we prioritise it too." "Yes, definitely."

Our ego personalities are developed in early life, to keep us on track, to help us to remember what to do, and how, when,  and where. They also provide us with constant chit-chat, making observations and judgements of things that are going on.  They also provide a constant critique of ourselves and of others, letting us know when we are stepping "out of line", or when others are.

This becomes apparent, when we try to think about nothing at all. 

Do this now: think about nothing, for as long as you can.

You probably found that it is near impossible to think about nothing. Our egos are very noisy, in comparison to our heart, or our soul.

Now ask yourself this:  "What does my  heart say?"

Mine wants to know what I am asking it about. Our hearts are typically very quiet, in comparison to our egos.

Our egos are driven by fear, whereas our heart is driven by love. The nature of fear is that it turns up, uninvited,  whenever it wants. The nature of love is that it has respect, and waits to be asked.

Our Two Egos

We each have two egos, an angry ego, and a guilty ego. Both are provoked when we are faced with a sudden change, a trauma, or a challenge, and we try to make sense of it. Fear tells us "This is bad!" and then our egos try to work out whose fault it is. Anger blames others, and guilt blames ourselves.

Typically, every man and women has one of each ego, however our sex hormones, life experiences, community, religion, environment and past traumas, can all influence the formation and size of each ego in each person. The angry ego is also called the male ego, and the guilty ego is also called the female ego, probably since both are more obvious when under the influence of the respective sex hormones. In other words, men may lean more towards reacting to challenges with anger/blame, whilst women may be more prone to reacting to challenges with guilt/shame, however, both exist within each individual, to varying degrees. For example, there are chronically angry women, and chronically neurotic men. The egos can also be described as dysfunctional left brain and dysfunctional right brain thinking.

The angry ego knows only one thing: anger and blame. The guilty ego knows only one thing: guilt and shame. When our thoughts step into judgement, into the blame/shame game, that's our egos talking. When we are feeling critical of ourselves or of others, we tend to feel sick. Extremely judgemental people carry a lot of stress and are often quite miserable. As children, these egos exaggerate the effects of our actions and of the actions of others, so that we quickly learn what works and what doesn't work in social settings. However, as adults, these egos are no longer required. We think far more clearly without our egos getting involved. When we have forgiven ourselves, and when we are able to observe without judgement, we are not clouded by fear, therefore we become calmer and smarter. 

Our egos are not the real us. They are merely illusions, based on past traumas, that can be healed.  This is excellent news.  This fact helps us to stop judging others for bad behaviour: it's not the real person. They are just being driven by fear/anger/guilt. Of course, we are still human, and we will have moments when we become angered by the actions of another, but healing our egos is something worth aspiring to, simply because it feels fantastic when we do.

Healing Our Egos

Think back to a time when you embarrassed yourself.  Revisit the feeling of guilt or shame. Can you feel the discomfort that the guilty ego provides us with? Guilt is the worst feeling in the world.

Now think back to a time when somebody was really mean to you. Revisit the feeling of resentment at the injustice. Can you feel the discomfort that the angry ego provides us with? Anger is like a poison that can eat away at us.

Now imagine forgiving both scenarios.

Forgive the guilty ego. Remind yourself that as humans, we are all infallible, and that all mistakes, in all humans,  are forgivable. Say "I forgive myself for all of my mistakes, and I forgive others for all of their mistakes. I let the past go." Breathe in "I AM FORGIVABLE" and breathe out "I AM FORGIVEN".

How does that feel?

Forgive the angry ego. Remind yourself that when we are angry, we all tend to hurt others, and we can all come across as mean and unfair.  According to Buddhism, holding onto anger is like "drinking a cup of poison, and expecting the other person to die".  It is unlikely to affect the perpetrator, plus the anger in them would probably be victorious that we were also made angry. It is possible that our grudges may even make us physically sick.  Say to yourself,  "I forgive that person for being mean and unfair, and I forgive myself for when I was also mean and unfair.  I let them and their anger, and myself and my anger, and  the past injustices go." Breathe in "I FORGIVE OTHERS" and breathe out "I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR WHEN I WAS ANGRY".

Now ask your heart, "How does that feel?"

Mine says "Fantastic! Thank you!"

This is a wonderful way to start, and to end each day.


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  • ~“You plant a demon seed, you raise a flower of fire”… I remember that lyric from U2’s ‘Bullet the Blue Sky’ striking a primal chord when the Joshua Tree first came out. It still does. For me, it now serves as a powerful reminder of Humanities original ‘fall’ from Unity-Consciousness, our natural state of  b e i n g  … to the illusory shadows of duality, which are constantly reinforced by the Archontic infection & all the divisive, egoic shadows that come with it. We are in the Divine process of remembering who we really are, a journey that instantly rightsizes the Ego as a 'false construct' specifically intended for manipulation & the constant generation of ‘fear’ (which in it’s infinite forms is the primary form of sustenance for the Archons). So yes, as incredibly challenging as it can be, forgiveness is a key aspect to our collective Awakening. The metaphor of ‘drinking a cup of poison & expecting the other person to get sick’ is a powerful reminder of Humanities current state of unconsciousness & the ways we’ve been manipulated, on a mass scale to ‘drink the Cool-Aid’… to effectively disengage from the fact that it is our Ego’s that are creating the atmosphere for our active participation in destroying the planet, Herself. Which is not a territory to be conquered… but an extension of who we really are. So yeah, forgiving ourselves for the havoc we have co-created with the Archons requires some serious heavy lifting. A process that is beyond uncomfortable for the Ego, but essential to our Return To Our Belonging. It’s time to break the chains of mental, egoic bondage... & to reclaim our Spiritual Sovereignty. Thanks for the post, Moanna. ~InLight555



    "We must abandon completely the notion of blaming the past for any kind of situation we're in and reverse our thinking and see that the past always flows back form the present. That now is the creative point of life. So you see its like the idea of forgiving somebody, you change the meaning of the past by doing that...Also watch the flow of music. The melody as its expressed is changed by notes that come later. Just as the meaning of a wait till later to find out what the sentence means...The present is always changing the past." ~Alan Watts

    • Hi Slick! Thank you... I am loving this video :)

      I got busy again and haven't seen this until today. So Sorry.

      I agree with you on the idea that forgiveness changes the meaning of the past, and causes the melody to evolve.

      How beautifully put.

      The flow on effects of forgiveness are enormous: freedom, peace, maturity, creativity, inspiration, health, joy, happiness, confidence, strength...

      Plus we get to remove ourselves from the shackles of our past, finally healing our childish judgements of life, ourselves, and other people. In return we step up, looking forward to realising our highest potential.   

      Plus.. I do believe that it is the one main thing that we are here to learn.


      • AsWithin... SoWithout


        Beautifully said, Moanna. Thank you for  b e i n g  You.

        We stand on the threshold of a  Return to Our Belonging

  • Moanna,   Forgiveness frees us from the past and releases a lot of stress it is a good way to calm the ego. I have found that these simple things work the best..

    • Totally agree Feather :) I help people to tap unforgiveness out of their bodies, guilt and anger, sadness, jealousy, and fear. Peace and calmness is all that is left. :)

      • yep,,,the basic inner purity is always there ...just need to clear the dust to see it..

This reply was deleted.

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