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Is this what we have been waiting for? Niburu passes earths' path and the world will flood again-tie a dingy to your front door with provisions, guns, and ammo.

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So this is how is going to be with people when the world is going to end … nice ...

Russian Fable 

When people can’t agree on things

They will accomplish nothing

Once Crawfish, Swan and Pike

Decided pull a heavy loaded cart,

And three of them are settled in their harness;

And start to pulled with all their mighty strength


They tried to pull so hard but cart didn’t moved an inch


The challenge was for them in method

When Swan was pulling to the sky

The Pike was pulling to the water

And Crayfish – well was pulling backwards


Who is to blame? Who is right?

When cart is still exactly where it was before.


And moral of the verse:


three different by nature: Swan can only fly, a Crayfish that can’t be helped, moves backwards, and pike is only meant to swim. The moral of the fable is that there are things inherent in the nature of the animals and people that just there, they can not be change, no matter how hard they try.

The friendship is important in the combination of common spirit and aspirations of the characters and common goal – but which way is right when each is following their own path and nature. What inspired the idea for this Krylov fable? Perhaps people do not understand or hide their true intentions in the creating of a common cause. Everybody lives in their separate realities ... expecting the world to move forward on it own.

@Ara :)

A strange passion is moving in my head.
My heart has become a bird
which searches in the sky.
Every part of me goes in different directions.
Is it really so
that the one I love is everywhere?

- Rumi


Then the expecting must be wrong. Drop the expectation and keep going onward on your own path. Wing it along the way :) Its really not that hard to see its wrong to team up against a person just cause she/he makes their choices of carrying a gun....In a country where the feds are just waiting like wolfs for you to lose your gun rights, so they can bust your door in and put you in a concentration camp for being a potential domestic terrorist.

i don't have any expectations when it comes to people Hopi ... only myself ... which is allowing me to co-exist with most reasonably in peace ... people will do what they have to do when time comes. When alluvial husk will fall away and you will have only what you are born with - yourself.

Most people here on ACC have lots of personal issues - but the irony is that the same people have 'ball' telling others how to be and live their lives .... i call that HYPOCRISY ... instead of unity.


"Everybody lives in their separate realities ... expecting the world to move forward on it own."

That was the expectation/expecting I was talking about, forget all else. It was not towards you. I was offering a solution to your problem in that specific line.

As for the last part, I don't know if you were hinting towards me or not? But it is what it is.

But if it was towards me, in my defense:

One cant JUST MAKE ASSUMPTIONS on the law of attraction like Luke and Michael and at the same time make assumptions on karma based on their minds, and then push it on someone else. I had to step in, even if it ment to just be on Lisas side..I am totally neutral, I speak out against everybody and can be good at the same time.

Like they said That "once you  pull that trigger, that bullet is coming straight back at ya'll" and that "I use law of attraction and love vibes to have perfect safe and secure situations, yet at the same time I can call you mentally disabled and ask you to take it somewhere else and flip you off by asking you for coffee yapp yapp"..

That would mean someone who has killed like 10 people is suppose to have 10 bullets flying back because of karma, but he can use law of attraction to bend the bullets off by raising his vibration to "Love frequency" what the hell ever that means and attract "Positive situations" instead...thats BS.. Now thats Hypocrisy for you on a silver plate.

(you can always look at it from another perspective and say: This is just my minds (Hopi's) translation of it. It will just continue in a circle. Dropping the mind is best. But when you have first engaged, you might as well go all in and make a experience out of it)

there is only one world Hopi and it is YOURS... when you die so is your world ... it will not effect the rest .... that is 'separate realities' ... only with common purpose this physical world  could be united - FAITH  - IN THE GREATER GOOD.

the 'last part' was about everybody ... sadly ... ;)) it seems that the more people are growing the more they becoming intolerant and cruel ... another irony ... If i as a human wish to become better knowing that every time i try i my fail - but do it anyway - i just don't understand how others will condemned me for that? It's also seems that even 'spiritual path' has been managed to be put in the box - vegans vs not vegans, guns vs no guns, thinking vs no thinking, mind vs no mind, this is right vs this is right ... etc ...  there is if i remember correctly 82 countries, about 200 languages, 1, 500 religions + aliens, hybrids, inner subterranean, new age movement and so on .... SEPARATION ... and if all of that doesn't makes people happy it is clearly not working for them ... when people are in touch with themselves there is huge space of acceptance and inner happiness (even just for a moment) the inner knowing.


"It's also seems that even 'spiritual path' has been managed to be put in the box - vegans vs not vegans, guns vs no guns, thinking vs no thinking, mind vs no mind....."

It is duality Ara :) It is polarity. The dance of night and day, shadow and light. It seems based on my 25 years of living in it that it is what this "Matrix" is about. Then comes the mind and consciousness that is perceiving and that has been conditioned (or consciousness comes first in either way. I'm not sure). My point is..none of that IS suppose to make us wasn't suppose was our IDEA that something in the outer world would make us happy. But IT IS beyond the mind....It IS the Only way. At least as a start.....But you said it...The inner knowing :)

I need breaks from the inner knowing...that is why I choose to engage here from time to time..

the duality exist everywhere Hopi even in 'celestial realm' it goes with the 'choice' ... there is another irony ... the Great Rebellion that has started with Angelic Beings ... 'CLEARLY DUALITY' ... the 'evil and separation' was not born or originated here on this planet - it was Brought Here and Seeded here .... and took roots like a weeds and we are still feeding those roots with our self illusionary self-importance.

inner knowing will inspire you to be engage with life more not to take a break from it .... inner knowing is not 'separation' - inner knowing is 'unity' with the rest.

Excelent Ara, Inner knowing, thats right. To my understanding, you know "inside" what is the right way to behave, and although there will always be the debate that nothing is ever "right" or "wrong", as it just simply "is", we all know that supporting guns for example is part of the old paradigm, it will fall away because it must if we are to evolve. In short, supporting guns will fall away as we evolve, guns will become a thing of the past, the mentality that goes with it will also change, is changing. There is no room for war in a peacefull world.

the 'guns' is not old paradigm Luke, it is very much the present ...our evolution doesn't relay on 'guns vs no guns' .... Evolution is natural process of 'elimination' what's works and what doesn't ... Nobody can change the direction of the wind, however you can always adjust your sailing to get to your destination ....

and i for one will use all necessarily tools to protect my family and people that i love - even if it kills me and stains me ... of course after negotiation fails ... as a saying goes to live with the wolves you have to become one' ... if i am part of this system i will use the system ... i will learn how to live as a warrior - "to take each breath in every cup of tea - the same like life and death' - Bushido Code ...


But I am not in a celestial realm right now when sitting in front of the PC (or am I? maybe it depends on how you look at it) How would I know that for sure?

If duality exists everywhere, how was it then brought here and seeded here from another place?

Doesn't matter. (just thinking loud and making converse) My point is It is what we are experiencing right now?  Right now. 

For me: Once I open my eyes and come back to the "world"...I no longer have the calmness, the peace and tranquility...hence Rumis yearning for the beloved and miserable state of being when not on it.

Otherwise I would not be able to speak to Luke, Michael and Kelly for example the way I did with so much dissatisfaction...Of course that is obvious. When online on ACC, there is no inner knowing taking place what so ever for any one, the inner knowing I speak of is not available while sitting at the dinner table eating breakfast with the rest of my family..It is only there when you close your eyez..

The energy from that becomes too much at times...Hence the break..I can not choose to feel love every time I close my eyes. I can only watch what ever arises and disappears...

Ara, supporting "guns" is like an old habit, but eventually people drop their old habits, thats what I meant by old paradigm, everyone is in the process of leaving the "old paradigm" behind, I know its happening in the present but its the mentality of people who favor guns in the present that will change and is changing. Its like when someone says:

"I was a cruel person years ago, but I woke up and found enlightenment, I let go of the confusion which caused me to inflict harm on others by releasing my attatchment to negitive ways contained in the old paradigm"

Ara, just out of interest, can you explain what you mean by the "nessesary tools to protect your family"?



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