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Final Device for Control is Already Working and Manipulation is Here

Openly making progres for Mind Control... this is No Joke, this is Real for a Long Time

experiments sinds second Warr ''

The Most Willing performance that Humans wanted to have know, use.

Its true drugs and air.. using even people who don't knowing they participated and thinking they getting Crazy in mind..

The ''Goverment 'is trespassing against their Power to do what ever they liked..with the Citizens from their own Land

Humans are no more than empty sandbags for them..

You all have to realised that The great Usa is loosing their grip for having taking care for the People and fam,

that Lived and gived their L:ife for it for al those decades..

Its the Higher Class [ Money Rulers and War Machine ]who rules what is Important for them, like Vaccination[humans control population] one of the biggest Lies Humans are living unther..till this Day''

It makes me Sad to See and Watch every Day the Lies that are manipulated for disturbing Life and Humans self on This makes me sad that this is gone to end real soon..

Not by Disclosure..butt by Humans them self true the unknown manipulation their thinking they can Control.. they dont..,

they are blind by willing control having power.. this means their own Destruction.

Humans Can Stop this butt they have to stand up..and willing to give their life for the benefit from..

Being free and starting from Zero,that means no technology then for free energie.. ''

No expansion in for life than what the Human Body is made for, no experimentations to control Humans itself.

Make tier One Food clean without manipulation, respecting Nature for what it brings to maintain Human life on this planet, means not taking More then they Needed.

Having Small communities instead of One Ruler.

Humans HAve To WAKE UP..before they gone to ''Sleep for ever''

They are Watching us...

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