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Hi all

I have a fear of going into some public places.

Last weekend I had to go to a Farmer's Market to get groceries for my wife

Usually she comes with me and i'm fairly ok but this time I was really jittery.

Same thing happened a few weeks back.  When she comes I'm ok

When she's not there it's quite strange.

Is it other people's energy?

Appreciate your thoughts. Ivor

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I can get overwhelmed sometimes by social situations depending on my mood, energy level, vibration. What works best is a couple deep breaths and the realization that most social situations do not really matter in the long run. So whenever you feel jittery or anxious, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and mentally tell yourself that this situation will not impact your entire life and try to relax.

hope this helps!

Thanks! I'll give it a try.

Take a crystal with you, like smoky quartz or another one you resonate with.

It can be you transform the fear of the people as a lot fear needs to be transformed

Call upon your Angels they are here to help you and remember you are not alone in this, we are doing this together.

Much Love

Yes! I used to often carry my phantom quartz in my pocket, I now have some lemurium seed crystals I resonate with so I might try those. Thanks!

Thanks Feather!  I use Patouchli for depression which I find is very good.  This problem can happen in the strangest of places. The worst is Pubs, even if there are very few people there.  It can even happen in more "well to do" places and shops which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with socio economics. I'll try those others though thanks again.

Thanks Barry!  I am sorry but I am glad to hear of someone else with this same issue.  I actually think Iv'e had this for years. Even waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a little tacker the doctors called it "Bad Nerves" and put be on a barbituat called Phenebarb which drove me quite mad.  But I can feel vibes of people especially in a workplace meeting environment and thats not a lot of fun either. The funny part of all this, is I feel pretty much nothing when I go to a big city, but I still wouldn't like to go on my own. I'll see how i go after some of the suggestions that have been put forward.  Cheers! Ivor

I don't see anything wrong with your fear at all. To me, it is a sign of high intelligence. Public places can be very hazardous to your health and safety. I see some people who claim to be "not paranoid", but it seems to me that anyone that is free of all paranoia really isn't very smart. Some are too stupid to be paranoid, it would seem. The only problem is if it rules your consciousness and thereby, your life. That would be unfortunate if it succeeds in taking all of your freedom to go places and do things you need and/or want to try to do. I hope you cope, thrive, prosper, and get what you want in life.

Thanks for your comments - I find them helpful and something I need to think about.

Unfortunately this problem has ruled my life to a certain extent. As a musician I have been unable to play the "pub scene" because the energies there a just too harsh on me. One misses out on a lot of exposure when they can't do that.  What is interesting is that I am finding that others in the Bands don't really want to go there either, which indicates to me that there frequencies are changing too.  I do know what you mean about some so called stupid people. I know of a man who goes out with his friend in his fishing boat.  The boat owner one day didn't want to go out too far because he felt it was dangerous because of the bad weather. But this man "poo hooed" the owner saying he was a "wimp!"  I just think the boat owner had an inbuilt pre-warning from within not to go as a matter of self preservation.  But anyway this is something I need to work on.  I went with my wife to the market yesterday and felt completely ok which is pretty normal.  It's when I try to go on my own is when I have the trouble.  I'll keep trying. But thanks again for your help.

I just had a thought about this.

When I was 15 years old and working in a motor bike shop. One of the mechanics told me he would kill me if he could.

He said that if he ever found me in the street  outside of working hours and if he thought he could get away with it he would strangle me with a piece of wire.  I wonder if that threat had more of an effect on me than I first thought?

That is some heavy-sounding juju laid on your 15 yr old head! Is that creep still around? I had someone try to kill me and make it look like a logging accident once a long time ago. Smashed my hand with a 40 ft log. I have encountered other sociopaths and psychopaths on rare occasions. They are not always easy to spot. Fortunately they are in the minority. Unfortunately, they do well in seeking power sometimes. It probably did have more of an effect than you thought.


Don't know if that creep is still around. That was in the 1970s and my brother who was at that time in the Police force looked up his file on their records and found that he was well accustomed to violence. When I thought of this situation as I was writing the last post I felt a saddness come over me, so I think it did have more an effect than I first thought. So it's a matter of letting go and transmuting that conversation to love and sending it off which I will certainly do. Still, it might take some time to settle down.  Sorry you had to experience what you did but it's all in the "training" isn't it? Cheers!

The other thing I thought of - was when I was five years old I had two of my fingers cut off my right hand, and the same year I was saved from drowning by my auntie.  That also is a lot for a kid of five years to handle.  Perhaps somehow all of this stuff combined has entered my schycky somehow.



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